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This is a particularly difficult choice, no matter how Fu Bei choose is scarred, one side is justice and love, one side is family and affection, and if you choose the former, the Fu family is bound to suffer together, more or less will be involved. Instead of answering immediately, she asked softly, "What do you think?" Josie said very firmly: "The sentence is what it should be, and people should be responsible for their own actions." Fu Beichang lowered his eyes and said nothing. He refilled her coffee and did not say his choice. In fact, the position has long been very clear. . The rest of the days were like bare trees, without a trace of life. The sun was shining every day in Jiangcheng, and the weather was warm, but there was a low pressure over the city between the dark waves, and the dirt was spreading under the prosperity as usual. Chinese people pay attention to the new year and new atmosphere, so this year's things are generally not left to next year to do, the end of the year has always been the most festive and lively and the most unstable period. No matter how chaotic the outside world is, Josie does not move like a mountain. She no longer cares about others and concentrates on running the company, which is much more restrained than before. It's not that I'm really afraid or listen to anyone's advice, but that I have my own plan. As for the meaning of Fu Bei's words, how to plan, she also no longer deeply want to tangle, regardless of what, secretly do their own things. Qin Wu often went to the hospital, most of the time sitting there for a while and then left, occasionally waiting for half a day for Josie to pass, she suddenly became gentle and restrained, without the arrogance of the past, and even personally cooked to bring food. You're a good friend. You have a good heart. Qiao Jianliang commented so. However, Josie understood the character of Qin Wu, and after listening to it,large palm trees for sale, he did not say much. Qin intended to peep into Josie's life, probably to integrate into it, but made a lot of efforts in vain, Josie is not a hot stone, how not to respond, it should be said that she never took her actions as a pursuit of behavior, ordinary treatment. To this, Qin Wu is a little annoyed, but she can't pull down the face, a word is like a thorn stuck in her throat, slightly tingling,artificial coconut palm trees, and dare not pull out I. Come out Every time you swallow, you will feel the existence of this thorn. She knew that Josie and Fu Bei were still in contact, and she knew better that the two had recently had a quarrel. Fu Bei seldom appeared again, and Josie never took the initiative to mention this person. Only occasionally did Qiao Jianliang say something about it. Do you plan to travel in the Spring Festival? Qin Si asked, a look is another plan. The question had been asked before, and Josie's answer was the same, "No." Qin Wu still does not give up, "you are so tired this year, go out for a walk when all relax, work and rest." "There's still something to do and no time." Josie replied, a lot of trouble, which time to go out to travel. "What's the matter?" Asked Qin. Josie took Qiao Jianliang as an excuse, and the other party stopped asking. In fact, it is not entirely prevarication, part of the energy is really on Qiao Jianliang, after all, has not yet recovered. When the situation was almost stable, Qiao Jianliang was officially discharged from the hospital and went home to recuperate. He had difficulty in moving, and walking became a big problem. He was not coordinated in a wheelchair, and his back was not good, so he could only be carried up to the second floor. Lying in the hospital bed, fake ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, others look good, can not think so serious, even to the point of difficulty in lifting legs, no different from disability. In fact, as early as before discharge, the doctor told us that these conditions are sequelae, which require long-term training and recuperation to recover slowly. There will be a very long process. We must be patient, but it is still unknown to what extent we can recover. Qiao Jianliang has long known his own situation, has been ready to fight a protracted war of psychological preparation, in the hospital when doctors and nurses to take care of him is full of ambition, but home for two days to be discouraged, because the next night, Josie and Zhou Meihe mother and son are not at home, he accidentally fell from the bed, how to get up face to the ground, half an hour later was found by the nurse, too little in winter, The whole person was frozen purple, the face was swollen, and there was a big bruise. He was so cold that he almost lost consciousness and suffered a lot. The nurse did not mean to think that he would lie down and rest peacefully. At that time, he was working downstairs, thinking about getting some hot food, and when he woke up, he could eat it. Who knew that people would fall out of bed. In fact, Qiao Jianliang can shout loudly, but he did not, self-esteem does not allow, he tried many times to remember, but can not get up, useless. Zhou Meihe went home first. He was so angry that he almost choked in one breath. When he caught the nurse, he lost his temper and didn't care about Qiao Jianliang first. Nursing workers know that they can't afford to offend the rich, and they are afraid of losing money or deducting wages, so they keep apologizing, bowing and scraping, just kneeling down and begging to let go. Qiao Jianliang could not bear to look at it and shouted, "All right, it's over!" By a roar for no reason, Zhou Meihe inevitably suffocated, thinking of the grievances she had suffered these days, thinking of the anger she had suffered from Qiao Jianliang, and thinking of many old grievances, she immediately became red-eyed and made trouble with Qiao Jianliang for the first time. In fact, she is making trouble, Qiao Jianliang is a patient, which has the energy to fight, this night is very sad, powerless, physically tired and mentally tired. The nurse felt guilty and asked tentatively, "Mr. Qiao, would you like to call Miss Qiao?" Qiao Jianliang stopped him. "Don't disturb her." There are many things in the company, and the work that needs to be dealt with is piled up. Josie is too busy to touch the ground. When she returns to Qiao's house, it is already the next afternoon. At that time, only Qiao Jianliang and the nurse are left in Qiao's house. I was scolded yesterday, and the nurse trembled, thinking that she would experience it again, but she didn't. Seeing the wound on Qiao Jianliang's face, Qiao Xi was stupefied, and then his throat was astringent. Before he could ask, Qiao Jianliang first said, "I fell myself yesterday." His body is decadent, the whole person has no spirit, overnight has changed the state of mind, Josie's heart is blocked, what words can not be said. This person lives a lifetime, the most pitiful is the disease and death, sometimes the disease is more difficult than death,outdoor ficus tree, the pain brought by a disease is far heavier than the separation. Josie stood where she was, touching her lips before she spoke, and then boiled an egg for Qiao Jianliang to remove bruises. I'll call again later and ask a nurse to come over and take turns to do things. One nurse is too busy. She said.

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