Why Should Women Avoid Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy?

There isn't any enough evidence to say that laser hair removal is safe for expecting mothers. Still, there are also many other reasons why it must be advisable to avoid laser treatments. Pregnancy frequently results in developing more sensitive skin in women, which may make a future laser treatment extremely uncomfortable and result in noticeable swelling, redness, irritation, and other side effects. The increased hormones might make the hair follicles more difficult to treat during pregnancy. This implies that the procedure would be less effective than it would be post-pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different; therefore, one should consult a healthcare provider about their circumstances if they have any questions about getting laser hair removal during pregnancy. And if one has already delivered a baby, they can say goodbye to unwanted hair growth by getting Laser Hair Removal in Delhi and getting rid of hair on different areas of the body. Book a consultation with Dr. Rohit Batra at DermaWorld Skin and Hair Clinic today to learn more about laser hair removal benefits and safety in detail!

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  • Jan 19 2023
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