God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

In a twinkling of an eye, he stepped in front of the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan and landed a steady punch on his opponent's chest. The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan was flying, coughing up blood, and was badly hit by this punch. What about after the warm-up? Just now, you can't. Lin Tian Leng Dao, black hair like a waterfall, stepped forward, golden fists constantly pressed down, wide open and closed. Bang! "Bang!" "Bang!" His fists fell again and again on the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan, making many monks' scalps tingle. Ah The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan roared loudly, and the whole body flashed with faint light, giving birth to a towering wave, which lifted Lin Tian out of the sky. At this moment, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, his bones were crackling all over his body, his hands were wrapped in the light of shadows, and he stared at Lin Tian cruelly and ruthlessly, spitting out four cold words: "The shadow of pure industry!" "Boom!" The big world suddenly shook, as dull as the thunder falling from the sky, and the next moment, the boundless shadow rushed out of the body of the young supreme of the shadow clan, covering the whole old forest in an instant. These shadows rolled like waves, and where they passed, the void was twisted and everything was destroyed, cutting off all the retreats around Lin Tian. This is a terrible picture, looking ahead,75 inch smart board, the direction of the old forest seems to turn into the night, no, more terrible than the night, the naked eye can hardly see everything, only the dark shadow flickering in that space. Ka! Pieces of the void are twisted and then broken, and there is space for turbulence to pour out. In the direction of the ancient city of sand, some people stared at it and trembled for a moment, only to feel that their heads had been hit hard, and someone had fallen directly from the void,65 inch smart board, smashing the streets of the ancient city of sand into a herringbone pit. As an ordinary person, don't look there! The Shadow Clan's Pure Karma Shadow not only has amazing destructive power, but also has the power to cut people's hearts and gods. Be careful to know that the sea is damaged or even cracked! There is an old monk who drinks low to remind him. Many people turned pale with fright, and some of the weak monks hurriedly lowered their heads and dared not look any further. Die! In the old forest, a dense voice sounded. The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan was surrounded by dark light all over his body. After he performed the magic of the Pure Karma Shadow, the whole old forest turned into a dark world. At this time, he walked in this dark world like an eternal emperor. Lin Tian was in the midst of this, feeling dizzy and trembling, and there was a terrible destructive force coming from all directions, which seemed to shatter his body and make him retreat three steps. And this is him, in such a great art, if it were another monk of the same level, he would have been killed in an instant, but he only retreated three steps. His eyes were cold, and the golden divine light flashed all over his body, burning like a scorching sun. At the same time, the Yin and Yang lotus sea in the sea of his divine knowledge swayed, swinging out strands of black and white Yin and Yang divine light, touch screen board classroom ,smart interactive whiteboard, firmly guarding the sea of knowledge. Hum! As soon as the mind moves, the four images of Tao are manifested. After being urged to move with all one's strength, Shi Shiran rotates, and the light spreads in all directions. In an instant, with him as the center, the dark light around him disappeared little by little and collapsed under the map of the Four Elephants. As soon as the two instruments flashed, his eyes were cold, and he rushed out directly with the four-elephant road map. The Shadow Clan Young Supreme was moved. What he performed was one of the core secret arts of the Shadow Clan, but now it is so simple to be broken: "You.." "Poof!" Lin Tian evolved the Jiuquan Holy Sword with the magic of heaven, and rushed across, cutting out a dazzling blood stain on the other side's chest. The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan shouted and flew upside down again. Lin Tian's eyes were cold, the two instruments flashed, and he stepped up again. The magic of heaven evolved into a flood mountain, and it fell on the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan. Poof! The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan coughed up a big mouthful of blood and was knocked down into the void by the prehistoric mountains. This "The magical power of Jingye Ying has been broken!" "The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan is in the seventh heaven of Tongxian, and that man, that man, seems to be only the second heaven of Tongxian, this." Unexpectedly defeated? "" In the ancient city of sand, people are frightened. In the void, Lin Tiantong's body blossomed golden divine light, falling from the sky like the Sun God of War, and came to the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan who had been swept down, and the Jiuquan Sword in his hand was cut off again towards the other side. Fuck off Shadow clan young supreme roar, although the chest has been sunken more than half, but the eyes are very cold, display the unique body of the shadow clan, at the same time sacrifice a secret, constantly falling to Lin Tian. Lin Tian holds up a lot of days to perform the God elephant, a part protects the body, a part attacks and kills, the Jiuquan holy sword delimits all over the sky sword Gang. Boom! "Boom!" "Boom!" The amazing wave of divine energy swept through, the old forest collapsed inch by inch, and the rubble kept rushing into the sky. It was a terrible fight. In a twinkling of an eye, the two men fought for hundreds of rounds, and three hours passed. Poof! A blood light suddenly appeared, Lin Tian waved Jiuquan Holy Sword, brought out a large area of blood light, almost took off an arm of the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan. The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan roared, and the magic was displayed again, killing all over the sky. Outside the forest celestial body, the golden awn twinkled, leaving a shadow all over the sky. He stepped in front of the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan, pressed down with his left fist, and with a bang, he flew ten feet away, and another mouthful of blood fell on the void. His whole body glowed, the golden awn became more brilliant and dazzling, and the Jiuquan Holy Sword was thrown out directly, and the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan was penetrated with a sound. But that's all! He said coldly. Stepping on the earth, he was moving as if stepping on the road marks, and the golden fist was raised, and the void was twisted. With a bang, the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan was once again hit by a punch, two ribs were broken, and he hit a big stone dozens of feet away. Ah The young Supreme of the Shadow Clan roared, his mouth gushing with blood,digital interactive whiteboard, but his eyes were full of poison. The skin is hard! Lin Tianleng said. He took a step across, and his golden fist shattered everything. Bang! "Bang!" "Bang!" The sound of the fist falling on the body kept coming out, and Lin Tian punched the young Supreme of the Shadow Clan again and again.

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