Best Extra Firm Mattress

Compare the best extra firm mattresses available.

Choose a flippable mattress. If you are still not sure about the firmness you need, search for a flippable bed. These models have different firmness levels on both sides, so you can flip your mattress and use the second sleeping surface if you end up not liking the first one.

If you and your sleep partner disagree on the mattress firmness scale thats right for your body, you can try a split king bed, and get different firmness levels to fit the sleepers style (good for combination sleepers) and your body while still providing good edge support so the bed feels natural. A split king is two twin beds on a single frame, and allows for a more customized sleep setup. You can also get a bed with a long trial period. By opting for a bed with a longer trial period, you get time to decide if it's really a good fit or not. You can also add a comfort layer on an existing mattress that only on half of the bed if needed.

But how do you know if you’re getting a high-quality extra-firm mattress, one that’s still going to feel like a bed rather than a slab of concrete? Below, we’ll go through some of the best extra-firm mattresses on the market and how to choose the right mattress for you.

Find the perfect extra firm mattress for you.

It can be hard enough finding the right bed with just basic firmness. The challenge is made even harder when you need something extra firm. Despite how hard it was, we still managed to find these extra firm bed to meet the mark so start from our curated list and you’ll be on the right track!

Add some layers. Remember that your perception of firmness may change as you get used to your new bed. Or, you may find the mattress feels too firm shortly after your free trial period expires. In this case, you may be able to alter the feel by adding a mattress topper or cushioning pad. You can add extra layers on top of the cover or place them under the cover if the mattress construction allows you to do that. Some brands offers this solution (Novosbed for example), here how it looks like:

Everybody needs support, and sometimes, that comes in the form of an extra firm mattress. Unfortunately, these beds are often difficult to find. But don’t fret – we’ve tested hundreds of bedding products and found the best extra firm mattresses on the market.


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