History of the struggle of the imperial concubines

In her view, yuan Hong did not hesitate to agree to accompany the army, entirely for the sake of their future, she was so excited that her eyes were filled with tears. In addition to being happy and nervous, Shao Qing was quite worried about the girl, and after a pause, he had to answer vaguely. What goes around comes around. After waiting for more than half an hour, cheers, accompanied by the clatter of hooves and the sound of boots falling to the ground, Wei Jing in red armor, surrounded by a kind of civil and military subordinates and pro-guards, came slowly. Heroic, not angry, he looked cold and serious, only at the moment when he saw Shao Qing in the distance, his eyes slowed down. He turned up his lips slightly and nodded to her slightly. This? Shao Qing already knew him, and this nod was certainly not just a greeting. That is to say, what is planned is accomplished?! She was overjoyed. Shao Qing and Ji Huan led a group of people from the county government office to greet her. She wore a long robe with her hair tied up, dressed in a young costume, and her eyes were shining. She handed her hand: "Congratulations on the triumphant return of the county government!" It was a very serious greeting, but it sounded very comfortable from her mouth. Wei Jing smiled and, by turning over and dismounting,PET blow moulding machine, pinched her hand, quickly loosened it and patted Ji Huan on the shoulder: "Thanks for your hard work, Bo Yan." Although everyone in the county government office knew that they were husband and wife, it was not appropriate to show people in a close manner outside. Shao Qing understood it very well. She no longer opened her mouth. She just looked at Ji Huan with a smile and said, "I can't say it's hard, but it's just some trivial things." The host and the guest exchanged pleasantries and the atmosphere was warm, but Shao Qing's ears were sharp. He heard Kou Yue ask in a small voice behind him, "Brother,water filling machine, where is yuan Lang?" She couldn't help glancing back. In this way, Kou Xuan's face was heavy, and Kou Yue was already aware of it. She was looking around, and her face was pale with fear. Alas, it's the elder brother's fault. The elder brother shouldn't have taken him there. yuan Hong's affairs involved secrets, which were kept secret, and Kou Xuan did not know yet. He wanted to go back and say it again, but now he couldn't avoid it. He hung his head and looked sad. He died. "What?"? Sacrifice! With a roar in her head, Kou Yue looked at her elder brother in a daze, counted her breath, and fell down. Yue Niang! "Ah!"! This This small piece immediately became a mess, and Kou Xuan quickly caught his sister with an anxious look on his face. Yan Ming thought that he was not a member of the county government. After he had plenty of manpower, he lost his temporary post and went to open a hospital. He was not at the scene. Finally, Ji Huan, who had a little knowledge of the art of Qi and Huang, Beverage packing machine ,water bottling line, went to the top and felt Kou Yue's pulse. Fire attacks the heart, blood does not return to the meridians, two needles can wake up, but after waking up, we need to open more, otherwise we are afraid of grief and shock to the lungs. "Lauber said to give the needle to Yue Niang." Kou Xuan pleaded guilty to Wei Jing again: "Xian Zun, I.." "Nothing, go." Wei Jing did not care, nodded so that people need not scruple, Kou Xuan Jihuan and his party hurried away. Separated for a few days, he was only concerned about his wife and was about to take her back to talk about the separation, but Shao Qing said, "Husband, I want to see Yue Niang." She looked anxious and hurried to catch up with him, leaving only a figure for Wei Jing. Wei Jing moved his lips and had no time to respond, so he had to watch her back disappear in a hurry behind the side door. He frowned. Master? Stay of Zhang Yong thinking about the matter, eager to go in to talk, but master stood still, he asked a busy. Wei Jing withdrew his line of sight and exhaled a sulk in his chest. "Let's go." …… Kou Yue's condition was not very good, and she was stunned when she pricked the needle and opened her eyes, which frightened Kou's family. She was supposed to take the medicine, but Mammy Ping rubbed her chest and back vigorously with a local prescription and drank it again. Kou Yue woke up with a start and cried loudly. Although he knew that yuan Hong was not a good match, the cry still made the hearer sad and comforted him for a long time. Shao Qing had no choice but to go back first and give the space to the closer people of the Kou family. Chunxi wiped her eyes and said, "Sister Kou is crying and I feel very uncomfortable." The host family did not treat her harshly. The 12-year-old girl was respectful but not depressed. Kou Yue was kind enough to let her call her elder sister. Chunxi had a good impression on her. Alas. In the twilight, Shao Qing looked up at the dark sky. The autumn wind was blowing and the chill was obvious. She breathed a long breath. The time of the next official had passed, asked Wei Jing, said that she had returned to the backyard, she turned directly to the left. Back in the house, Shao Qing said to Wei Jing, "I don't know how long it will take for Yue Niang to recover.". "She sighed," I'm afraid it will take a long time to move the truth. " Wei Jing had already taken off his armor and had just come out of the bath. His hair was still dripping wet. He snorted coldly, "The so-called true feelings are the most useless." He was sure that if Kou Yuezhen and yuan Hongcheng got married, the Kou family would have been pressing the latter in the future, otherwise the surname yuan would have turned against him. The truth is the truth, but it sounds a little mean. Shao Qing couldn't help saying, "You can't say that. If you find the right person, it's okay to love each other." Is it okay? With the right people. Somehow, after listening to Shao Qing's words, Wei Jing's depression, which had been stuffy because he had been left behind by his wife, disappeared. The heart is at ease, but Zhuang Yan's "deep feelings" of that day flashed by. He subconsciously tried to retort, but his lips moved and stopped. He fixed his eyes on her for a moment, and finally uttered only one sentence: "Maybe." "yuan Hong is not dead." Some unknown emotions welled up, and there was a little pleasure in the fine taste. Wei Jing was stunned. He handed the towel to his wife and asked her to wipe his wet hair. He changed the subject and threw down a big thunder. What Shao Qing took the towel and curled her lips. The two sentences she just wanted to mutter were startled. She stared: "yuan Hong didn't die?" Her mind turned to electricity, and she had a vague understanding. About Kou Xuan's way out of what leak, yuan Hong escaped, as to why secret, it is likely that he was involved in the ultimate goal of Wei Jing. As soon as she threw the towel,water filling machine, she hurriedly asked, "Hey, what about what we discussed before?"? How did the Puyi clans react? Wei Jing picked up the towel and put it back in Shao Qing's hand. "It's up to expectations. The two barbarians were defeated. The barbarians voted for me. The Pu people vowed to avenge themselves." 。

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