The New Adventures of the Great Detective, Little Kalai, A. Lindgren

But it can't be reported to the whole country, because there is only one feature: green gabardine trousers! Even if the little girl had seen the murderer, which the detective was not sure of, the murderer would have changed his clothes by this time. Still, he telegraphed police stations across the country to be on the lookout for any suspicious people wearing green gabardine pants. Now there was only one thing left to do, which was to continue the reconnaissance and wait for the little girl to recover, so that he could talk to her in detail. Eva Lotta was lying on her mother's bed. She couldn't think of a safer place. Dr. Voorsberg came to see her and gave her medicine so that she could sleep well and stop having nightmares. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad promised to stay by her side all night. But it's no use, it's no use at all. Eva Lotta's mind was full of thoughts that she would not go. Oh, why does she want to go to the Manor! It's all ruined now. She will never be happy again in her life. How can people be happy when they are so bad to others! Of course she knew about it in the past, but she doesn't know about it now. Just think: yesterday she was teasing Carlisle with Anders, telling a joke about the murderer, and laughing at him! Now she was uncomfortable at the thought of it. She doesn't do that anymore! This kind of thing can not even be a joke, because it will bring disaster, really become a fact. In case it's all her fault, that's why old Glen.. That's why old Glen.. No, she doesn't want to think about it. But now she's going to be a completely different person. Yes, yes, she has to be. She wanted to become more like a woman, as Uncle Bjelke had said, and she would never again take part in the Wars of the Roses,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, because of which she had encountered this terrible thing. No, don't think about it, the head will crack. Everything about the Wars of the Roses is over. She doesn't play this game anymore, ever! Oh, how lonely and bored she will be! Eva Lotta's eyes filled with tears again, and she grabbed one of her mother's hands. "Mother, I feel so old," she cried, "as if I were fifteen!" Then Eva Lotta fell asleep. But before she sank into a wholesome dream, she thought of Karai. What does he think of all this? Kalai has been tracking criminals for years-what will he do now that there is a real murderer? Detective Blumkvist was standing behind the counter of his father's grocery store when he heard the terrible news. He was wrapping up two herrings in a newspaper for a customer when Mrs. Carlson of "Cheater Hill" rushed into the shop full of news. The shop suddenly opened a pot-everyone asked questions, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, sighed, screamed.. The business stopped and all the people surrounded Mrs. Karlsson. She rattled on like a machine gun, telling everything she knew, even more than she knew. Blumkvist, the great detective whose job it was to safeguard society, stood behind the counter and listened. He didn't say anything. He didn't ask any questions. He stood there like he was paralyzed. He heard the general idea, slipped out into the warehouse, and sat down on an empty box. Cale sat there for a long time. He's talking to his imaginary interlocutor again, you'll think! Indeed, the timing of the conversation is very appropriate! But no, he didn't talk to anyone. He's there to think. Cale. Blumkvist "He thought," You are a loser. You are a mediocre loser! Or a big detective! You become a detective like an old slingshot becomes a gun! The most terrible crimes happen in town, and you're standing behind the counter wrapping herrings. All right, you can continue to do this kind of thing, and you still have some use! So he sat there with his head in his hands, full of bad thoughts. Why is he helping in the shop today? Otherwise Anders would have sent Eva Lotta instead. That's how he found the slain, Kalai. Perhaps he went in time to prevent the occurrence of criminal acts or to persuade the murderer to surrender? Anyway, just like he always does.. Cakarai sighed again at once, thinking that he had only done these things in his imagination. He was so shocked by the sudden realization of what had happened that he suddenly felt that he could not be a great detective. This is not an imaginary murder, which can be found out at once, and then sit down and boast to the imaginary interlocutor. It was such a terrible, ugly fact that Cale simply felt sad. He despised himself for it, but he was happy, genuinely happy that he was not Eva Lotta today. Poor Eva Lotta! Kalai decided to leave his father's shop without asking. He has to talk to Anders. He was afraid to go to Eva Lotta. "The baker's little girl is half dead at the doctor's," Mrs. Carlson cried, and the whole town now knew it. Anders was the only one who knew nothing. He was sitting in the shoe shop reading Treasure Island. No one had come to him since morning, thank God, because Anders was on a tropical island at the moment, surrounded by murderous pirates-what care for the soles of his shoes? When Carlisle pushed it away without knocking, Anders looked at him as if he were ready to see one-legged John. Like Silver When I saw that it was only Karai, I couldn't help but be surprised and happy. He jumped up from his little three-legged bench and sang excitedly: Fifteen men clutching the dead man's box, Yo ho ho, a bottle of rum! Cale shrank with fear. "Stop singing," he said. "You stop singing!" "Well, as soon as I sing,ultrasonic dispersing machine, the music teacher happens to say the same thing." Anders readily admitted. Cale was about to speak when Anders stopped him: "Do you know that Eva Lotana didn't get the Great Mumrik?" Kalai gave him a reproachful look. How much more nonsense is Anders going to say before Carlisle tells him everything? He tried to speak again, but Anders interrupted him again. The White Rose Chief has sat in silence for too long, and now his word box is open. He shoved "Treasure Island" right under Cale's nose.

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  • Sep 21 2022
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