My neighbor is an underbelly.

Suddenly -- "Zhuang Hunxiao you" Break one's word! “…… What's the matter "You said you only slept!" "We were sleeping" "Then how can you put your hands in disorder!" "It's lost" “……” There was a dull hum the light was turned on and the room was bright Zhuang Hunxiao covered his arm and glared at me "Zhu Guaner how could you stab me!" "It was your own bad intentions!"! I was defending myself Zhuang Hunxiao looked at me and his eyes sank What the hell are you up to I quickly got out of bed retreated to the wall pointed the embroidery needle at him and threatened "Don't come over or I won't stand on ceremony!" Zhuang Hunxiao wanted to come over and catch me but when he saw the shining needle which might be stained with his own blood he hesitated stopped frowned and said "You" Hiding this thing in your pillow Home Appliances I justifiably said "If you prepare a condom can't I prepare a needle" "When did you prepare it" Zhuang Hunxiao asked It was the night you dragged me into the house and forced me to kiss "I took the needle and still did not let go" At that time I thought this man so impulsive absolutely On a beastly day you must prepare in advance With that I ignored the faint anger in his eyes and added "It turns out that I'm very prescient" Just like that we looked at each other with bright eyes For a long time he finally compromised "I go back to sleep" Why did he give up I looked at Zhuang Hunxiao's back and finally came to the conclusion that this boy was absolutely stabbed by a needle when he was a child The part keep their own imagination thronged After that no matter how much Zhuang Hunxiao promised I no longer agreed to sleep with him Originally it was silly enough to invite a wolf into the house but I let a wolf go to bed which was really silly After being rejected by me many times Zhuang Hunxiao also no longer mentioned that everyone lived in peace eating every day bickering slapstick and-watching movies Of course since we were both unromantic eccentrics who thought it was too tiring to sit in the cinema we decided to rent the DVD every Friday night This day's film decision belongs to Zhuang Hunxiao I looked at the two films he rented immediately scared out of a cold sweat "Curse" Why a horror movie! "Classic don't make any noise sit down and watch" He began to play the film I I dare not look at it You can enjoy it yourself As I spoke I tried to hide in the bedroom but he caught me and pushed me onto the sofa "Last time you forced me to watch Disney cartoons didn't you allow me to be polite" Exchange Sit down! He hugged me so tightly that I could not move and could only accept Ling Chi quietly After watching for a while the atmosphere became more and more gloomy and I had to close my eyes China Manufacturers But the abominable thing is that Zhuang Hunxiao not only forcibly turned off the lights but also turned on the sound very loudly for a while it was the cat's miserable neigh and for a while it was the supernatural "cluck cluck cluck" The sound made my hair stand on end It's all right The ghost is gone You can see it Zhuang Hunxiao said Finally gone I breathed a sigh of relief and opened my eyes only to find that a female ghost with a mouth full of blood was climbing down from the TV! Her eyes like were staring at me! "Ah!" I shouted "Zhuang Hunxiao I hate you!" Zhuang Hunxiao looked at me with interest and smiled I was so mad that I rushed to take out the dish and threw it into his arms "Get out!"! And make your own breakfast tomorrow morning! "All right all right I'll go" Zhuang Hunxiao opened the door with something in his hand and was about to go out when he turned around and asked with a smile "Be careful that the female ghost will come to you at night" "Zhuang Hunxiao!" I threw a cushion at him as hard as I could but he hid quickly and closed the door long ago The innocent cushion can only fall to the ground I was so frightened that I didn't dare to do anything else but go to bed early But when I was washing my face the light suddenly went out Suddenly it was dark and I stayed where I was hearing the sound of "cluck cluck cluck" again and my back was chilly as if someone was staring at me Watch yourself Could it be The female ghost with her mouth full of blood! With a loud cry I rushed recklessly to the door of Zhuang Hunxiao's house and knocked hard only to feel that the female ghost had been following me all the time trying to catch me Finally the door opened and Zhuang Hunxiao looked puzzled "What are you doing" Seeing him I was so excited that I couldn't express it in words I quickly dragged his arm It took me a long time Computer Hardware & Software to say "The power is out" The way he looked at me was immediately clear He chuckled and said "Zhu Guaner so you are afraid of ghosts" My Neighbor Is Underbelly Black Text Someone Cut Hu Chapter Words 3423 Updated 08-09-17 2159 "I'm not afraid of ghosts I'm just afraid of the dark" I quibble Nope But God knows what the difference is between being afraid of the dark and being afraid of ghosts He said he wasn't afraid you Speaking of this Zhuang Dunxiao suddenly looked behind me his face was very strange as if he had seen something unclean and he murmured "Zhu Guaner look behind you" "Ah!" I was so frightened that I threw myself into his arms and trembled all over "Don't catch me catch him" I said "He's a man You can catch him and do anything!" Called for a long time found no reaction around I slowly looked up and saw Zhuang Hunxiao desperately smile face "Zhu smile" he said "the critical moment you also You really know how to betray people I was cheated again! I was so angry that my veins stood out I stared at Zhuang Hunxiao with fire in my eyes I just wanted to burn him to death Why have I offended you again Zhuang Hunxiao waved his hand indifferently "Then go back" Then he closed the door Dignity is the least valuable thing in my dictionary of greetings I hurried into his room Not going "You're not worried that I'm afraid of ghosts so you're kind enough to accompany me" he said I clenched my fists and clenched my teeth trying to resist the urge to bite him All right I don't know how long the electricity will be off Go to sleep He said and took out a new quilt from the wardrobe and handed it to me Sleep

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