Paranormal Live Broadcast Room: Hades Husband Spoils

Now in Tiancheng Road, there is no need for any village head, the original village head is dead, the son of the village head is now just an ordinary resident, heard that the stars came, immediately rushed over. You witch, you have hurt our whole Tiancheng village so badly, and you dare to come back! The son of the village chief stared at the stars with hatred in his eyes. Not only the son of the village head, but also other people are no exception. The star listened as they cursed her, called her a witch, and looked at the crowd in amazement, wondering what had happened. I'm not a witch. I didn't hurt you, you, what's wrong with you? Where's Arlo? The star asked softly and weakly. Chapter 359 how did she die? Even if the stars are anxious, they are gentle and gentle, and they look like they have no offensive power at all. Arlo? You still have the nerve to ask that monster, hum, that monster is dead, now it's your turn to be an accomplice! "Come on, everyone. This witch and that monster are in the same group. There must be a way to lift the curse. Let's catch her and force her to lift the curse for us!" The residents swarmed up, all aiming at the stars. Arlo is dead. The news, like a bolt from the blue,information kiosk price, hit the head of the stars, and she was dizzy. They Does everyone know the identity of Arlo? No wonder. Human beings are the most intolerant of demons, whether good or bad, in their view, are bad demons, which will threaten their lives. Watching all the people rushed up, the stars naturally can not stand so beaten, for the feelings of these villagers,Interactive digital signage, compared to a Luo, can be much weaker. As soon as the stars came out as brilliant as meteors, the villagers were instantly lifted and banged on the ground, and several more died carelessly. The villagers got up and stared at the stars in horror, not daring to act rashly. With tears in her watery blue eyes, she asked softly, "Let me ask you again, where is Arlo?" The villagers looked at each other, and only the son of the village head, who was not afraid of death, laughed out loud. Everyone's eyes were attracted by the village chief's son, who looked at the stars and snorted coldly, "Where is he?"? She's already dead. Ha ha ha. Before death, gave us under the curse, let us the whole Tiancheng road, not a good death! Not a good death. Ha ha ha Laughing and laughing, temperature screening kiosk ,digital signage screen, tears came down. He was the only one left in the village head's house that used to be beautiful. The star stared at the village chief's son for a long time before he heard his soft, almost silent voice ask, "How did she die?" "How did you die?"? Ha ha ha, how dare you ask how you died? If you and Arlo hadn't kidnapped the children in the village and pretended not to know anything. Will Arlo die? A Luo brought this on himself! We can't beat you. Kill or cut, whatever you want. Anyway, we don't have a few days to live, and we don't know when we're going to die. The village chief's son opened his eyes wildly and said. Abduct the children of the village? Me and Arlo? Star listen to want to laugh, "a Luo since came to Tiancheng village, because you take care of her, she has been protecting you in private, as a result, you think we will kidnap the children of Tiancheng village?"? Why are we doing this? The blue eyes of the stars gradually deepened, blue and blue, not only not terrible, but more beautiful. You're all monsters! Do we need to say how to do it? The village chief's son asked sarcastically. The rest of the crowd nodded. Yeah, monsters eat people. Do they have to say that? Besides, protecting us in private? Tiancheng village has been calm, nothing has happened, where is the need for a monster to protect us? I think so. That's an opportunity to eat us! That's right! How could the genie protect us? In my opinion, Arlo stayed in the village to win our trust. "I heard that Arlo is a phantom demon, but the phantom demon can be invisible and come and go without a trace.". Everyone knows why no matter how we defend, we can't catch people. Chapter 360 cursed. Yes, yes, yes, that's it. I don't know what kind of monster this is? It's not a water demon, is it? "The water demon will surely kill us. What can we do?" "Afraid of a hair, anyway also do not have a few days to live, that a Luo's curse you still remember?"? Maybe we'll die one day. Isn't it dead to die early or late? "It's all right to die, but it's better to live than to die. I can't live for no reason. I can't accept it!"! Unacceptable! "If you can't accept it, you have to accept it. I'm afraid we won't live to see tomorrow." Listening to their comments, the star took a deep breath, suppressed the sadness and bewilderment in his heart, and asked in a trembling voice, "She cursed you?" The villagers were silent, but this time they did not speak. The star already knew, even if the villagers did not say, she also understood what was going on, she said softly: "Who killed a Luo?" This time, the villagers did not hesitate to give up the name of the demon catcher. That catch demon master regardless of the consequences of doing things, but regardless of the back, has long made the villagers dissatisfied, but can not find people ah, if this star can be found, let the catch demon master get a lesson, is also a good thing. Thinking, hurriedly told the stars the name of the master of catching demons. The stars disappeared in front of everyone in an instant and went to find the demon catcher. The stars, who had always been gentle and gentle, pinched people directly without saying a word. Demon master has never seen such an arrogant monster, struggling to resist,outdoor digital signage displays, but the demon master found that he was too ignorant, even this is not a monster did not see! Just after sighing that there are all kinds of strange things in the world, the demon catcher was strangled by the stars! The star strangled the demon catcher and returned to Tiancheng Road. The first thing he did was to collect a little of Arlo's soul in a unique way. He put her in a jar and found the entrance to the fantasy world by using the condensed Arlo's divine consciousness. The star was surprised to find that the souls of the dead residents were all in the fantasy world!.

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