Genius of Rebirth-2

But Tang Zongbo suddenly patted the armrest of the wheelchair and said angrily, "Now I think I can't walk?"? As the head of Maoshan Sect, why don't you think that Xuanmen will come to your school to settle accounts for these plots you have done? When Xiao Yi heard this, he laughed and said, "The ancestors of the Tang Dynasty even had to take into account the little personal relationship they had with my master. Will they vent their anger on my teacher because of these things?"? You won't. But even if you could, it doesn't matter. Although there are few disciples of the Maoshan Sect, they are disciples of the sect. It is the Maoshan Sect that has made them a generation of masters. When the sect needs them, they should also serve. My decision is the decision of the sect. They can only listen to me and have no position to blame me. If they are afraid of Xuanmen declaring war, they are not qualified to be Maoshan disciples. As a leader, I will first ask them to return all the things they get from the sect. Xiao Yi looked up and laughed, but there was a cold feeling in his eyes. The sea breeze blew up from behind him, and the man's body was half covered behind Ah Hui, only half of his face was cold and disdainful. Bastard! Tang Zongbo's face sank. "You see, when your master passed the mantle to you, it was the greatest misfortune of the Maoshan Sect!" Tang Zongbo, as the head of Xuanmen, knew that Xiao Yi's words were reasonable, but it was no different from arbitrary dictatorship. When a disciple enters a school, everything is to obey the teacher, but it does not mean that the disciples can not question the voice of the teacher. The higher you are, the more tolerant you are. Xiao Yi this person, gifted genius, repair for profound, calculating, ruthless means. In the past, it would definitely be a fierce hero,ultrasonic extraction cbd, but as the saying goes, different ways do not seek each other, it seems that there is no need to negotiate. When Xiao Yi heard Tang Zongbo mention his master, his face was also cold. He did not agree with the master's attitude of self-cultivation, but it did not mean that he did not respect the master. Tang Zongbo's words were poking Xiao Yi's heart, making his hand holding Ah Hui's throat suddenly close. Ah Hui's face turned red in an instant, from red to purple, and there was a strange gurgling sound in the night wind. Stop it! You let me go! Tang Zongbo also did not want to say more, his palm wind a shock,ultrasonic dispersion machine, immediately shook to Xiao Yi to control Ah Hui's elbow. Xiao Yi could not really kill Ah Hui, he had to rely on hostages to escape, but he faced Tang Zongbo's palm wind, but it was Ah Hui's area, facing Tang Zongbo's palm wind! Tang Zongbo was surprised, Xiao Yi laughed, "Since Tang Lao cherishes his disciples so much, I don't know what will happen if his disciples die in your hands?" Tang Zongbo's palm wind has been shaken out, to take back is impossible, watching Ah Hui will be injured in his palm, shocking things have happened! I saw that the strength of the palm wind had shaken the tip of Ah Hui's hair back, but suddenly stopped in front of him! In front of Ah Hui, the sea dragon gas did not know when to accumulate, in front of him a block, born to block the power of the palm, Ah Hui had nothing to do, but the disciples of Xuanmen were stunned. Sea dragon gas! It's the sea dragon again! Tonight this dragon gas is really strange, again and again help Xuanmen, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic generator driver, in the end how to return a responsibility? But Xiao Yi's face changed and he retreated with his eyes. "If Tang Lao doesn't want people to die, let your people get out of the way." The disciples looked at Tang Zongbo one after another and refused to let him. They forced Xiao Yi to jump over the wall. Ah Hui might really be in danger. But let, this person will continue to oppose Xuanmen in the future, I do not know what conspiracy will be, and then want to catch him must not be easy. What to do? "Let!" Without saying a word, Tang Zongbo patted the wheelchair, shook his strength, and stepped back first. As soon as the disciples saw it, they slowly retreated. The crowd retreated very slowly, but the open space in front of the cliff slowly gave up a large space. As soon as the space is big, the person who stands is more and more obvious, the disciples are stunned one after another-Xia Shao did not move. Xiao Yi glanced at Xia Shao, and when he saw her standing in place with a smile, he locked his eyebrows and squinted. This woman was even more troublesome than Tang Zongbo, and her plans and practices were beyond his expectations. When the dragon vein of Hong Kong was broken, he never knew who had broken his magic. When he was working with Tongmi in the capital, he was busy dealing with Yitina, and he never saw how she killed Tongmi. But tonight, the sea dragon gas was able to be successfully brought over by her, he had to think that the person who had broken his magic was Xia Shao! "It seems that someone is disregarding the life and death of the same door." Xiao Yi smiled coldly and tried to exert himself between his fingers. Just then, two pentagrams collided in the night sky ahead, shaking the clouds of the night sky into a huge hole. The disciples of Xuanmen exclaimed, looked up one after another, and their attention was suddenly distracted. Xiao Yi pointed, his eyes changed, and he rushed into the crowd with Ah Hui! "Oh, no!" The disciples reacted and were on alert, but they all hesitated, not knowing whether to block it or not. By this time, Xiao Yi had rushed into the crowd and was about to rush out of the encirclement of Xuanmen disciples, but the encirclement in front of him suddenly spread out. As soon as Xiao Yi looked up, Andre, Abel and Adam rushed over while fighting. The disciples got out of the way on both sides one after another. They stopped with three people when they found the situation around them. Xuanmen disciples had formed a big encirclement again. Xiao Yi, Andre, Abel and Adam were all surrounded inside. Just now in the Xuanmen confrontation with Xiao Yi, Andre three people in front of another fight, Adam with one enemy two has not fallen behind, let Abel anxious. For many years he did not know that Adam's cultivation was so high, he joined hands with his father, and he did not fall behind! But now the call came to the backyard, Abel looked around the situation, suddenly looked relaxed, laughed, "Great!"! Adam, you're going to kill yourself this time! With these words, Abel turned to look at Xia Shao, who was walking slowly in the distance, with a look of surprise. "Miss Xia, is it time to fulfill our agreement?" Although Adam is the only one in Satan's line tonight, Satan's line is headed by Adam, as long as he is solved, his weak and indecisive father is easy to solve! There must be someone in the Council of the Satanic Line who is willing to live in peace with the Raphael Line. So, as long as we get rid of Adam, everything else will be easy. Abel is very surprised, no matter how strong Adam is, in front of the girl in front of him, he must be no match! This girl,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, even the power of Poseidon can summon, she will succeed in killing Adam! Not only Adam, but..

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