A windfall of 10 billion yuan

System 1212: "As long as it is a normal transaction and conforms to the economic law." Xu Rui's lips could not stop rising, thinking that this was much better. Although 2010 is not like later, there are so many big brands settled in, but online shopping is tolerant, you can buy anything you want. The most important thing is that she doesn't have to run away with half her life, just connect to the Internet and finish the task in minutes. And a lot more selective, even if the current online shopping is not as developed as later, it is more reasonable, scientific and practical than Xu Rui receiving tasks at any time and deciding what to buy temporarily. When Xu Rui's fantasies were bubbling with beauty, the system 1212 poured cold water on her. The premise is that you can deposit silver within the limited time after you get the mission funds. Ok . Card 。” Xu Rui suddenly woke up, yes! Limit time! Ten thousand yuan for a daily task, but it's easy to say that there are 24 hours. But the amount of the main task is large, and the time limit is small. Ten or twenty minutes is not enough to deposit money in silver. Ok . Card ? It may not be enough to get a number in line. If you use the automatic teller machine, the efficiency, thousands of yuan, ten thousand yuan, but you always fail to spit out money. Not to mention fifty thousand at a time, and in terms of doubling the urine, the amount will only be more exaggerated in the future. Xu Rui wanted to cry without tears. System 1212: "The little Comrade is optimistic that the amount will double and the time will increase." Xu Rui: Ten thousand yuan, 10 minutes,x60 line pipe, fifty thousand yuan, 20 minutes. How can I be optimistic when the money has increased five times and the time has only increased by 10 minutes? System 1212: "At least when the money doubles 50 times, you will have 100 minutes." Xu Rui: "…" In less than two hours after 100 minutes, it took an hour to find the bank and queue up to deposit so much money into the card. Alas, that is also a luxurious worry in the future. Now dozens of minutes of limited time, she does not have to consider the main task of online shopping. Xu Rui can only find another plan, but the days are still long, take your time. The life of middle school students is very slow,x56 line pipe, two points and one line, Xu Rui is three points and one line, plus shopping in the middle. Originally a simple learning career, but after Zheng Meixin stared at her, she was particularly unhappy. Zheng Meixin sat at Xu Rui's front desk, looking up but not looking down. Always hear the words of the gun with a stick, Xu Rui is not dumb, Xia Shiya is not, Zheng Meixin not only failed to get cheap, but was isolated by the original Huaya junior high school students. At lunch that day, Xia Shiya told He Jikai what had happened in the past few days as a joke. He Jikai, Xu Rui and Xia Shiya are classmates in junior high school. They play all the way to high school and have a good relationship. As soon as he heard these things, he frowned. "Who is that? He has nothing to do after a full meal. Why is he targeting Xu Rui?" "Can you think of that without your toes?"? Jealous! Xia Shiya took a sip of milk tea and hugged Xu Rui's neck and said, "Our Xu Rui looks good, 321 stainless steel sheet ,uns s32750 sheet, has a good family background, and is popular. Isn't everything better than Zheng Meixin?" He Jikai blinked and stared at Xu Rui thoughtfully and said, "Good family background and good popularity. I have no opinion. It looks just so so!" Xu Rui made a gesture to knock him with a dinner plate and said confidently: "Generally speaking, it is also the third in the world!" Xia Shiya's quick interface: "The eldest child has a car accident, and the second child is hemiplegic!" He Jikai laughed and took out two gifts from his bag, chocolate for Xu Rui and skin care products for Xia Shiya. I just returned home last night. I've been there for almost ten days, and I'm finally back. While unpacking, Xu Rui said, "Why don't you play for a while? What are you anxious to do when you come back? Your parents have asked for leave." He Jikai made a grimace. "It's really fun. I was pressed by my father and followed my uncle to see the school." Xia Shiya opened it and saw that it was skin care products. She took another look at Xu Rui's and was not happy: "Why am I not chocolate?"? I like this brand of chocolate best. He Jikai grinned and said, "I'm thinking about you. If you continue to eat like this, you won't find a boyfriend in the future." Xia Shiya is angry, take the skin care product of that big glass bottle to knock his head, "call your dog eye to see a person fat!"! I swear you can't find a girlfriend if you're not fat! Xu Rui propped up her head to watch the two bad friends play, and she had already eaten several chocolates. He Jikai made peace with Xia Shiya and turned to ask, "Xu Rui, is it delicious?" "Delicious, 60% concentration is just right, and then I feel bitter." Xu Rui praised and stuffed one into Xia Shiya's mouth. He Jikai looked at Xu Rui with a smile, and then seemed to think of something, "by the way, the Zheng Meixin you just said, is the home of the new Dalong Real Estate?" Xia Shiya concentrates on eating chocolate, "right, the scale of the city is not ranked, but also drag like 2580,000, when C city is a small county, but also when he is the richest in the county." "That Dalong real estate is nothing, but the background is a little crooked, I heard that her brother is a bit mixed up, specializing in cooperating with the real estate nail households.." He Jikai couldn't go on. He shouted to Xia Shiya, "You eat less. Xu Rui just ate a few grains. You ate them all!" Xia Shiya was almost angry, "eat a few chocolates you stingy fart, I eat is Xu Rui, you are not convinced not to send!"! "I won't let Xu Rui go to Yuxi Mountain." He Jikai opened his mouth and closed it immediately. "Well, you continue to eat.". If it's not enough, I'll have someone buy it from abroad. Xia Shiya snorted proudly. Xu Rui laughed, and finally she said, "I may not really go to Yuxi Mountain." "Why?" He Jikai is stupefied, then looks at Xia Shiya, Xia Shiya expresses not to take the blame. Xu Rui said frankly: "I may have to go to S city to find friends." He Jikai's eldest brother is not happy, "what friends are so important, you don't care about my birthday." Xu Rui explains at once: "Not Be, your birthday is important of course, it is a friend over there a bit important thing." He Jikai was even more curious, "who on earth,uns s32760 plate, which friend of yours I don't know?" As for what friend, Xia Shiya actually guessed at once, "will not be the last time you dragged me on the street to ask that?"? That Luo something or other? The one from abroad? 。

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