I just want to inherit your legacy [entry] (Situlanya)

An Tian looked at the boy's face in a trance, and then closed his eyes sadly. It's not that easy. It's not that easy to pretend it never happened. Sentiment is like a vine, growing quietly where it shouldn't belong. When you finally find out that you want to cut it off, it's already too late. Xu Jiaci. An Tian opened his eyes again, and there was a cry in his voice. "Do you like me?" She asked. Like Tang Zhijiao, like someone else, like me? Xu Jiaci's whole body stopped. Perhaps he should have clasped the back of the girl's head and kissed her at once, but when he heard her trembling cry, he suddenly lost his courage. It's not the same. It's not the same. An Tian gently brushed away Xu Jiaci's hand, which was still on her shoulder, and left, leaving the young man still in a daze. An Tian returned to the classroom, sat back in his seat, and picked up the problem again. But she found that she could not see any of the characters, and her eyes were blurred. An Tian put down his pen and buried his head on the desk. She lay down for a moment and heard the front seat being pulled open and rustling. An Tian raised his head and Xu Jiaci sat facing her. She looked around. It was almost noon, and the rest of the people in the classroom had gone. They should be going to dinner. When Xu Jiaci saw An Tian's red eyes, he felt as if his heart had been gripped by a hand. He moved his throat, which had been stinging, but still did not speak. Two people do not speak. Until Xu Jiaci suddenly raised his hand and stuffed something into An Tian's hand. One of those black oil-based felt-tip pens used to mark things. An Tian held the pen with some confusion. Xu Jiaci pulled out the cap of the signature pen in An Tian's hand. Then he held an Tian's wrist and stretched it out to his face. Mmm. An Tian was frightened, do not know what Xu Jiaci this is to want to do, like a conditioned reflex to shrink his hand. Xu Jiaci then loosened an Tian's wrist and waited for a while. Wait until an Tian relaxes, continue to hold her hand, reach to his face. The tip of the black watercolor pen falls to the tip of Xu Jiaci's nose, and then draws a round black pattern. Like a kitten's nose. An Tian was puzzled in his eyes. Xu Jiaci continued to take an Tian's hand and let her hold the signature pen and draw three crooked beards on her left and right cheeks. The painting is finished. An Tian held the pen and gawked at Xu Jiaci, whose face was painted like a cat. The boy's skin was very white, and the strokes of the black oil pen stood out on his face. Like the special effect of the beauty camera, he painted it directly on his face. Xu Jiaci usually does not like to laugh at people, many times even cold and frightening, but now his face looks like this, with his facial features and skin color together, not only harmonious, and even a strange sense of comedy and cute. With his thin single eyelids, he looks like an arrogant but clingy feline. An Tian did not know that Xu Jiaci could still be like this, and he was thinking that fortunately there was no one else in the classroom, and that his slightly funny and childish appearance had been seen by others, and that he did not know what was turning the world upside down with his temperament. An Tian thought so, face recognition identification kiosk , Xu Jiaci picked up the mobile phone that An Tian put on the textbook next to him. He took an Tian's hand, unlocked the phone, and then clicked on the camera. Xu Jiaci returned the mobile phone with the camera on to An Tian. An Tian did not know why to hold the mobile phone: "." I "Take a picture," said Xu Jiaci. He put an Tian holding the mobile phone arm up a little, an Tian saw his mobile phone screen, is Xu Jiaci was painted as a cat's face. Without the beauty filter and ignoring the ink on his face, the teenager is still handsome and unreal. Xu Jiaci: "Shoot it." An Tian frowned, looked at Xu Jiaci, or clicked the shutter button. There were several shutter sounds. After taking the picture, An Tian put his mobile phone on the desk and saw the picture of Xu Jiaci's face painted by her as a cat on the screen. Xu Jiaci also saw the photos on An Tian's mobile phone. First he said, "I'm sorry." Then said: "I have not liked others, I only like you.". From before, to the future. An Tian was silent after hearing this. Xu Jiaci pointed to his cat face photos: "If one day I like someone else, you can send these photos out for everyone to see." An Tian saw the photo, and looked at the teenager in front of him, accompanied by his words, the frozen face finally covered with cracks, and then loosened, the ice broke. She finally couldn't hold back and burst out laughing. Then he took out a wet towel and wiped it on Xu Jiaci's face bit by bit. The author has something to say: I declare that Xu Gou is a dog who disdains the special effects of beauty cameras. —— Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: Big King of Brother Pig, Cheyenne 1; Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: it's you, 50 bottles; _ Iam Sparrow, 5 bottles of a good panda; Xiaohe wants to be happy, Huang Cuihua of Pheasant Ridge, 2 bottles of 22907677; Meow, please shut up when it's dark, little children, Geminiya, L, Voracity 1 bottle; Chapter 41. Later, An Tian always looked at the picture of Xu Jiaci in his mobile phone. At that time, she was not sure that she and Xu Jiaci could finally get together, but she agreed to come down without hesitation. Because no matter what the final result is, at least on that day, in the empty classroom, there was a teenager who once said something she liked and coaxed her in a clumsy and sincere way. That's enough. Xu Jiaci basically made steady progress in several exams this semester, and finally persuaded Zhang Peisheng to change his position. Changed to the back of An Tian. When changing seats, Xu Chaofei and Wan Rui looked at Xu Jiaci's back as he left with the book in his arms. After such a long time, everyone basically saw the meaning of Xu Jiaci to An Tian. If two people said that Xu Jiaci to An Tian was different from those girls before, it was probably that Xu Jiachi didn't take An Tian to skip classes and fight in bars, and mix with them. On the contrary, someone said before that let Xu Jiachi bring out "good students" to play with everyone. Just a joke proposal, Xu Jiaci was almost angry after hearing, warning not to give Lao Tzu these dreams.

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