Game of death

"God's life, God's life weapon!" As soon as the voice fell, the old man waved his right hand to Danluo and others. A group of dazzling light directly wrapped all the fifty people. The players around him closed their eyes one after another. When they opened their eyes again, Danluo and others had already disappeared. Luo, come on! Ai Qinger turned to look at the peak silently thought, dawn members are also looking at the peak, the battle in the life area is definitely more cruel than in the life area, of course, they naturally do not worry about losing alone. At the same time, the two video balls in the air also flew to the peak at a very fast speed. At this time, there was still half a minute before the instrument was unearthed! Audience friends, the instrument of life is about to be unearthed. What is so amazing about it? We're about to see it! Jason said excitedly, not only him, but also the players in Wanbing Tomb Mountain and the audience watching the live broadcast. Silk sitting on the sofa is also nervously watching TV, the previous appearance of the sword martyrdom makes her very worried about alone, after all, the shadow of the tree skin, all kinds of legends about the sword martyrdom she has heard, alone and sword martyrdom-fighting she naturally likes to win alone. You have to win. She murmured in her mouth, and her hands, holding the hem of her clothes, gathered tightly into fists. At the same time, Xu Ze, Zhao yuan is also nervously watching TV in their own home, they secretly pray for solitude, pray for his ability to overwhelm the crowd! …… After opening my eyes and getting used to the light, I saw a place with countless weapons. I found that it was on the mountain peak. There were endless weapons on the hillside, including swords, spears, swords and cherry blossoms, which gave people a strong visual impact. Sure enough, it's the Tomb Hill of Ten Thousand Soldiers! "Is this the destiny area?" Nan Mingfeng's murmur came from his side. He swept aside. More than fifty people were standing behind him. The figure of the old man stood on the edge of the cliff like a stone pillar. Against the background of rolling black clouds, he looked magnificent and stood like Mount Tai! "Boom-" The dark clouds in the sky suddenly began to send out bursts of thunder, like the roar of the gods, so that the tomb of ten thousand soldiers was extremely depressed, alone faintly heard the noise of hundreds of thousands of players under the mountain, his eyes instantly red up. Let's fight! "Ding!"! Regional Announcement: Life weapon is about to be unearthed! Please be ready to rob! (To be continued.) Chapter 247 heroic fighting. "Ding!"! Regional Announcement: Life weapon is about to be unearthed! Please be ready to rob! The system prompts the sound to be in the mind of all the players in Wanbing Tomb Mountain, and immediately everyone's face shows the color of excitement. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom Beams of light suddenly burst out of the ground, everywhere, Inflatable meltdown , the light instantly lit up the dark world, and the next moment, the players around these beams burst and rushed towards these beams. What a shocking and spectacular scene it was when nearly one hundred thousand people moved together in Zhongming District. All kinds of colors of Wenqi filled the mountain of Wanbing Tomb, dazzling the world. The chaotic war started in an instant! "Boom!" A blue beam of light suddenly shot out of the ground ten meters in front of the individual, and in an instant 56 people burst into the beam almost at the same time. The first person to catch the beam is a suit of armor, but it can only be said that he reacts the fastest, whether he can save it or not is another matter! Followed by the right leg of the empty meaning with a pale yellow gas directly blasted over, but the white river is only a block with the left arm, directly to the empty meaning to fly out, we can see how terrible its strength! Boom! In a flash of lightning, he was deceiving himself. His strength was much greater than his empty intention. After their fists collided, they flew backwards at the same time. After landing, the single fell back five steps, Baihe one back four steps, the two sides in the strength of the comparison moment to see the result, Baihe one is the son of the king of Zhenbei, its fighting power is naturally not bad! "What a terrible power!" Shan Luo felt the right hand that trembled slightly and murmured in his mouth, knowing that he was flying away. Its strength is even more terrible under the blessing of inertia, while the White River is in the air, and even the strength is not fully erupted. Even so, the strength of solo is slightly inferior to that of Shirakawa, which shows the horror of its strength! By this time, Luo Tianbei, the son of King Luoqi, had already fought with Baihe. The two men fought neck and neck, and the speed of their movements was dazzling. The rest of the people also besieged Baihe. Ready to wait for an opportunity to go up, but it is Amaterasu Sasuke, Jian Shang, Yan Luoxia appears to be more calm, the three of them went to different places to wait quietly. I think I'm waiting for the appearance of the next nineteen life weapons. Oh, oh, oh! The war is on! Jason looked at the screen excitedly and shouted, and his excitement spread through his words to the ears of all the viewers, and the pictures on the TV screen were constantly switching. Among them, every military area is completely a war, with hundreds of thousands of people grabbing two or three weapons. Blood covered the earth in an instant. Put down the weapon! "Get out!"! The life weapon belongs to labor and capital! "You and other weak destiny human beings dare to rob our lives!" Swords and swords are constantly flashing in the area of every soldier. Both players and NPCs are fighting crazily, only for a few of them. Of course, many people have given up after seeing the terrible crowd of people fighting for their lives. One by one, they are afraid to participate in it. Puff! A player's right hand was cut off by another player with a knife, blood splashed on the man's face in an instant, and the screams were chilling! This is just one of the images of the purgatory-like battlefield in the military area. Only a few minutes after the beginning of the struggle, people have already died tragically. Interests will obscure people's reason. Prompting it to start killing! Although there were not as many people in the battle of Zhongming District as in Fanbing District, its severity was no less than that in Fanbing District. The player here and NPC its actual strength wants prep above almost every soldier area counts raise,inflatable amusement park, all sorts of skill, character are dazzle cruel and luxuriant clinking more. Wahaha! I'll beat you scum to death! Spring night Ye Kai took a long whip and kept whipping the players around him. It seemed that the boy did not aim at robbing people. He attacked others specially. No matter who passed in front of him, he would give others a whip. Grass Whose bear child is this? Isn't this adding to the confusion.

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