New Jiu Mie is reborn

"How.." What's the matter Maybe, it's the'Great Sun Divine Skill ', it's the nemesis of the'Black Sky Divine Skill', the'Great Sun Divine Skil '.. "Kill!" At the critical moment when the faint white light on Ling Shaohua's body was about to stabilize, Matsuda Heyi suddenly turned pale and bit his teeth, holding the "second demon" in both hands and bringing up a faint black whirlwind of electricity to split Ling Shaohua. [Volume III, Chapter IV, Provocation (War-II)] "Kill!" At the critical moment when the faint white light on Ling Shaohua's body was about to stabilize, Matsuda Heyi suddenly turned pale and bit his teeth, holding the "second demon" in both hands and bringing up a faint black whirlwind of electricity to split Ling Shaohua. Strike first! It seems that Matsuda is deeply afraid of Ling Shaohua's "Great Sun Divine Skill"! He didn't dare to wait for Brother Ling to finish his exercise and launch an attack first. The "Great Sun Magic Skill" is a special magic skill to restrain the "Dark Sun Magic Skill". The nature of the two is two extremes, one is Yang and the other is Yin, one is pure and the other is Yin and evil, and one is auspicious and one is evil. The two restrain each other. However, in general,interactive whiteboard for schools, the "Great Sun Magic Skil" has an instinctive restraint to the "Dark Sun Magic Skills". The "Great Sun Divine Skill" was originally called the "Great Sun Tathagata Mantra", which was one of the protective skills of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism hundreds of years ago. The "Dark Sun Magic Skill" belongs to the Shaking Skill of the "Black Heaven God Sect", which is a branch of the "Dark Sun Tathagata Pope". Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism believes in the Great Sun Tathagata, and the "Dark Sun Tathagata Pope" believes in the Dark Sun Tachagata. The two religions have been fighting for thousands of years since ancient times, but the "Dark Sun Tachagata Pope" has been suppressed until the rise of the "Black God Religion". Half of the reason why the Black Heaven God religion was wiped out so quickly was the intervention of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, and the "Great Sun Divine Skill" was that Tantric Buddhism finally donated the "Great Sun Tathagata Mantra" to the national government under a different name,smartboards in classrooms, and finally recorded it in the military forces. Speaking of Ling Shaohua eldest brother's specialty stunt is this "Great Sun Divine Skill", has reached the point of basic Mahayana, the body has similar to the inner alchemy of the relic. Now, by mistake, Matsuda Heyi performs the "Dark Sun Magic Skill" against Ling Shaohua's "Great Sun Magic Skill", which can be regarded as touching the iron plate. Seeing Matsuda Heyi's slender black and bright "second demon" knife flying like electricity, Ling Shaohua did not have half a minute of nervousness, but the corners of his mouth twitched gently with a sneer, and his right sword "eagle blood" turned into a light purple golden blood eagle in a white light. Ping! A clear and loud but breathtaking sound of metal sound spread from the moment of the "second demon" and "eagle blood" to the ears of all the people present. Some students and disciples with low skill could not help frowning and retreating more than ten steps away, which made them feel much better. The black air current and the pale white light group intersected together, 65 inch touch screen ,touch screen whiteboard, the violent fluctuation of the cyclone in the air around them, and the eyes of many onlookers were closely watching the two people in the field. But not many people can really see the two figures, most people can only see one black and one white two groups of light shadow, and the shadow from time to time will flash a purple golden knife light or with scarlet black and bright strange knife awn. I stared at the scene carefully for a moment, and there were already some clues. Matsuda Kazuichi displayed the knife skills of the "one knife chop" school, which had been circulating in the Japanese Empire for more than a thousand years. "One knife cut" pays attention to fast and swift, strong and powerful, there is no return, and Matsuda has been fast and swift, strong and powerful play incisively and vividly impeccable, but there is no return to this point is not done ah! Just from the first blow, we can see that the slender sword "Second Demon" in his hand is still a little worse than my sword "Eagle Blood", which makes him dare not easily take the "Second Demon" to attack again, which naturally reduces the power of "One Cut". This is called self-inflicted, from the time Matsuda Kazuichi took out the "second demon", people with good eyesight can see that Matsuda Kazuichi intends to take advantage of weapons. Because the "Second Demon" Dao is one of the ten most famous Dao in the Empire today. Its performance is between the seventh grade weapon and the eighth grade weapon, but it is not a titanium laser knife made by modern technology. He took this knife to fight and wanted to take advantage of the weapon, because no matter I or others who accepted his challenge, it was impossible to use the titanium laser knife. The titanium laser knife was a military standard weapon, and the people could not sell it privately. However, Matsuda Kazuichi would never have thought that I would have an "eagle blood" sword whose quality is better than that of the "second demon", and my "eagle blood" would never be inferior to the nine-grade titanium laser knife. The "Eagle Blood" sword I didn't even use in the big battle of the inaugural deacon. Brother Ling Shaohua, on the other hand, used the bloody fighting knife skill with great lethality, which was practiced in the military assault team. This is the standard knife skill in the army, and it is also the most effective and powerful knife skill in hand-to-hand combat and group combat in close combat. Originally, it was somewhat inappropriate to use the "Great Sun Divine Skill" he practiced to perform this set of swordsmanship, but with the sword "Eagle Blood" which constantly sent out the evil spirit of bloody killing, it not only made up for this shortcoming, but also brought its masculinity into full play. The two men fought back and forth in a narrow area, although the space around them was not small, but both of them used the killing knife skills of close combat, so they did not occupy much space. It's just that the strong momentum of the two men in the battle and the strength of the sword flying out from time to time make many students and disciples watching the battle not only in a hurry, although the strength of the sword has been greatly reduced and dissipated,86 smart board, but it's not something that these ordinary students and disciples can resist. Whoosh! With a flick of my fingers, a very pale purple awn flew out of my middle finger and easily scattered a black knife gas flying out of the field, which posed a great threat to the people around me.

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