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The magic damage of Nefis was extremely high, and the flame directly burned half of the blood bar on the head of Yin Laoer, and three blood bars were red. As for the three unfortunate people with thin skin, the famous Kendo Snow, the North Ming Youyu and the Ao, they were burned into white light on the spot. Bang! Seeing that Yin Laoer and Bao San were going to be burned to death, suddenly there was a thunderclap of the bowstring, and a thick arrow flew to the back of Nephis's head in an instant. Duang!!” Nephis's head was shot slightly shaking, the top appeared a group of mosquito incense symbols, was stunned! Shock arrow! Shock arrow is a rare strong control skill of archers, which can stun the target. At this time, the judgment in the hands of archers is undoubtedly quite large. It even directly hit three seconds of vertigo, which is stronger than the judgment of Mingdu's awakening skill. Nima, this full-strength archer is really terrible. After Nifis was stunned, the flame on his back disappeared in an instant, and Bao San and Yin Laoer spread their wings and flew into the air. Seeing this scene, Mowgli suddenly remembered that when he first entered the copy, any two ice spells controlled the hell lava, but the control effect of the melee profession was not great. He immediately reacted. The original control resistance mechanism in Rebirth was set like this. The legal system BOSS had a high resistance to legal control, and the physical system BOSS had a high resistance to physical control. As a legal system BOSS, Nefis's resistance to magic control is very strong. No wonder the awakening skills of Raksha and Mingdu can't control it. Instead, the shock arrow in the left hand of the God of death plays a role. Her penis is dizzy! Other people output! Thinking of this,Silver Travertine Slabs, Mowgli was suddenly enlightened, and finally found a way to deal with Nefis, hurriedly gave Yin Laoer instructions. After receiving Mowgli's instructions, while the effect of the shock arrow had not yet been lifted, Yin Laoer closed his wings and raised his shield to fall from the sky and hit Nephis on the back of his head. Duang!” The sign of vertigo appeared again on Nephis's head. Chapter 1447 Nirvana. Three seconds! As Mowgli had expected, Nephis was not highly resistant to physical control. Fortunately, Nifis has now become a phoenix form under the ravages of Wang Yu. She has a huge stature and a high hit rate. If she is in human form, it is estimated that it is not so easy to hit her in close combat. Three seconds,Carrara Marble Slab, long or short, is enough for everyone to complete a wave of output. Because this wave of output everyone's skills are in CD, and there are three less powerful outputs, so this wave only destroyed one tenth of the remaining health bar of Nephis. Pack three! Control, keep up! Without waiting for the vertigo effect on Nifis's head to disappear, Mowgli gave the order, and Bao Sanyi took over the thunder shock, extending Nifis's vertigo time by another three seconds. Everyone outputs again, and the health bar drops by one tenth. The next control is Wang Yu, fighter control skills, blunt knee and elbowing are vertigo control skills. Wang Yu flew to the front of Nefis's head, grabbed the feathers on Nefis's forehead and pulled them down. His knee hit Nefis heavily on his forehead. Vertigo extends for five seconds. After the end of the knee stun, the elbowing is extended for another two seconds. At the same time, death's left hand concussion arrow CD has also ended. Everyone is a top master, the CD and control of skills are basic operations, natural grasp of the minute is exactly the same, White Marble Mosaic ,Artificial Marble Slabs, with the continuous control of Wang Yu, the vertigo effect on Nifis has formed a cycle. Under the horrified gaze of the testing team, the vertigo symbol on Nephis's head did not disappear until he was beaten to death. Boom! With the cooperation of the crowd, Nephis finally emptied his blood bar, and his huge body landed from the sky on the ground full of flames. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they looked at Nephis hanging on the ground. Nima, finally dead! Play "Rebirth" for so long, we still once encountered such a difficult BOSS, more than 20 people's team hit here unexpectedly died only six people, this is still under the premise of Wang Yu. The heavy loss is absolutely unprecedented since the Quanzhen Sect played "Rebirth". But think of the opponent is a God level BOSS, these losses are worth it, after all, God level BOSS, even if only level 80, not hundreds of thousands of lives filled in, the general guild can not take, compared to this loss is nothing. According to the convention, the next procedure is to touch the body. Looking at the huge fire phoenix on the ground, everyone could not hide their excitement, but no one came forward. This is the "rebirth" in the player pushed down the first God level BOSS ah, is definitely a cross-era significance of the first kill, although we all want to touch the body, but the heart is still some tangled. Touching BOSS is the welfare left to the players who contribute the most to the team. Obviously, with Wang Yu, we dare not say that we contribute the most. After all, 80% of the blood volume of Nifis was destroyed by Wang Yu alone. Here is, ***, this is a god-level BOSS ah, if there is no good thing, I'm afraid the people in the team have to hate themselves for a lifetime. There is a saying that if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of thieves, not to mention that these bastards are all ruthless and powerful? So for a while, everyone was eager to try but hesitated to speak. Eh? Don't you usually rush to touch the corpse? What happened today? Seeing that no one went to touch the body, Wang Yu was surprised and said, "I really can't. I'll go and touch it." With these words, Wang Yu will go down. No, no, no, no! Seeing that Wang Yu wanted to touch the BOSS, everyone immediately panicked: "Niu Gur, this is a god-level BOSS. Please spare us. Let's take a screenshot first and send it to the circle of friends." "Ha ha!" Seeing that everyone looked alarmed, Wang Yu said with a smile, "I'm kidding." "Shit!" People are angry, if not beat Wang Yu, I'm afraid now rushed up to beat Wang Yu, this grandson is too bad, knowing that everyone is excited at this time, but also take everyone for fun. In that case, I'll go! At this time, Mowgli volunteered to stand out. In terms of contribution,Stone Honeycomb Panel, the whole process is Mowgli in command, in addition to Wang Yu, Mowgli's contribution should be the highest.

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