Drunken Flower Room

Qiu Shuqing did not believe that Jiang Shao could easily forget Tianxuan, just like her, even if she accepted the fact that she was going to marry Jiang, the person in her heart had never changed. Does Luo Suyi know Jiang Shao's mind? Is she immersed in the surprise of being able to marry Jiang Shao. Qiu Shujing clenched her folded hands. It was not until she was gently poked by the servant girl that Qiu Shuqing woke up from a dream. Old Lady Qiu reminded her without any trace: "You go to play with your sisters first, and then come to listen to the opera with your grandmother later." Qiu Shuqing pursed her lips, bent her knees, and walked away with the man. Unfortunately, there were only two girls, Qiu and Luo, and it was inevitable that they would come together. Luo Suyi had long been aware that Qiu Shuqing was looking at her from time to time, and her eyes were not good. When she looked over again, Luo Suyi looked over and said with a faint smile, "Miss Qiu has something to say to me." Qiu Shuqing pulled the corners of her mouth unnaturally: "I haven't congratulated Miss Luo on her successful son-in-law yet." Jiang Shao compared to Jiang is naturally a good son-in-law, these days, such sour words, Luo Suyi ears can hear cocoons, but Qiu Shuqing's words obviously more unusual meaning. Luo Suyi stopped and stared at Qiu Shuqing's eyes. She was half a head taller than Qiu Shuqing. Such an overlook made Qiu Shuqing step back involuntarily. When Qiu Shuqing reacted to what she had done, her face looked so ugly that she showed her timidity in front of Luo Suyi. Luo Suyi snorted and lifted his feet to go. Chiu Shu-ching bit her lip and stamped her feet to catch up. "Stop!" Luo Suyi slowed down and looked back at her. Chapter 119 "Do you think he really likes you when he marries you?" Qiu Shuqing stood on tiptoe and said so in a voice that only two people could hear in Luo Suyi's ear. Seeing Luo Suyi's face gradually stiffening, Qiu Shuqing felt very happy. She only felt that the depression that had accumulated in her chest for more than a year had dissipated bit by bit. She continued: "There is someone else he likes. Do you want to know who it is?" Luo Suyi turned her head and gently pushed Qiu Shuqing on the shoulder under her malicious eyes. Qiu Shuqing, whose center of gravity was unstable, staggered a step, but instead of getting angry, she was proud that Luo Suyi had become angry from embarrassment. What woman wouldn't mind. Qiu Shuqing stood firm and looked at Luo Suyi, trying to appreciate her angry and shocked expression. Might as well see Luo Suyi a happy face, see her look over, Luo Suyi looked at her sarcastically, red lips lightly open: "Anyway is not you!" Qiu Shuqing's face changed dramatically, as if the blood of her whole body had fled from her face. She stared straight at Luo Suyi, her chest rising and falling violently. Luo Suyi glanced at her lightly and turned away with a gentle smile. Qiu Shuqing's mind is almost written on her face, if she is so to others,Micro Gear Motor, she is very much looking forward to the situation after Qiu Shuqing married into the palace, I think it will be very interesting. As for who the person in Jiang Shao's heart was and what she had to do with it, they each took what they needed. Qiu Shuqing watched helplessly as she drifted away, her ears ringing with the sarcastic words, her hands trembling with anger, and her eyes turning black. Girl The servant girl quickly supported her. Qiu Shuqing pulled her hand to death, and her beautiful face became ferocious in an instant. Jiang Shao will not like Luo Suyi, he married her just to give an account to the family, if he was not stupid last year, then today, marry him that person will not be himself, in terms of appearance and family background, she is not as good as Luo Suyi. Unwilling and jealous in Qiu Shuqing chest rampage, the collision of her lips can only bite, even if the taste of blood did not let go. # When the guests had almost arrived, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Ji Taifei moved to the stage in the sweet-scented osmanthus forest to listen to the opera. She found a gap, and Tianxuan came out with Liu on her arm. Liu looked at Tianxuan's face and said, "I've gained weight. It seems that it's right to go to the mountains to spend the summer. How are you recently? Are you still uncomfortable?" "Eat well and sleep well!" Tian Xuan replied with a smile, "He is also very clever." "That's good." Liu Shi glanced at her expression and said slowly, "Where is the prince resting now?" Tianxuan blushed, already understood the implication of Liu's words, everyone inside, the wife is pregnant, the husband and wife should sleep in separate rooms, some people even began to arrange the aunt. But pay attention to the family is to get a room, wait for the wife to give birth to a child or after a year or two before the news will carry the aunt. Seeing this, Liu did not understand anything and patted her on the back of her hand: "I don't say much. You are always sensible. Just have a good sense of propriety." Tianxuan nodded sheepishly. After hesitating, Liu asked, "Did the imperial concubine and the princess ever say that they would open their faces to the servant girl?" Tian Xuan's face stiffened. "No, I didn't say that." Liu sighed, knowing that she certainly could not pass the threshold, two people like glue, where to accommodate the third person, only in the identity of Jiang Zheng, that is, the elders do not intervene, there are many temptations outside, she heard that someone sent a dancer to Jiang Zheng, Jiang Zheng refused, but refused once, twice, can refuse for a lifetime? Today to these ladies, in addition to bringing the golden daughter, but also brought a concubine girl, there must be a few are directed at Jiang Zheng, after all, Tianxuan pregnant. Think of these things, Liu's head is as big as an ox. "That's all right," said Liu. "If the elders don't mention it, don't pretend to be virtuous yourself." During the pregnancy, Shen Tianyu endured the acid and opened the servant girl's face, and then turned around and made himself angry. But Shen Tianyu that is also no way, Zhao Jiamengmen, this is not very obedient, generations are so, she can only follow the rules, fortunately Zhao Tianlin also has a sense of propriety, Tongfang is just a Tongfang, in fact, everyone has always been like this, pet concubines are rare. Tianxuan looked at Liu in astonishment. Liu Shi laughs: "How to still think I still advise you to become virtuous person." Tianxuan shook her head and couldn't help laughing: "I knew my mother wouldn't say these words, but I didn't think my mother would teach me not to be virtuous." Liu Shi smiles: "If the prince treats you flatly, he himself has this kind of idea, I will naturally advise you to be a virtuous person.". But I can see how the prince treats you,Vending Machine Motor, so why bother you? Tianxuan smiled and said, "Mother, don't worry. The prince treats me very well." 。

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