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Thinking that he was about to become the ruler of the Chongming Kingdom, and that his long-cherished wish for decades had come to an end, he could not help saying triumphantly, "The trapped animals are still fighting. Let's see how they can break through this deadly array." Everyone burst out laughing. Ye Junluo laughed and said, "It's time for us to leave. It's impossible to trap a man like the Crane King without three or five years. We can't wait so long, can we?" Qingchuan sneered, "Woman, Lord Lin, we want women. Let's go now." Lin Lixuan wished they could stay for a period of time, and with them, presumably those unconvinced warriors on the island could only hang their heads obediently. He laughed and said, "Let's go." The voice just fell, see the mountain peak, suddenly sounded a shout: "want to go?"? It's not that easy. Leave it all to me. Four figures galloped over like electricity, and then four more followed. Lin Lixuan and others looked at it in astonishment and immediately turned pale with fright, only to see that the eight people who had been swept from the foot of the mountain were not the crane king Zhanbu and others? "Lin Li-hsuan, you didn't expect us to get out of trouble so quickly, did you?"? Ha ha ha ha. In midair, there was a long roar and a punch, and the fury wrapped everyone in it. Lin Lixuan, you go first, we will block the crane king. When he saw the appearance of Zhanbu and others, Ye Junluo realized that they were out of trouble and made a decision in a flash of lightning. Without hesitation, he kicked Lin Lixuan and flew him out, landing far away on the deck of the ship. At the same time, he greeted the side of Qingchuan, two people at the same time urged Lingyuan, to meet the midair attack of the exhibition cloth. Deafening,12v High Torque Motor, the beach where Ye Junluo and others stood was instantly blasted into a deep pit of about 100 meters. Zhan Bu was shocked by the strength of the two men and flew upside down. In midair, he turned over in a very abstruse way and pounced on him again. Hum, with you two, also want to stop me, dare to plot against me, today I will kill you. As soon as the crane chirped, he saw that the spirit pet fire crane was summoned by him, and the fire burst out from one person and one crane without warning, forming a fire cloud, and even the sky was rendered red. Ye Junluo and Qingchuan also felt bad. They were forced back a hundred meters by a massive punch. Before they could stand firm,Gear Reduction Motor, they had already summoned their own spirit pets. A white lion, a black bat, the huge momentum was released in an instant, which made Fang Mu, Pang Bo and Mo Yongkui, who had just flown to the front, retreat in a panic. Lin Li-hsuan, where are you going? At this time, Lin Maoxi's voice came from far away. Lin Li-hsuan repeatedly urged the ship to turn around. When he heard Lin Mao-hsi's voice, he sneered, "My good nephew, you've won the battle today. But don't be complacent. I'll come back again." The ship turned and sped out to sea, and he let out a series of triumphant laughs. Pang Bo snorted coldly, and as soon as his figure moved, he appeared at the seaside, and then, in a flash, he reached the sky over the ship. Just as he was about to make a move, Wang Pengtao suddenly swept out of the sea and shouted, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, "Pang Bo, your opponent is me." Wang Pengtao's whole body was soaked with sea water, and there was a trace of blood on the corners of his mouth, but he was hurt by the strength of the three crane kings. Thanks to his cleverness, he went to the bottom of the sea at the first time, so he was not killed on the spot. Pang Bo was blocked by Wang Pengtao. He couldn't help being furious. Seeing the ship drifting away, he said angrily, "You're a defeated general. How dare you block my way? I'll kill you." Wang Pengtao sneered, "Who dares to talk nonsense about winning the battle of life and death?"? I'm not hard for you either. As long as you don't go after Lord Lin, I'll turn around and leave immediately. "Hum, wishful thinking, all this is your southeast mainland Dagan Wushen Temple making waves, do you think you can leave today?" Suddenly, a hand came from behind Pang Bo, and in the palm of his hand, the golden light soared three meters, enveloping Wang Pengtao in an instant. Field rudiment " Wang Pengtao was shocked to exclaim that he had almost no power to fight back in the face of the half-step magical power of Mo Yongkui. In an instant, he was hit in the chest by a punch. He spouted a bloody arrow straight at the two men, took advantage of the situation to fly out, and then fled to the distance. Pang Bo snorted coldly and wanted to go after him, but he heard Mo Yongkui say in a deep voice, "I'm going to kill him. You catch Lin Lixuan back. If he escapes, there will be no peace on Chongming Island in the future.". ” As soon as Pang Bo thought that what Mo Yongkui said was reasonable, he did not say a word and went straight after the ship that had sailed dozens of miles. It was said that on the desert island, the original beach had been completely destroyed by the violent force, and where the three men fought, the waves were so high that almost all the sea area was shaken. Fang Mu stood on the seashore, watching the three men fight in midair, swallowing three grains of four grades of Huiyuan Dan in a row, which completely restored the strength consumed when he had just broken the array. He locked his eyes on Qingchuan, smiled coldly, and with an explosion at his feet, his figure appeared beside the Crane King. Lord Crane King, let me accompany the rat in the dark hall to make a few moves. Zhan Bu pushed the two men back with one punch. When he heard Fang Mu's invitation to fight, he laughed and said, "Well, you can fight him first. You don't have to win. Just stop him.". When I get rid of Ye Junluo, I'll go and kill him. At the same time, in the face of two supernatural powers, Rao Shihe Wang has reached the peak of supernatural powers, but also quite a bit of effort. The main problem is that if he defeats two people, it is not difficult, but if he wants to kill them, he needs to pay a great price. The powerful have been able to separate the spirit and soul, once the irreversible injury, they will abandon, the spirit fled, want to kill them, must be ready to kill. In the face of both at the same time, the exhibition cloth wants to do a hit will kill, but it is extremely difficult, see Fang Mu take the initiative, he secretly quietly relieved. Ye Junluo and Qingchuan were pressed by the Crane King step by step, and they were always at a disadvantage. Although they had more than enough to protect themselves for the time being, they all knew in their hearts that they could never fight against the strong at the peak of their magical powers. Even if the difference between them is only a few times, but it is like a natural moat. The Crane King did not use the most violent means to deal with the two men, apparently intending to kill them at the lowest cost, so he would continue to consume their strength. But two people want to escape, but it is not easy, the crane king's flame field is like a poisonous snake,micro gear motor, as long as two people slightly show the tendency to escape, the salamander will follow the trend, making them more passive. 

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