Charming Walker

Former flight commander MacGenske, who applied for early retirement after the rescue of the 27 incident of Xananretti, is now unemployed in the central English city of Cuso. Former Flight Lieutenant Ashley, who left the Flying Corps a year after the incident, is now working for a private helicopter company. Former pilot Zhou Yiming, who left the flight team at the same time, is now a fire diver. The a76-s helicopters HKG-19 and HKG-20 were retired one year after the explosion and sinking of the HKG-18. They were auctioned and won by the Brunei air force to replace the a76-s with three as-302 ls super wild leopard helicopters, which can carry 1, 800 kilograms of fuel, accommodate 15 people or 150 gallons of fire buckets, and have a maximum flight range of 500 kilometers The properties are excellent. After I was fitted with an artificial intelligence hydrocarbon prosthesis, I went to the Hengding College in the United Kingdom to receive six months of flight training. I was promoted to second lieutenant and became the first disabled co-pilot in Hong Kong. So my picture was on the front page of the newspaper. The reporter asked me the most unforgettable thing in my life, and I said, no. I know what they want. They asked, isn't the injury unforgettable? Isn't the prosthesis unforgettable? Isn't the re-flight unforgettable? I said, nothing, I forgot. Healing is silence: contemplation in silence, longing in silence, no one approaching, please stay away. My physiotherapist, Moustache Roretan: Pain without pain, this pain lasts longer. The transience and intensity of pain: My physiotherapist, Moustache Roretan, is fleeting and forgotten. "Wang Songgui,a333 grade 6 pipe, take ten more steps, take ten more steps, and then you can sit down," said Luo Lietan, a moustache, clinging to the patient who had cut off his lung lobe. Carry Liu Jing. It's like buying a live chicken in the market. You can't do this. Liu Jing, don't be afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of. You can do it yourself. Don't catch me. He clings to the patient's collar all day long, and his moustache and hands are as strong as crabs. And Li Siya, dragging the oxygen tube,x70 line pipe, fell on the wall and refused to move any more. Chen Sangui, you measure the heartbeat, Ye Tiansong, you, pull a hundred more. Does this hurt? Moustache Luo Lietan pulls Yu Meijie's back. How about this? He presses her. He sat down and thought. Alas, only six years old. The moustache started again. It was only six years old. My daughter was only six years old. Yu Meijie sighed. She had heard it a thousand times, and hated that her back hurt all the time and she had to come to see him every other day. Li Siya heard the moustache Luo Lietan say that his daughter, dragging the oxygen tube, would sit in a wheelchair and go. Liu Jing said, "Moustache, don't do this. I'm so surprised. You said those things. It's so amazing.". Wang Songgui was very good. He took ten more steps and ten more steps. While listening, the moustache Luo Lietan said, "You say it's impossible. My daughter is only six years old. My ex-wife, she bent me and said I was playing with my daughter.". She is only six years old, said Luo Lietan with a moustache. She has no pubic hair. What's the fun? You say, Wang Songgui. Wang Songgui was very good. He nodded and said, "Yes, 316ti stainless steel ,uns s31803 sheet, only six years old.". When Liu Jing heard this, he shouted, "flatterer, Wang Songgui is a flatterer. The doctor patted again, the nurse patted again, and the physiotherapist patted. Do you do less flattery?". Wang Songgui scolded him, "Jing Qing Gui, don't think I don't know, I know, the whole chest and lung department knows, you are even scared to drown in intravenous injection.". Li Siya could not speak, but could only breathe, and when he heard the two of them cursing in the street, he wanted to laugh, but he could not laugh, so he only pulled his throat. Liu Jing sees, curse her: "Li Siya, you do not think won't laugh dead person, you laugh." Come on, laugh, laugh you to death. Roretan is the name of a young woman. He knew that they called him Loretan behind his back, but he didn't. He wanted to make it clear that he really didn't. It's been many years. The last time I saw my daughter, she was only six years old. She said he was playing with her. The welfare officer refused to let him see her again. He really didn't. Even the court could not convict him, the evidence was insufficient, the daughter's confession was disordered, and the charges were not established. He didn't. They called him Loretan behind his back, and no one even knew his name anymore. It's called Moustache to the face and Roretan to the back. If one day I met you in the street, would I still recognize you? I used to be a six-year-old daughter, thought Luo Lietan with a moustache. I would not recognize her. The child grew up very quickly. The former wife married again, and the daughter even changed her surname. Once upon a time, he thought he would be a family man all his life. Every night there was a warm meal waiting for him. After dinner, he played with little people. He never knew how much a roll of toilet paper was. He couldn't even wash a cup-he didn't need to know. He used to think that he could live his life like this. It's nothing. It's good. Because only one person knows about it. I didn't say anything, and Dominic Thomas, the training pilot who just joined the flight team, didn't even know I had a prosthesis until they read the newspaper. They were very well-bred young men, and they didn't ask me. We flew southwest of Hong Kong for a routine rescue training exercise. Dominic asked. This is the sea where Shenandoah 27 sank. I knew he knew. I just said, the most important thing, if you can't save, don't save, don't be the savior, don't sacrifice yourself, your own life is the most important. Thomas said, isn't that cruel. It's cruel. But if you're not cruel to others. In this survival game of eliminating the weak and retaining the strong, even if you are cruel to others, you will be hurt at the same time, and you are not cruel to others. Healing is very cruel. I still remember the eyes of former flight commander Megan, looking at me with blue and green, and for five seconds, he didn't say anything. I know he knows it's me. He left the flying team and they had a farewell party for him at the flying club bar. I went there for a while and then went home to sleep. I woke up very early that night. At 7:30 in the morning, I went back to the office of the flying team. There was no one in the office. I opened the door and read the newspaper. I heard footsteps. I looked up and saw Megan. He came back to pack up. He had his flying helmet under his arm. He was still holding the awards and medals awarded to him by the former British government. He stood in the doorway, looked at me, said nothing, and went away. It was a pair of sad eyes: blue with green,316 stainless steel plate, very, very deep, as if to say: Is it you? It's you.

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