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No harm done. When the snow cleared. Snow Fen Shen is completely dead. And all the snowmen are melting. Ten thousand men of the fifth regiment, one kilometer away, rushed forward frantically. Trying to do something. But. They only ran five hundred meters. All the snowmen are melting. None of the people present left a body. They only choose to restore the living point resurrection. And the face of. Full of shiny gear. I don't celebrate foreign festivals very much,x52 line pipe, but I'm not even a cynic. It's just that I can't figure out the specific relationship between Christmas Eve and Christmas. Volume 5 Battle of the Gods Chapter 244 One Hundred Thousand Imps Sacrifice to the God of Death Kranvo 16K Fiction Network Updated: 2011-11-2 22:50:10 Words in this chapter: 8233 Strange items are not only shiny on the surface like ordinary equipment, but also brilliant. Watch the starry night immediately use any door to send to the original evil emperor and other high-level members of the evil alliance station, x52 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, where there are a full five brilliant. He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and all the equipment within a radius of two meters entered his divine world, including two pieces of legendary equipment. Then he flapped the wings of the Balrog and flew to another place where the legendary equipment was located, where the equipment disappeared, leaving only white snow. In addition to here, there are three other places of brilliance. After collecting five pieces of legendary equipment nearby, he moved to the distant brilliance, picked up another piece of equipment by flame transfer, and then flew to the next brilliance. The men of the fifth regiment behind had run close,347 stainless steel, but no one could compare with watching the starry night. After he picked up the latter piece of legendary equipment, he flew in an S-shaped route, and the equipment under his feet was collected by him in the divine world.

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