The Peerless Myth of Online Games [Complete Version]

"That's what you're talking about, Xiaolou?" Lu Xiaofeng asked doubtfully. You just wait and see, I will let this battle has not been fought to consume part of their combat power. The sprinters had to slow down and stop attacking temporarily because of the trap ahead. Volume 4 Chapter 9 The Difficulty of Guilds (Part Two) (Words in this chapter: 2162) "It's almost time to rest. I think they're going to start the second attack." Xiaoyao thought, the first trap set by Hua Manlou was just a little unexpected, after this incident, I believe they will be more careful. The men of the Wild Dragon Society began to charge again, and this time they learned their lesson. When they approached the wall, they poked the weapons in their hands on the ground for fear of falling into some trap. This is the time, archers, to strike. Hua Manlou shouted loudly, tens of millions of arrows poured down like a torrential rain, and the people below were in a hurry. All the people who had not died were drinking blood. Hua Manlou calculated everything. When the enemy attacked for the second time, it would be the best time for the archers to play their role. Watching the attackers retreat, Tianxiao laughed happily, "Xiaolou, I am convinced of you now, I see that these things you set up can destroy them all." "Oh, it's impossible to destroy them. At most, I can only suppress their vitality. And my methods can only be aimed at the people who attack the city. If it's a monster attacking the city, there's no way. They are animals. They attack without fear. They won't be as timid as people when they encounter danger." This side is talking and laughing,smart whiteboard price, while the other side of the Dragon Club is uncomfortable. The Dragon looks at the people who are talking and laughing on the wall, and the sound of teeth grinding comes out. "Qingfeng, what can you do to capture this guild as quickly as possible?" The dragon asked the breeze and feather fan next to him. Although he had lost two attacks on his side, his face was still leisurely and contented. Hehe ~ I'll take care of the following. The breeze smiled, whispered a few words in the ear of a man next to him, and then continued to shake the feather fan in his hand, while the man led a group of people to one side of the forest. Qingfeng, what are you doing? "Boss,facial recognization camera, you can wait here with peace of mind. It won't take much time for us to capture the chivalrous residence. Hehe ~!" Looking at the expression of the breeze, the dragon can not help but believe that, quietly waiting on one side. "Look, they're all motionless there. Some of them are sitting on the ground to rest. Don't they fight?" Tianxiao pointed to a group of people sitting on the ground in the distance, and his eyes were full of doubts. I don't know, but the battle should not be over yet. We have wounded so many people without a single soldier. They will not give up so easily. Hua Manlou is also very confused, do not know what they are up to. Time is so deadlocked, both sides have no intention to start, each rest, Xiaoyao also stay a little tired, then someone rushed over, "not good, there are a lot of people who are not guilds appear in the back hill there." The crowd did not react to what the back hill, only Huamanlou and Fengying immediately stunned there, touch screen digital signage ,temperature check kiosk, Huamanlou looked at Qingfeng Feather Fan, hurriedly said, "Fengying, you watch here first, Xiaoyao you hurry to come with me, Mo Yan you stay here to help first!" Words just finished, Hua Manlou is not in a hurry to go down the stairs from the city wall, directly jumped down, Xiaoyao and so on can only be silly to jump the second floor. Under the rapid movement of the crowd, Huamanlou took everyone to a secret place behind the guild, surrounded by miscellaneous trees, where people could lose their way if they were not careful. Xiaolou, where is this place? Asked Simon. Let's not worry about this. Let's hurry up and deal with the crazy dragon who came here. Hua Manlou said he was about to rush into the woods. What's your hurry? Didn't you set a lot of traps? Besides, the woods are so big that it's not easy for them to walk in. Lu Xiaofeng smiled. He believed in Huamanlou very much. "You're wrong. This is a secret road. I didn't set any traps here at all. And there are certain rules in the woods here. I think the people of the Dragon Society must know how to get in. Well, don't ask anything now. Get rid of all the people who come in first. Then I'm telling you what happened. Now follow me closely." Following closely behind Huamanlou, circling left and right for a while, it felt like walking in a maze, and people could not see clearly in front of them in the grass. There are people in front of us, and we'd better kill all of them. Hua Manlou is in a state of anxiety, words are not much to say, holding the sword without hesitation rushed out. Ximen four people plus Xiaoyao and Tianxiao, although six people have cooperated together before, but then it's just Daguai practice, this time it's a real fight with people, because the words of Huamanlou, all of them are killed, everyone has used their unique skills, and people's shouts continue in the battle. It is estimated that the most killed is Xiaoyao, who is either killed or injured by his swordsmanship, coupled with the unpredictable speed of ghosts and gods, killing people invisibly. The situation of the battle showed an arrow sign, Xiaoyao was in the center, while the others were scattered around, which made everyone feel that the speed of killing could reach its highest point. The enemy is constantly decreasing, relative to everyone's internal force, physical strength is not constantly consumed, in this melee, there is no hurry to drink medicine, careless death may be their own. One last time, let me do it. The sky laughed and shouted, and the sword in his hand suddenly flew into the air, turning into a brilliant shadow of the sword. With a whoosh, it was like a fireworks explosion rising into the air, and the sparks produced by the explosion spread around, but the sword produced no more than sparks,interactive whiteboard prices, but sword gas. As for the people of the Wild Dragon Society, they were killed and wounded under the attack of Tianxiao. Whew ~ I'm tired, I'm tired. The day laughed and fell to the ground with a thump. 

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