A stick to the sky-Wen Ruian _ txt novel paradise

I didn't expect to collude with Wang Xiaoshi. Today I will make a move! "That's abominable," said Tong Guan angrily. The prime minister is really kind-hearted, returning good for evil! What is it? Dare to be old. Break the ground! What shall we do with these usurpers? "I will ask the emperor to issue a letter to the world, please all the heroes, yamen police officers, must be arrested and killed Wang Xiaoshi without mercy!"! Me, Wang Brother, General Tong, the masters of all factions have chased Wang Xiaoshi and his accomplices on the run for thousands of miles! Cai Jing said he had a smile on his face when he killed people. Wen seems to be a little kind, "I will pass the order to Gyeonggi Road, not to give Wang Xiaoshi half a step into the capital!" Wang Jian suddenly asked, "Of course, Wang Xiaoshi's crime is unforgivable, but this time the officers and men at Caishikou and Po Banmen were all robbed and imprisoned by the rebels." Strike! As long as these mobs and evil thieves are not punished, how can there be a peaceful day in the capital? Cai Jing smiled and hesitated to speak. Of course, he wanted to wipe out all the people who opposed him at one go. But he also remembered Wang Xiaoshi's words: "If you want to pursue, you can only pursue the mastermind.". Jujube, I am the mastermind. Jujube, you have at least seven false imperial edicts in my hands! Jujube as long as you do not keep your word,gear reduction motor, I will send someone to the emperor there, even if you have the ability to reach heaven, see the emperor this time also believe You don't! So Cai Jing hung his eyes, as if he saw a small spider in the web, hey hey only smile, Sun Shou Pi namely then way: "Of course, but if you catch the king before you catch the thief,brushless gear motor, you can take down the leader of the bandits first, and the rest of them won't be given the head one by one!" Tong Guan, Wang Jian is what kind of character, officialdom has been mixed into the essence, life has been done into the demon, a listen to three or four points, and then Look more white 56%, say: "Right, kill Wang Xiaoshi this culprit first, talk about other again! Talk about other again!" "Yes!"! If Wang Xiaoshi doesn't get rid of it, it's no fun to slaughter the rest of the small soldiers. Only then did Cai Jing smile and left the "Bie Ye Villa" with everyone to discuss how to play the emperor together and ask the emperor to go down in person. Order, kill Wang Xiaoshi, and take advantage of the opportunity to refer to Zhuge Xiaohua a book, said he colluded with the rebels, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, rebellion, maiming the minister in the court: stay in The Sun Arrow in "Bie Ye Villa" is the best evidence of guilt. Cai Jing said that he hated Wang Xiaoshi rather than "feared" Wang Xiaoshi. Just like him, a man who has always stood high above the masses, Wang Xiaoshi can approach him and threaten him every time. He was humiliated. Although say, with his magnanimous "prime minister" respect, unexpectedly will be afraid of a street vagrant Wang Xiaoshi, it is really a thing that cannot be justified. It's about. But what he hated more was Zhuge Zhengwo. He was "afraid" of Wang Xiaoshi, and as long as he tried to keep Wang Xiaoshi away, he would not worry about him dealing with himself. But really can threaten oneself, but is Zhuge Xiaohua! Jujube eradication of Zhuge Laoer is the top priority. He knows that very well. Very clear. After they all left the "Bie Ye Villa", Sun Shoupi began to clean up the "mess" and reorganize the "scene". In fact, all the "big scenes", whether before or after, must be taken care of by people like him. "Go on" and "finish". He was particularly careful to put away the information about the Cai (Zhang) sisters one by one. He knew that Cai Jing would review these "materials" again, but he did not allow anyone except himself to see them. This is very important. People who don't understand this can't help any "big man" at all, nor will they allow him to be close to them and become relatives. Letter. Sun Shoupi also personally put away the note left by Wang Xiaoshi and found by the Black Light Master. When he got the note, he weighed it with his hand and looked at it carefully. The note is a little heavier. Sure enough, the jujube was nested on the edge of the paper with a circle of blades. Once the blade is embedded in the edge of the paper, it naturally has weight: even if the paper falls to the ground casually, as long as it is not a slate. The ground must be nailed to the ground like a dart. Cai Jing, of course, would not have written a note to insult himself like this: The enemy is free to come and go in and out of his residence, after all. It is a very disgraceful thing. But the note was first found by the man on the black light. He handed it to Cai Jing. After reading it, Cai Jing threw it on the wide sandalwood table, and with a bang, the paper was embedded in the table. Cai Jing showed his skill. Everyone saw it. Sighing, we also admire Cai Jing's hidden, deep internal force, even if Wang Xiaoshi really put the arrow. Shoot him, also may not hurt the prime minister's adult! Sun Shoupi sees this piece of note, admire another person however: "Black Light Master!"! No wonder he was able to become a national teacher, but he was only the manager of the prime minister's mansion! Laugh but weep After Wang Xiaoshi's three arrows were shot into the hall to protect Cai Jing's three great masters, he was defeated by the iron hand in time to defuse the blow of Ye Yun's destruction. Do not rush out, but rush into the inner hall. As soon as he entered the inner hall, he saw Cai Xuan waving to him. He escaped into "Xin Zhen Xuan" and saw that Cai Xuan had knocked down two guards. He flew to bed and motioned for him to come over. Wang Xiaoshi did not hesitate. Cai Xuan opened the secret passage on the bed. She jumped and told him to jump too. Wang Xiaoshi did not hesitate. The secret passage is narrow. Two sounds are heard, and the skin sticks to each other. Wang Xiaoshi also does not avoid suspicion. Cai Xuan didn't go to the secret passage. She just stopped there, her eyes slightly fixed, and she was quite charming. You come down when I tell you to come down? "Yes." "I won't go and you won't go?" "Yes." "You believe me?" "Yes." "Why do you believe me?" I believe Martial Uncle Zhuge. He told me to trust you, and I trusted you. Besides, the song you just sang is very nice, bad man. You can't sing that kind of song. Cai Xuan was undoubtedly very surprised at what Wang Xiaoshi said in the second half, but she couldn't help asking, "Am I not a good dancer?" "All right.". But there are better ones. At this time,Small Geared Motors, he even had the heart to talk about this: "I know a woman, she I can dance better than you. Of course he's talking about Zhu Xiaoyao. Of course, he did not know that Zhu Xiaoyao had lost his life after a dance not long ago.

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