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"It's true," said Ye Changqing. "The needle is too small. After it pierces the human body, it moves with the blood. Within two hours, it pierces the heart with the blood. At that time, even if Hua Tuo is reborn, he can't be cured." The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "Is that it?" He suddenly held out his palm. Ye Changqing gazed and saw that the man in Tsing Yi was holding a tiny sharp needle as thin as a cow's hair in the palm of his hand. He was stunned and said, "You already knew I was plotting against you." The Tsing Yi man smiled and said, "Yes!"! Fortunately, I didn't get hurt, but I'm just as grateful for Brother Ye's concern. Waving his hand, he motioned Zhang Luo and others to leave. Yihong also turned to the layman. But the man in Tsing Yi smiled and stopped Yihong. "Go," he said, "make some snacks and bring them here." "Sir," said Yihong! What would you like to eat? "Whatever," said the man in Tsing Yi. "Don't forget the rock candy lotus root you're best at." Yihong smiled and left, leaving only Ye Changqing and Tsing Yi people in the hall. Ye Changqing's expression was very embarrassed. Seven points of consternation mixed with three points of shame. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "How can the castle owner avoid this blow without a phase needle?" "Seven points of luck, plus three points of wit, enabled me to avoid this blow," said Tsing Yi. "Oh!" Said Ye Changqing. The man in Tsing Yi said,4k smart board, "When I saw Brother Ye flick his finger, I immediately turned slightly sideways, but I still couldn't avoid Brother Ye's blow. Fortunately, there was a piece of broken silver in my pocket. It was this piece of silver that saved my life. The cold iron had no needle. It was quite sharp and went deep into the silver. If this piece of silver was thinner, I'm afraid I'd still be hurt." Ye Changqing said, "The castle owner knows, but he hasn't asked me." The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "Brother Ye,smartboards for business, you didn't hurt me. Besides, you showed me the power of the Cold Iron Needle. It helped me a lot in Jianghu. It's over. Let's not talk about it.." With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "Brother Ye is looking for me in a hurry. I think I have something else to do." "Lord," said Ye Changqing, "I hope you won't take it amiss if I speak frankly about the things that Changqing keeps in mind." "All right," said the Tsing Yi man, "just say it." "Yihong told me something," said Ye Changqing. The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "All these years, I haven't treated her as an outsider. I haven't lied to her about some things. I'm afraid what she hears is just a little bit.." "Yes," said Ye Changqing! What she knew was incomplete, so Changqing dared to ask the castle owner for confirmation. The man in Tsing Yi nodded. "Yihong talked about the Beggars' Sect and the Shaolin Temple," said Ye Changqing. The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smart board for conference room, "Just walk around in Jianghu." I'm afraid it's very difficult to break away from this gang and faction. Ye Changqing said, "Is there a conflict between the organization led by the castle owner and them?" "How much do you know about Shaolin and the Beggars' Sect?" The man asked. Ye Changqing said, "The Shaolin Temple is the Taishan Mountain and the Big Dipper in the martial arts world. The loyalty and righteousness of the Beggars' Sect are handed down from generation to generation. They are highly respected by fellow practitioners in the martial arts world." "Yes," said the man in Tsing Yi, "this group is a respected branch of the martial arts world. However, they are too large and too numerous, so it is hard to avoid a mixture of good and bad. I heard that some of the superior people in this group have infiltrated the Changchun Palace." "Is there such a thing?" Asked Ye Changqing. The man in Tsing Yi said, "Of course, there will be no wind in the cave. It's just that we haven't found the exact evidence yet. So I want them to be more patient and not to act rashly." Ye Changqing asked, "Does the castle owner know about the dragon, the eagle, and the five ghost ships?" "Brother Ye, do you know the three mysterious figures who have recently risen in Jianghu?" Asked the man in Tsing Yi. Ye Changqing said, "I've heard about it, and I've also heard about the organization of Yinyang Fort." The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "What do people on the chivalrous path think of the Yin and Yang Fort?" Ye Changqing said, "It is very notorious, but there is no legend of deeds." "Yes," said the man in Tsing Yi! It's like robbing your brother Ye, which is one of the deeds. ” Ye Changqing hesitated for a moment and said, "Castle Lord, I wonder if there are any vacancies for the five swordsmen." The man in Tsing Yi laughed and said, "I've been waiting for Brother Ye's decision." Ye Changqing said, "If the castle owner feels that I am still qualified for the position of swordsman, my brother would like to take up the position of swordsman." "Good," said the man in Tsing Yi! That's great! I immediately ordered them to prepare. "What are you going to do?" Asked Ye Changqing. "Prepare for your inauguration ceremony," said the man in Tsing Yi. Voice, then: "Changqing, there is one thing, I am sorry!" " "What's the matter?" Asked Ye Changqing. "Tonight," said the man in Tsing Yi. You will stay in the position of the swordsman, but I'm afraid two of the other four swordsmen will not be able to come. "I know they are very busy," said Ye Changqing. "Changqing," said the man in Tsing Yi, "in fact, they are all a hundred miles away." "Where is Brother He?" Asked Ye Changqing. The man in Tsing Yi said, "He Hanyi will come because he has a deep memory of Brother Ye." Ye Changqing smiled and did not answer. The Tsing Yi people suddenly raised their hands and slapped each other. Zhang Luo answered. "Flying pigeons and fast horses," said the man in Tsing Yi, "pass the order on and say that we should postpone the matter for two days." Zhang Luo answered and turned to go. "Slow down a bit," said the man in Tsing Yi. "I want He Hanyi to come back before the first watch, no matter what." "My subordinates obey," said Zhang Luo. Yihong sent the fragrant tea. But she was sensible enough to offer a snack and retire at once. The man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "I believe Brother Ye's promise is as good as gold. You must still have a lot of questions in your mind. Now you can ask." Ye Changqing said, "I want to confirm my name for you first." "Whatever," said the Tsing Yi man! "Call me Lord of the Castle or Brother Huang." "No," said Ye Changqing! Now that I have decided to assume the position of Sword Envoy, I hope to affirm the identity and relationship between me and Brother Huang. "All right,electronic board for classroom," said the Tsing Yi man! Then call me Lord of the castle for business. Call me brother Huang in private. Ye Changqing said, "Lord, what kind of organization is our organization? What are we going to do?"? There are some particularly severe commandments. 。

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