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"Yes, I have to send the boss back now!" Chi Yang grinned and smiled like a doll at his aunt. "Ah, can Xiao Yang drive?" "Well.." A word hit, Chi Yang petrified, looking at the person almost hanging on his body, he just came soon, how can he have time to learn this thing ah! Seeing Chiyang's face, the cleaning aunt kindly pointed out the direction for him, "There is a single room in the boss's office, and sometimes the boss will rest in it if he doesn't go back!" "Yeah?"? There's a mechanism inside! Chi Yang looked excited, and after thanking the cleaner's aunt, Chi Yang almost dragged Ouyang Shuo to Ouyang Shuo's office. I don't know how long it took. When Chi Yang threw Ouyang Shuo on the bed, he was so tired that he sat on the edge of the bed panting: "Nana, it seems that Wu Long will run out of strength if he doesn't recover his original shape!" Na, really depressed ah, now think about it, dare Yang Jian to help himself run out when deliberately let the Buddha's immortal circle bound his magic power, is it difficult to worry that he will accidentally use his magic power? Tut-tut, how can this guy look at my dragon like this? On the other hand, my dragon really wants to use his magic power to take this guy back directly. Anyway, he sees the fox's happy appearance, and the stream has found the right man. Nana, my dragon seems to be able to return to the sea,Granite Slab Supplier, right? "Well.." Ouyang Shuo turned over and lay on his back on the bed, frowning, not knowing whether it was a nightmare or something. Chi Yang looked back at Ouyang Shuo's sleeping face. Doubtful, he poked Ouyang Shuo on the cheek: "Na, Wu Long knows you are in his body. Come out, Kirin. Wu Long has something to discuss with you!"! Nana, Kirin?! Ouyang Shuo breathed evenly but did not respond. Chi Yang confused side head, no reason ah,Pietra Gray Marble, have run out twice, so this time should come out but not come out? Nana?! Chi Yang was so excited that a smile passed by his mouth. So he bent down and bit Ouyang Shuo's slightly open lips heavily. Then when he was about to move away, the back of Chi Yang's head was suddenly pressed by Ouyang Shuo's hand. Ouyang Shuo pressed the back of Chi Yang's head with one hand, tightened Chi Yang's waist with the other hand, turned over, and pressed Chi Yang under his body. "Well," Chi Yang breathed hard, put his hands against Ouyang Shuo's chest, and struggled hard. He was dying. He was dying. Damn Kirin, play pig and eat tiger. At the end of a deepening kiss, Chi Yang opened his red and swollen lips slightly, opened his big eyes and gasped: "Let go of my dragon!" Ouyang Shuo raised the corners of his mouth, and Feng's eyes were full of bright smiles. "You're not drunk at all!" Chi Yang shouted accusingly. "He is drunk, my king is not drunk," Ouyang Shuo looked at him with a smile above Chi Yang, "what do you want to discuss with me?" “…… Go back! Chi Yang pursed his lips and said after a while, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Slate Wall Panel, "The demons in the West are making trouble. The Ru people are sent to put down the rebellion. You are still here. As a king, how can you act willfully regardless of the life and death of your people?" Ouyang Shuo looked at Chi Yang, did not smile, that pair of clear black as deep as night big eyes, he loosened Chi Yang, next to Chi Yang lying beside, both hands around Chi Yang's waist, buried his head in Chi Yang's arms. "Hey, did you hear what Wu Long said?" Chi Yang poked Ouyang Shuo's head angrily. Ouyang Shuo's low voice came after a while: "If you are willing to practice with my king, my king will think about it carefully!" "You-" Chi Yang opened his eyes wide and could not say a word for a long time. Suddenly his arms sank, and Chi Yang knew that Kirin had run away again. He could not help sighing lightly and reached out to gently touch Ouyang Shuo's soft hair. [221] Chapter 221 Silver Lake was a little nervous, even if he was still on the road, did he take out the screen of his mobile phone, then touch his hair to see if it was sticking up, and then scratch the corner of his clothes to see if it was wrinkled? Zhao Shuhe, who was driving on one side, turned his head sideways, looked at Silver Lake, couldn't help laughing, and reached out to touch Silver Lake's hair. "Oh, don't touch my hair!" Silver Lake glared at Zhao Shuhe and clapped Zhao Shuhe's hand. "Poof.." Zhao Shuhe couldn't help laughing out loud. "Fox, are you nervous?" "Who said that, hum (^), funny, this fox will be nervous?!" Silver Lake groaned away and looked out of the window at the passing scenery. “……” Zhao Shuhe stroked his forehead and smiled. Ah ah, this time home, they will certainly be read for a long time, the most important thing is that the mother did not object, the father is very easy to talk to, plus the support of grandparents, and then, tut, and eldest brother, eldest brother's support is easy to handle. "What are you thinking?" Silver Lake bumped into Zhao Shuhe's shoulder and looked back at the gift behind the car. "Did we buy too little? Didn't you say your father and mother would come over?" "Yes, a lot, Fox!" Zhao Shuhe wants to reach out. Silver Lake dodged and stared. "I said don't touch my hair!" "Well, my pretty little fox!" Zhao Shuhe steadied the steering wheel and quickly moved over to kiss Silver Lake's face. "You-" Silver Lake touched his cheek and stared. This life of Mr. Zhuge is really an incredible initiative, it is quite unaccustomed. "Ah, here we are!" Zhao Shuhe stopped in front of the courtyard of a two-story building. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw a car parked next to him. They must have come. Silver Lake, holding a pile of gifts in both hands, turned around and shouted, "Hurry up, it's too heavy. There are still a few left inside!" Zhao Shuhe hurriedly brought out all the food, and he went ahead and rang the doorbell. The fox was a little nervous. Although he had been here once before, he still felt nervous this time. I don't know if Ah He's parents would admit it. When the door opened, a man who looked like Zhao Shuhe and was taller than Zhao Shuhe came out to open the door. When he saw Zhao Shuhe, he smiled: "Finally back, little brother, who is this?" When Zhao Shuyu saw Silver Lake, he was amazed. "Your girlfriend?" Zhao Shuhe nodded with a smile: "Very heavy,grey marble slab, eldest brother, go in first!" Silver Lake blushed and poked Zhao Shuhe's body with his elbow, then nodded to Zhao Shuyu and pursed his lips.

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