Life is as clear as death (willow BG)

"Chi Ye, have you ever been inside?" TOKI crouched in front of the chandelier and touched the chain of the chandelier. His eyes flickered. He turned his head and asked Chihara. No, I went back after the chandelier fell. Chihara shook his head. "And the place leading to the corridor is boarded up. I can't walk through it." "There are enough of us today. It doesn't matter if we go inside." Liu Sheng beckons everybody, "everybody, tear down the plank to go in to have a look together?" "Wait a minute. We have to save our strength. There's probably something more interesting in it." TOKI took out his gloves from his pocket, put them on his hands, moved his limbs and walked to the blocked corridor. "I can do it here." "Well, please." Sanada nodded and pulled the front of the original to the back, "everyone back, be careful to be injured by the flying wood." "You mean you broke this open?" Osho looked suspiciously at TOKI's thin arms and legs, "even you are unlikely." "-Drink!" Before Oshitari had finished speaking, TOKI's lightning straight punch had already gone out. They felt the floor shake, and then a cloud of dust rolled over their faces. …… Ahem! Oshitari's good reflexes made him cover his mouth and nose when he heard the noise,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and when the smoke and dust dispersed, he looked at the corridor that had been sealed, and his glasses almost slipped off the bridge of his nose. Hello hello I'm just kidding. It's actually true. It was broken open by a girl. TOKI shook his fist, turned his head to the stunned Oshitari with a sly smile, and made a "please come in" gesture to the big hole in the wooden wall. "Welcome to the House of Enigma." Chapter 8 Black,ultrasonic welding transducer, really black. Unlike the darkness of the night, it seemed to be completely covered by black flannelette, and the light behind it did not reach the corridor at all. TOKI looked at the dark cave in front of him like a monster's big mouth, his palm gradually oozed sweat, and his heart beat more and more wildly. She took a deep breath, calmed the fear that suddenly appeared for some reason, and took a careful step. -Crunch. The shoe stepped on the floor, the wooden floor made a strange whine, and the sound wave hit the wall and bounced back and forth in the corridor, ultrasonic molten metal ,sonicator homogenizer, producing a spiral echo. TOKI moved his foot left and right and stepped on the ground a few times. The floor has not changed at all except to make a louder sound. She breathed a sigh of relief, it seems that the floor here is still solid, so many people walking on it should not collapse. She wiped the sweat off her cheeks with her hands and turned happily to greet the teenagers behind her. There's no problem here. You can go in. "Wow, it's so dark!" Following him, Chihara stepped into the corridor and was attracted by the unusual darkness. "It's like being locked in a safe. There's no light at all." "Everyone turn on your flashlights and watch your step." Liu Sheng took the lead in taking out the flashlight prepared in advance. "The floor here is very old. We'd better disperse a little, otherwise the floor will collapse." The teenagers turned on their flashlights and shone them on the way forward. Although the light from the flashlight was not weak, it still could not penetrate the sticky darkness and could only illuminate a little way one meter away. Reflecting the light of the flashlight, TOKI slowly moved forward and observed the building. The house looks as if it has a glorious past, with walls covered in ornate wallpaper and antique decorations along the corridors. But the brilliance of these things is also a thing of the past, and now they are dilapidated and even have a huge number of spider webs. Several oil paintings were hanging precariously on the wall, and the portraits in the paintings were almost invisible. The whole corridor smacked of the gloom of depression. Hey, look at these rooms.. I always feel a sense of incongruity. King Ren stopped and swept the wall beside him with a flashlight. "According to the previous room layout, this should be a door, shouldn't it?" But it was a wall. "I just found out that the room layout of this Western-style building seems to be very chaotic.". "Oshitari walked over to King Ren and put a hand on the wall in front of him." From the door of the room, the room behind the wall is unusually large.. " He pointed to the door of the opposite room again, "but the door of the room over there is very close, and it seems that the room is very small." "That's true." Renwang shook his flashlight and smiled with interest. "Would you like to go in and have a look?"? The unusually large room. Everyone nodded, and there was an excited expression on their faces. Unexpectedly, there is such an interesting place on this island, which is just like the description in some detective novels. So after the whole team passed, King Ren put his hand on the doorknob and turned it gently. "Will a ghost or a snake come out next?" Qieyuan rubbed his hands excitedly and nailed his eyes straight on the hand of Renwang who unscrewed the doorknob. -Crunch! The door opened and a beam of light came in, which made the teenagers outside the door see the true face of the house in an instant. About 10 square meters of room, although the window was nailed up by wooden bars, but still through the cracks through the silk of sunshine. In the middle of the room was a European-style bed with brass legs and gauze curtains, and next to it, near the door, there was a simple and heavy wardrobe, but nothing else. This should be the guest room. Liu Lian-er looked at the furnishings in the room and guessed, but his tone was very firm, "This room is not as big as it looks outside, probably because of the illusion of space caused by the furnishings in the corridor and the position of the door." "Well,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, is that so?" TOKI heard Liu Lian-er's words and muttered softly. This room doesn't look unusual. Let's continue to the front and have a look. Liu Sheng, standing at the end, pushed his glasses. "The rooms in this Western-style building look quite a lot. We have to take the time to look for suspicious places." 。

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