Latest Eicher 551 Price, Specification 2023

The Eicher 551 is a powerful and strong tractor model in the 49-hp category. The tractor is outfitted with a powerful engine and powerful features, allowing it to perform all farming and commercial applications. The Eicher 49 hp tractor has three cylinders and a 3300 CC engine that produces high engine-rated RPM. The tractor's PTO horsepower is 41.7, providing maximum power to the connected farm equipment. The tractor model has an excellent water-cooled and dry air filter, which is an excellent combination for buyers. It has a comfortable seat and an effective braking system to keep the operator safe and provide a smooth ride. Eicher 551 Price tag of Rs. 6.25 - 6.95 Lakhs, Meanwhile, the 8+2 gear combination improves the 551 Eicher tractor's economic mileage. While the tractor's safety issues and smooth braking are the responsibility of the multidisc disk-oil immersed brakes. With all of them, the tractor engine is capable of withstanding any challenging farming circumstances, from the soil to the weather. The powerful engine can even handle challenging Indian fields. Additionally, the tractor's effective cooling and cleaning system increases its operational capacity and makes it durable in challenging circumstances.

  • nikhil guleria
  • Feb 1 2023
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