The Absolute Favor of Rebirth in the End of the World

The age of the building looked almost breathless, for fear that a careless zombie dog would hurt the hall, holding the Tang Dao's hand so tight that the veins were exposed, and the nails sank into the flesh without knowing it. Even in the face of such a huge object, the hall is still unhurried, slightly long and Liuhai across the eyebrows, and soon was blown back by the cold wind, revealing a white and full forehead. A pair of black eyes, cold inorganic matter, calm can not see any emotion. When the zombie dog rushed over, the speed of the hall was faster, so fast that it was difficult to catch with the naked eye. Soon, the zombie dog was kicked far away, fell to the ground convulsing, the body was kicked in the place of depression, for a time did not climb up. The body of the hall rose from the ground, jumped to the front, Tang Dao sank into the head of the zombie dog, cut off half of its head, white brains flowed out, and a stone like a ruby mixed in the brains. Lou Ling didn't notice what was in the white brain. He stumbled over and was supported by Lou Dian. He lowered his head and touched her forehead. "I'm fine,liquid bottle filling machine, don't worry," he said. Lou Ling took a deep breath and smiled reluctantly. The dizziness in his head had gone, but he still felt a little uncomfortable and even vomited. Lou Dian naturally knew her condition, helped her to sit aside, then went to clean up the battlefield, dug out the crystal nuclei in the heads of the zombies, then took out gasoline and lighters from the space, and burned the bodies of the zombies. Lou Ling had been sitting quietly watching him move. Her consciousness was a little dazed,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but she was still holding on. When she saw him washing the things he had dug out of the zombie's head with water, she asked curiously, "What is this?" Lou Dian put the cleaned crystal nucleus in her hand for her to check. The crystal nucleus dug out from the head of the zombie dog in the late second order was red and as big as a mature longan. He said, "This is the crystal nucleus in the head of the zombie beast. There is energy in it. Powers can use them to improve their powers and restore their powers. Ordinary people can't use them if they swallow them carelessly." You'll turn into a zombie. After listening, the age of the building was completely uninterested and returned these beautiful crystal nuclei like gems to him. After putting away the crystal nucleus, Lou Dian bent down to pick her up and stopped her struggle, saying, "You were attacked by the spirit of that zombie dog before. You have a slight concussion and need to rest for a few days.". Be good, don't move. Just leave it to me. After listening, knowing that it was safe now, the spirit was not so tight, but the age of the building felt much better, holding back the feeling of vomiting, leaning in his arms and slowly closing his eyes. The age of the building is holding the electric heating treasure nest on the bed, listening to the wind whistling outside, Edible oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, feeling is not generally cold. At that moment, the door was opened and a tall figure came in. When the door opened, a cold wind came in from the outside. Although the door was closed immediately, it still made the building age shiver and the whole person buried in the quilt. When he felt warm, he poked his head out of bed and saw that he was wearing a long black cloak with only a woolen sweater inside. He felt cold for him and hurriedly gave him the electric heating treasure in his arms. Warm yourself up first. Lou Dian's eyebrows and eyes were smiling, her fingertips touched her warm hand, and when she shivered back into bed, she smiled even more happily. Compared to his happiness, the age of the building is simply creepy, busy way: "What are you laughing at?" You're not thinking about something perverted, are you? He was really thinking about something perverted and said, "Do you feel cold when it's so cold?"? Wait for me to warm up for a while and go to bed with you. "No, no, the quilt is very warm." Lou Ling refused with a black face. Although it was a little dark, it was still broad daylight. After waiting for the hand to be covered and warmed, Lou Dian reached out and stroked her face. She found that she was in good spirits today. She was a little happy. Even her black eyes were shining. Lou Ling was happy to see that he looked good like this. Since the last time I met the five second-order zombies in the park, Lou Ling was accidentally suppressed by the spirit of the second-order zombie dog, and lay in bed for three days before he recovered. They did not return to the base, the hall directly took her to live in a villa in the suburbs outside the county, the hall directly with the spirit to drive away the zombies nearby, then with the age of the building to live down, here as a temporary resting place. In the past three days, Lou Ling obediently lay on the bed to raise her spirit, and Lou Dian did not know whether she was angry at the zombie beast's spiritual suppression of Lou Ling at that time, which made her suffer. These days, he did all the childish things. He tied the second-order late crystal nucleus with a thread and threw it outside the villa to attract the zombie beasts to come over, and then swarmed to take the crystal nucleus. The age of the building originally did not know that he should die like this. Yesterday, he lay down with acid in his bones. He got up and walked. Unexpectedly, he saw the door of the villa open in front of the window, and he himself was sitting on the fence. At that time, I didn't know what he was doing. I was so scared that my heart stopped. I was afraid that he would fall down from the wall more than three meters high. I was even more worried about what he would do if he got sick sitting outside? Just when she felt that he was ill again and wanted to call him back, she soon found something strange. Far away, more than a dozen zombies came here quickly. She almost held her breath. After reacting, she grabbed the Tang Dao beside her and ran down. Who knew that the building sitting on the top of the wall suddenly waved his hand, and a red crystal nucleus flew from a distance and was caught in the hands of the building. Only then did Lou Ling notice that he was pulling a white thread on his hand, and that the red crystal nucleus was tied by him with a thread. The zombies found that the crystal nucleus had run away and ran directly to the top of the wall, making threatening sounds to the people on the wall, hitting the top of the wall frequently without fear of death, trying to knock him down. The building hall body did not move, ten fingers even play, the building age can see his gesture, posture is very good-looking, but can not see his moves, but in a moment, a few zombie beast's head inexplicably separated from the body, and so on only after leaving a few, the building hall jumped down directly from the three-meter-high wall,PET bottle Mold, hand a shake, Tang Dao is already in hand, directly and cleanly cut off the heads of those zombie beasts. And then star to dig that crystal nucleus. The age of the building was so dumbfounded that he could hardly react.

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  • Sep 21 2022
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