The modern rebirth of the heroine -- the rebirth of the great ideal of Sisi, the master of Copernicus

As a result, it didn't matter if she didn't look at it. She almost fainted when she saw it. Liu Xiaozhou, her lazy senior sister who had been a teacher at the school for two years, was holding a big linen flower bag embroidered by herself as a birthday gift she had given her a few days ago. She was laughing with her teeth in her eyes and trembling with laughter. She had no sense of friendship and self-consciousness of being a teacher! Under the great anger, the stubborn old man's dizzy nerve finally broke with a bang, completely forgetting the reason why he has been restrained until now-in front of the future students, to maintain a mature and stable temperament ~ As a result, in a trance, the crowd of onlookers saw a kitten with fried hair, standing ears, standing tail, holding a huge backpack with both hands as a murder weapon, panting, staggering in front of a key high school to kill a short-haired woman carrying a big bag, laughing and running away briskly. Yang kitten, yes, it is her, the first day of practice was so angry that she lost her reason. Yang Sisi, who had no image at all, stopped breathing heavily. The elegant French bun that had been pulled in order to create a mature and intellectual image was all scattered. Her long and supple hair poured down like running water,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, sliding over her waist. A baby face was so tired that it was red because of the dyspnea. The eyes of the round cat were full of bright water, and the pink lips were pursed. Now, it seemed that he was not even seventeen years old. The male and female students who watched the crowd sighed with the same star eyes: What a lovely cat! I want to reach out and rub her (it ~)! On the first day as an intern teacher, at the critical moment leading to the great ideal, Yang Sisi, who had a baby face that could not grow up, was almost rejected from the school gate, and then she was so angry that she showed the original shape of a kitten in the laughter of her senior sister. Thus,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, she began her extremely miserable internship career! When assigning the instructor, the school leader specially found an older male teacher with rich teaching experience for Yang Sisi, an old man who was so serious that people could not help but respect him ten meters away. The leaders are said to be planning to make the young intern teacher, who looks like the younger sister of a senior high school student, look more mature under the guidance of Wang Chengqi, a senior and prudent teacher. The result is, well, very funny! Teacher Wang Chengqi is 52 years old this year. He is not tall and thin. Although his face looks like a jujube stone, his small eyes are absolutely powerful. It is said that his vision can be comparable to a laser gun, which can be described as an invincible and invincible biological weapon. No matter how rebellious the student is, he will immediately change from an insolent wolf cub to a good sheep baby, and he will not dare to say anything! He has a very vivid and appropriate nickname, which has been passed down by word of mouth among all the students for a long time-the living King of Hell. Yang Sisi walked in the campus with an iron old face and a lovely and childish face. The contrast of the picture was quite big. It was like a kitten made of fresh cream beside the ancient and solemn bronze tripod. It was not a general strange shock. When people saw the twitching of their eyes, they couldn't help laughing. As a result, 24v Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, it soon became a new and famous scene on campus. The students secretly gave this picture a name, called: Living Yama Walking Cat Picture ~ One day before the self-study class, a student saw Mr. Wang and Yang Sisi coming straight to the class with a large stack of test papers. In horror, he couldn't help shouting: "No, the living King of Hell came with the test papers!" As soon as I saw Teacher Wang's small eyes narrowed, a cold light burst out from the thin gap, and the daredevil with a loud voice shot at him like a sharp arrow: "Little bastard, how dare you not respect the teacher so much!"! Immediately, the daredevil was shot like a hedgehog and fell to the ground like a bird. Yang Sisi's face was expressionless, and his heart was filled with grief and indignation. He secretly waved his cat's fist: "Smelly God, can you hit people more?!"! The big lens of somebody is flashing white light, canthus tooth is happy, say: Can of course ~ ~ ~ ~ I heard that Yang Sisi was assigned to teacher Wang by the leader. As a very kind and caring senior sister, Liu Xiaozhou immediately went to the small supermarket outside the school and bought a big pack of facial tissue for sale and gave it to Xiao Shisheng as an internship gift. Yang Sisi was holding a huge bag of tissue paper, bubbling on her head, and wondering with her big eyes open: What do you mean? "Take care, Younger Martial Sister, this is the only thing I can do for you, Elder Martial Sister!" Said Elder Martial Sister Liu with compassion on her face. Yang Sisi pattered his mouth. Why does this sound so wrong? Head tilt: Do you want to send me to the execution ground or what? Alas, young and ignorant ~ Elder Martial Sister Liu sighed with a face of vicissitudes of life. She touched Yang Kitten's hair with her hand. Well, it feels really good. Rub it again. Finally, before she was about to rub Yang Kitten into a cat ball, she stopped and gave the answer: Do you know why you seldom bring interns with the qualifications of the living King of Hell? At this point, she looked left and right, and finally lowered her voice and said, "That's because every time his students finished their internship, they had to go to a psychologist for treatment.". You know why not? Yang Sisi shook his head, the heart said, I know you should go to find the anchor, you two must have a common language, the same alarmist, you make it up! That's because he wanted to commit suicide to thank the world for his vicious mouth! So, little sister, take care! Elder Martial Sister Liu, who is good at both singing and writing, hugged Sister Kitten and made persistent efforts to rub her. Yang Sisi is not very worried, how to say, he also lived two lifetimes, together also have. How old are you? (The author smiles: How old are you?) I've seen a lot of weird people. As long as he is not deliberately embarrassed, he has nothing to fear. Besides, she is quite confident about her professional level. She has worked hard to get a scholarship these years. Alas, do you think it is easy for her to get some money? Half a month later, Liu Xiaozhou and Elder Martial Sister Liu circled around Yang Sisi and looked at the young lady from head to foot: OK, little girl, you can still see the smiling face of Old Wang Tou to the intern in your sister's lifetime! Tell me,small geared motors, how to do it? The living King of Hell not only didn't scold you, but he was very patient and got along well with you. He took out a smile of appreciation, although the smile was very subtle and scary.

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