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Nene knew that if he couldn't tell the origin of the horses and things, these guys would never let him go. But Nene couldn't explain it. Tell these people, "I'm Nene!" ? If you say that, you will be arrested as a madman. Well. It was a female officer named Neiran who gave it to me to bring into the city. Nene's starting to tell lies. It's a pity that our Miss Nene seems to be very bad at lying. Her lies are very bad: "I met the female officer outside the city. She said she had something to leave for a while. She happened to meet me and asked me to help her send the horses back to the city. I was going to the garrison office to return the horses.." Only The cavalry captain who was a horse thief listened, but his face softened. He quietly made a gesture to the people around him, and a smile appeared on his face: "So that's it. It's hard to turn you over." Then he looked at Nei Nei again and said, "You look very beautiful. You're not from the city, are you?" I.. I came from wildfire. Nene hesitated for a moment. It's not far. The cavalry captain had already got out of the way and said with a smile, "Since you're from outside and you don't know the garrison, our brothers will send you there." Said, a few cavalry have been around to come up, both sides clamped inside. A wry smile in my heart. These guys were all brought out by her. How could she not know what these guys were up to? It was clear that he did not believe in his own nonsense at all, but because of the public here, he wanted to take himself to a quiet place first and then take it down. Just as well Nene nodded his head. But very cooperative in the cavalry surrounded by the left. A group of people walked farther and farther, but more and more remote, and soon came to a narrow path without passers-by. The cavalry suddenly stopped. Several cavalry immediately circled around Nene. The captain had already pulled out the knife in his hand, with a cold face,touch screen kiosk, and whispered: "Hello!"! Little girl! Tell me the truth. How did you get this horse! Do you think I'm a fool! If our young lady wants to go far, she has to use a horse! Why did you send the horse back? What's more, our young lady is a horse lover, how can she give her horse to a strange passer-by casually! Still have, even if ask a person to send a horse! But the dagger on your saddle is clearly something that our young lady never leaves her body! It would be in your hands anyway! Come on! Where the hell did you come from? Where is our young lady now?! How did her things end up in your hands?! Nene sighed, and then she smiled softly, raised her hands in a harmless gesture,interactive kiosk price, and slowly dismounted. The posture of the dismount with both hands raised is very neat, but let a few cavalry eyes is awe-inspiring a few minutes, they are all elite cavalry, live on the horse all the year round, where can't see the action of the dismount inside? "I can't help it if you don't believe what I say." Nene gave a wry smile and said, "Since you don't believe me, it's my bad luck. Here, I'll take the horse and the things on the saddle back to you.". It's all right. She raised her hands and slowly leaned to one side. Several cavalry saw that she had no weapons in her hands. They just pointed their sabres at her. The two cavalry dismounted and carefully leaned over, carrying ropes in their hands. They said coldly, "It's not so easy to let you go. You cooperate and go back with us to make things clear. If we make a mistake, we apologize to you. But if we can't make it clear, Hum. Nene shrank back carefully, temperature scanning kiosks ,face detection android, looking at the two cavalry coming over, sighing in his heart. Just as a cavalryman's hand was about to pull up the corner of her coat, Nene moved! She suddenly turned around, the body quickly rotated behind the cavalry, a hand knife cut in the other side of the neck, the cavalry immediately on the body soft down. Then Nene quickly kicked another cavalry in the leg, and the cavalry stumbled and fell out. Around the cavalry immediately exploded, one after another raised the knife rushed up! In the face of the oncoming knife, Nene lowered his head and shrank. The blade clung to her head. But the body had already jumped, slipped from the horse's crotch to the other side, a flash of cold light in her hand, but it was the dagger that she did not know when to buckle in the palm, a knife down, the saddle belt was immediately cut off, the cavalry captain on the horse immediately fell from the other side of the horse. Inside the body has quickly jumped out, already out of the encirclement, shrink to a wall, the body jumped, jumped high, jumped over the wall, fell into a courtyard. The cavalry whistled on the road, quickly dismounted to catch up, someone climbed over the wall and someone hit the door, but after rushing in, the yard was empty, where is the trace of Nene? "Find!" The cavalry captain climbed up and looked at his men. Although one was knocked unconscious and the other was kicked away, none of them were hurt. The horse thief snapped, "Send someone to report what's going on here and gather the brothers to make a good inspection!"! This woman's origin is unknown, her skill is so powerful, and our young lady's things are in her hands! Look for it! Even if we turn Denzel City over, we'll find her! Silt XX Nei Nei's figure was so sharp that he had climbed over several courtyard walls in a few ups and downs, jumped out of an alley in a moment, and then ran out of another street in a few steps. She had lived in Denzel City for so long that she was naturally familiar with the terrain, but the street she ran out of was very busy. There were many shops along the street, but Nene had heard the sound of whistling in the distance, but it was the whistling of the patrol team, which was the signal to gather people to call her companions. Nene knew that the interrogation was coming, and she quickly got into one of the largest shops in front of her. A clerk in the shop at the door saw a guest coming in and was about to say a few words to welcome the guest. He saw Nene's appearance at a glance and immediately stayed on the spot. Nene looked at the young shopkeeper, looked at the other side of the dumbfounded appearance, can not help but chuckle,face recognition identification, this smile, is even worse, the shopkeeper's face suddenly rose red.

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