Five phoenixes in Yaotai

"Mr. Hu, don't be so nervous. If I were malicious to you, you would have caught my way long ago!" This voice, impressively is Ouyang Cui. Moreover, as soon as she had finished speaking, she began to take off the broken hat on her head and the clothes on her body. In an instant, Ouyang Cui, who was charming with willows and flowers, stood in front of him and smiled at him. Mr. Hu, this flower girl is not too bad, is she? Hu Tianci first gave a wry smile, then put on his lips and said; "Brilliant!"! Brilliant! Ouyang Cuimei said with a smile, "There, there, Mr. Hu won the prize!" "Please sit down, Mrs. Ouyang," said Hu Tianci with a solemn gesture. "Of course I have to sit." Ouyang Cui sat down on the edge of the pit and said with a charming smile,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "I still want to sleep!" Hu Tianci a wrinkle sword eyebrow way: "Mrs. Ouyang, please be more solemn." Ouyang Cui was lips said with a smile: "What's the point of being alone and alone in the same room if you're all serious?" Then he patted the edge of the pit beside him: "Come and sit on my side." Hu Tianci sat down on the chair beside the brazier and said in a deep voice, "Mrs. Ouyang, if you continue to mess around like this, I will drive you out." Ouyang Cui smiled and said: "As long as you're not afraid of regret, you can kick me out." "What do you mean?" Asked Hu Tianci in amazement. Ouyang Cui way: "This news concerns both good and evil.". The growth and decline of strength is also related to one of the biggest secrets of your teacher. I won't tell you so easily. Hu Tianci frowned and said, "How can you tell me?" Ouyang Cui asked with a smile: "Do you know why I take the risk of doing this kind of work?" Pretending to be confused,ultrasonic metal welding, Hu Tianci shook his head and said, "I don't know!" Ouyang Cui got up and went to the brazier, laughing at himself: "It seems.." I had to move to the dock to dock with the ship. He pulled up a chair, sat beside Hu Tianci, and pointed to Hu Tianci's forehead: "Enemy, that's because I like you." Hu Tianci Zhengrong said: "If you like me, you should abandon the dark and turn to the light." Ouyang Cui asked with a smile, "What about after you abandon the dark and turn to the light?" "We can be sisters and brothers of the opposite sex," said Hu Tianci. "No," said Ouyang Cui! My ambition is not here, you know, I am a slut who is immersed in the sea of desire. Hu Tianci Zhengrong answered, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "The desire and regret are boundless. Turning back is the shore.." Ouyang Cui also cut mouth: "Don't preach to me, let's get serious first!" Hu Tianci nodded and said, "I'm listening." Ouyang Cui eyes deep attention to receive way: "Our'god of extermination 'has been placed under house arrest." After Hu Tianci was slightly stunned, he smiled indifferently and said: "So far, no one knows who he is, so whether he is under house arrest or not has nothing to do with me.." After a slight pause in his voice, he said with a sound: "Who has the ability to put your'God of Extinction 'under house arrest?" "Of course we're too good," said Ouyang Cui. Hu Tianci said with a smile, "This is a rebellion in the nest. As far as I'm concerned, it's exactly what I want." Ouyang Cui Zhengrong said: "Wrong!"! Hu Gongzi, I say again, this matter is not only related to the growth and decline of the strength of both good and evil, but also related to one of the biggest secrets of your teacher. School Sweeping in the Palace of Literature : 66\ 032 Chapter 32 wanton coercion. Hu Tianci smiled and said: "Would you like to hear more about it?" Ouyang Cui smiled mysteriously and said, "Now, I can only reveal one thing. You must listen to me and rescue the'God of Extinction '. Moreover, you must take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable." Hu Tianci had no time to ask questions, and Ouyang Cui looked like a whole way: "Moreover, I would like to remind you that the rescue of the'God of Extinction 'is more urgent and important than the rescue of Miss Redjade and others.". ” Hu Tianci knew that he could not ask anything directly, so he had to use provocation: "How can I trust you when you say one thing to yourself?" Ouyang Cui laughed. "Don't play tricks in front of me. To tell you the truth, Hu Tianci, if you want me to tell the whole truth, you must pay some insurance first.." Hu Tianci hurriedly answered: "As long as you're willing to talk about money, that's easy." Ouyang Cui coldly a way: "Money?"? How much money do you have? Did it ever occur to you that the information I give cannot be measured in monetary terms? Hu Tianci said with a wry smile, "You said it yourself. You have to pay the deposit first." Ouyang Cui's eyebrows were affectionate, and her slender fingers changed a little more to Hu Tianci's forehead. "Puff," she said with a smile: "Fool!"! The deposit I'm talking about is you! "Hu Tianci did not know whether to laugh or cry, and said:" "This.." What do you want me to do? He pretended to be confused. Ouyang Cui glared at him: "Don't pretend to be a bearded sheep in front of me. Maybe you think you don't see the'old color ', and the'price' I want is too high, so you pretend to be stupid.". Therefore, I would rather give in myself and reveal a little information first, so that you can think about it secretly first. Hu Tianci smiled and said, "That's very thoughtful." Ouyang Cuimei said with a smile, "It's all for you." Hu Tianci way: Thank you in advance! As long as you mention the news of Hong, if it is true, I will have a proper arrangement. Ouyang Cui toward his silent gaze after a little, just let way: "You must have known about the past relationship between Nangong Taishang and your teacher?" Hu Tianci nodded and said, "Not bad." Ouyang Cui asked with a smile: "What else do you know?" Hu Tianci a stunned way: "I've never heard of that." Ouyang Cui mei laughed. "You say, a pair of physiological aspects, are very normal men and women,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, once there is a relationship between husband and wife, what will be the consequences?" After Hu Tianci was slightly stunned, he frowned and said: "Do you mean that they have children?" 。

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