Here comes the beauty

Jiang Mingyue, who understood the situation, was immediately obedient and said, "You should have never heard of the name Sun Ze.". But you may have heard the name of Guan Chi. The name'Guan Chi 'did not make Mo Xiaomi have any reaction, but Fang Xiaojing opened his eyes wide. The Guan Chi who cast the three swords of "crescent moon", "clear water" and "Cangri"? Jiang Mingyue nodded. What does the old man Sun in the weapon shop have to do with Guan Chi? Fang Xiaojing's eyes were shining, and it was obvious that her curiosity had been aroused. Mo Xiaomi came up and asked, "Is this Guan Chi very famous?"? Are those three swords great? As soon as he saw that Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi had been aroused by himself, Jiang Mingyue immediately became proud. This Guan Chi is a very powerful swordsmith who appeared thirty-five years ago. Jiang Mingyue first solved the puzzle for Mo Xiaomi, "He has cast countless good swords in five years. The three swords of" Crescent Moon "," Blue Water "and" Cangri "are his most outstanding works, ranking in the top 50 on the weapon spectrum." Mo Xiaomi nodded: "It sounds very powerful.". By the way, why only five years? Didn't he ever make a good sword again? Fang Xiaojing sighed and shook his head. "It's not that he can't make a good sword. It's that he has no chance to make a good sword again.". He was killed after casting Cang Ri. "Not necessarily." Jiang Mingyue shook his head mysteriously, not giving Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi a chance to ask questions,white marble mosaic, and continued: "You must have heard the name of Zhong Qianshou.." Mo Xiaomi immediately rushed to say: "I know, I know.". Zhong Qianshou is a skillful craftsman with thousands of hands. There is probably no one in Jianghu who doesn't know him. It is said that there is nothing in the world that he can't make. "It's a pity that Zhong Qianshou fell off the cliff and died when he was chased by his enemies twelve years ago," said Fang Xiaojing with regret. Fang Xiaojing turned to look at Jiang Mingyue and said uncertainly, "What does the old man Sun in the weapon shop have to do with Zhong Qianshou?" Jiang Mingyue looked mysterious and said, "The old man Sun in the weapon shop,white marble slabs, he is Guan Chi." "What?" Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi opened their eyes wide and their mouths wider, and it was absolutely no problem to put one or two eggs in. Jiang Mingyue looked at Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi, who were in shock, smiled proudly and continued: "And." Zhong Qianshou is also him. “……” Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi opened their eyes wider and their mouths wider, and they could already stuff a goose egg into them. Oh, my God! Fang Xiaojing affectionately stroked Daguan Dao, who had just been disliked by her. "I didn't expect that you were made by Zhong Qianshou. You can rest assured that I will never dislike you again." Mo Xiaomi also took the shield in his hand, left and right: "Everything made by Zhong Qianshou is precious. It's hard to find gold. I didn't expect that we only spent one hundred taels of silver to buy four pieces.". "If this were known, he would be so jealous that he would vomit blood." Jiang Mingyue was very dissatisfied with the reaction of Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi. How can you two believe me when I say it casually. Shouldn't you be asking me, 'Really?' Or else, Marble Granite Price ,pietra gray marble, 'How do you know? Do you have any credentials? ' ” Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi turned back to look at her together, and their faces were extremely bad. Jiang Mingyue, don't tell me you were lying to me just now. Mo Xiaomi stared. Jiang Mingyue, if you dare to cheat me and let me have an empty joy, I will punish you to help me carry this heavy dead man's knife. Fang Xiaojing squinted. Of course I didn't lie to you. Jiang Mingyue stamped his feet, "but it's such a big thing, how can you believe it as soon as I say it, at least ask for proof." Mo Xiaomi sent a supercilious look to Jiang Mingyue and continued to walk forward with a shield on his back. Boring Fang Xiaojing also sent a supercilious look to Jiang Mingyue, carrying the knife away. Jiang Mingyue shouted at the back of the two people: "Hey, you two listen to me, don't trust others too much, or one day you will suffer a great loss." Mo Xiaomi and Fang Xiaojing turned back together. Fang Xiaojing shouted at Jiang Mingyue, "Jiang Mingyue, how long is your brain?". Are you someone else? You are my sister and Xiaomi's sister! You have to keep this thing firmly in mind. If you forget it again, I will really hang you up and beat you. "Jiang Mingyue, don't expect me to call you'Second Sister 'again.". It's better to forget what you don't remember yourself. Mo millet a face of uncomfortable, "you quickly give Lao Tzu roll over, you again so dilly-dally can delay us all on our way." Jiang Mingyue was stunned, with a brilliant smile on her face. God is really merciful, unexpectedly let her Jiang Mingyue meet Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi in the last days. Although such a day may not be too long, but she Jiang Mingyue has been very satisfied. Jiang Mingyue trotted a few steps quickly and caught up with Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi: "Would you like to listen to me who it is? How did you find out that Zhong Qianshou is Guan Chi or Sun Ze?" "Don't listen." Fang Xiaojing shook his head, "You can't trust others too easily, otherwise one day you will suffer a great loss." Mo Xiaomi nodded approvingly: "I don't want to listen to someone else's words anymore." "Can't I be wrong." Jiang Mingyue grabbed Fang Xiaojing's sleeve in one hand and Mo Xiaomi's sleeve in the other, "Listen to me, listen to me.." "Don't listen." "Listen, listen." "No, no." "Listen, I promise it won't be any worse than the story in the teahouse." "Don't listen." "You can't listen." …… Entangled by Jiang Mingyue all the way, Fang Xiaojing and Mo Xiaomi finally pestered her, forced to find a place to rest, by the way to listen to Jiang Mingyue's story. Two, Sun Qianshou has caused a great sensation since he appeared in Jianghu forty years ago. Why? Because he made a hidden weapon that shocked the world and wept ghosts and gods. Gentlemen, do you know the name of this hidden weapon? Jiang Mingyue wore a green shirt on her body,Agate Slabs Countertops, holding a folding fan in her hand, imitating the tone of a storyteller, but it was really lifelike.

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