Gandhi's biography

If I find myself completely immersed in serving the Indian diaspora, the reason behind it is my desire for self-actualization. I have made service my own religion because I feel that only through service can God be known. To serve, in my case, is to serve India, because it comes naturally without seeking, and I am willing to do it. I went to South Africa to travel, to escape the political strife in Catiahua, and to make a living for myself. But as I said, I found myself seeking God and working on self-actualization. Christian friends have aroused in me a desire for knowledge that is almost insatiable, and they would not have let me pass through it if I had wanted to. Mr. Spencer Walton, the president of the South African Missionary Society,smart boards for conference rooms, took a fancy to me in Durban, and I almost became a member of his family. My acquaintance with him was, of course, due to my association with Christians in Pretoria. Mr. Walton has a different approach. As far as I can remember,interactive panel board, he never asked me to convert to Christianity. Yet he laid his life before me like an open book, and let me observe all his actions. Mrs. Walton was a woman of great gentleness and competence. I like the couple's attitude. We know that we are fundamentally different from each other, and no amount of discussion can erase that difference. However, as long as we can tolerate each other and have an attitude of love and pursuit of truth, this difference in views also has its advantages. I like the Waltons' humility, patience and love of work. We see each other often. This friendship fueled my interest in religion. I cannot now have the leisure for religious studies which I had in Pretoria. But as long as I have a little spare time, I will make good use of it. My newsletter on religious issues has continued. Raichandbhai was my mentor. A friend gave me a copy of Dharma Vega by Namada Shankar. The introduction of this book is very helpful to me. I had heard of the poet's bold and uninhibited life, and I was fascinated by the preface about how his life was transformed by the study of religion. I grew to love the book and read it from beginning to end. India: What It can Teach Us by Max Müller And the English translation of the Upanishads published by the Theosophical Society. These books made me respect Hinduism more and more, interactive touch screens education ,smart board whiteboard, and made me gradually realize its beauty. This does not make me prejudiced against other religions, though. I read Washington Irwin's Life of Muhammad and His Successors and Carlisle's eulogy of the prophet. These books have increased my admiration for Muhammad. I also read a book called The Quotations of Zarathustra. In this way, I gained more knowledge about various religions. This kind of research has promoted my ability to reflect on myself, and has also made me develop a habit of being inspired and acting on it. Therefore, I practiced some of the yoga methods I had learned from the study of Hindu scriptures. But my progress was limited, and I decided to seek expert guidance when I returned to India. However, this will has never been realized. (1) The Upanishads is a work of interpretation of the Vedic classics, focusing on the interpretation of philosophical ideas, mostly in the prose genre. There are more than 150 kinds of Upanishads, and the earliest works can be traced back to the sixth century BC. Yoga is a school of ancient Indian philosophy founded by patanjali in the second century BC. The teachings of the school of Yoga are based on the theory of the so-called Four Grades, namely, the Samadhi, the Method, the Divine, and the Solitary. Among them, the theory of attaining Samadhi, that is, the method of meditation (the eight-branch method), is the most developed, especially the method of sitting and meditation, which is most accepted by ordinary people. Even though the practical philosophy of yoga is still common in India, people can be seen sitting in meditation everywhere. — Translator's note. I have also conducted an intense study of Tolstoy's works. Bible in Brief, Do What? And several other books left a deep impression on me. I began to realize more and more the infinite possibilities of achieving universal love. Around this time, I met another family of Christians. I accepted their offer to go to Wesleyan Church every Sunday, and I was always invited to dinner on that day. The church did not impress me. The people who preached seemed to be bland. The congregation did not seem to be very pious. There was no strong religious atmosphere. They seemed to be secular people who went to church for pleasure and habit. When I was there, sometimes I couldn't help dozing off, and I felt ashamed,interactive panels for education, but so did the people around me, and I felt a little relieved. It was not a permanent solution, so I stopped going soon.

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