The lie of rebirth is not negotiable.

"Yin Hui, the sun will go down if you don't go!" Bai Yangbing just saw Yin Hui go in with Manager Zhao. She never came out. The sun went down little by little. Yin Hui did not come out. Bai Yangbing stood outside and walked around. Looking at the last afterglow, Bai Yangbing could not help running into the stone circle. Yin Hui put away the scissors and immediately ran out with Bai Yangbing. Manager Zhao kept shouting, but Yin Hui did not look back, but ran faster. Manager Zhao's heart was also very afraid. He did not expect to die here today. God! Just then, there were footsteps in the woods, Manager Zhao seemed to see a glimmer of hope, did not expect someone to pass by here, saved! Manager Zhao shouted happily, hoping to attract the attention of that person, as long as someone should be able to take himself out, Manager Zhao looked from a distance, it was Yin Hui, she must have a conscience, want to take herself out. How did you take me away! I knew you wouldn't leave me! Manager Zhao said frankly that he knew that Yin Hui would not be cruel to leave herself in this wild mountain. Yes, take you away! What Yin Hui took this time was not scissors, but a bayonet, which stabbed Manager Zhao deeply in the heart. Manager Zhao just opened his eyes wide and wanted to say something, but his breath never came up and he died. Manager Zhao no longer has any chance, Yin Hui will not give him any chance, even a cry for help is not in time, Yin Hui's action is super fast,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, there is no preparation for people to think, in other words, you do not even have the opportunity to think where to hide, because in your thinking time, Yin Hui's knife has pierced your heart. But manager Zhao didn't expect that this time Yin Hui would be true, not to mention a smile, but also a knife hit, no longer have any hesitation,faux grass wall, this time is really to his life, he had no hope of life, but Yin Hui did not want to kill him all of a sudden, his life is simply worthless, want to take his hand is just like the palm of the hand! Yin Hui really came to take him away this time, just to take him to the afterlife, how could Yin Hui leave this kind of person in this world, because she knew to leave a way out for others, the person who would die in the future was herself, seeing Manager Zhao's angry eyes, she really died in her grave! Yin Hui gently sprinkled some powder, and Manager Zhao disappeared from the world! This account should be clear, the world has lost a scum, a running dog, it seems that the Rice Hotel should be well rectified, artificial banyan trees ,outdoor ficus tree, Yin Hui saw Manager Zhao turned into blood, only to leave at ease, did not expect him to have today, really can not be judged by appearance ah! Unexpectedly, he looks like a gentle man, but he has the heart of a poisonous snake. I don't know how many ignorant girls he has harmed. It's also for this society to do justice for heaven. Yin Hui, why did you come out so late? You scared me! Bai Yangbing didn't expect Yin Hui to suddenly go to the bathroom, and she went there for so long. You'll be afraid, too! Yin Hui was just surprised that such a big man as Bai Yangbing would be afraid, and with a look of suspicion, she asked in the past. Is afraid you have an accident! "Bai Yangbing is also very afraid of this legend, do not know whether it is true or false, but always believe better than not!"! There is still one in a thousand miles. You can't believe it all, and you can't believe it. Just believe a little! Look, am I not standing before you now? I'll be fine! Let's go Yin Hui immediately got into the car, and now she could drive away with peace of mind! Chapter 56 staying out at night. It's a good thing it's summer and it gets dark late, or you'd really be stuck in that stone circle! What a horror! Bai Yangbing sat in the co-pilot's seat and muttered to himself, but he was already scared out of his sweat. Although he didn't quite believe the legend, at the moment when the sun was about to go down, there was a strong wind, which made people unable to open their eyes. Bai Yangbing had a premonition that something was about to happen, so he ran in at the risk of his life and called Yin Hui out. I'm afraid Yin Hui can't sit here and drive leisurely now. "Don't be so wordy!"! You're not all right now! Yin Hui shouted at Bai Yangbing, "I didn't expect a big man to be a mother-in-law all day long. What does he look like? He despised him with disdainful eyes. He looked very sunny. How could he not see his masculinity?"! Bai Yangbing did not expect that Yin Hui would suddenly come to this voice, but startled himself, did not expect that soliloquy would also provoke her, ah, it seems that she is in a very bad mood today, ah, but where is she driving, ah, how does it seem that it is not the way home? You're not selling yourself! I've heard of selling big girls before, but I didn't expect that there would be selling big men now! "Are you taking me inside?" Bai Yangbing knew that Yin Hui was in a bad mood, but he put his face together and asked, "I really don't want to be sold for no reason, and I'm still helping people count the money!"! "Go to your house!"! How can I get to your house? Yin Hui said it was quite natural, but the next sentence was how to get to Bai Yangbing's house. I had never been there before. I just sent him home today. It was getting late. Bai Yangbing showed Yin Hui the way from the co-pilot. Unexpectedly, Yin Hui's memory was really good. She drew in front of her and spoke slowly. But she remembered it all of a sudden. Bai Yangbing really admired her ability. It seemed that she was really an unusual person. She had a photographic memory. She was far behind! It seems that her ability is really beyond the reach of ordinary people. Yin Hui parked the car in the park, also followed Bai Yangbing out of the car, Bai Yangbing just stood there, motionless looking at Yin Hui, he got home, why didn't she go? Do you want to go home with yourself? Bai Yangbing shook his head. How could it be possible that a woman would go home with a man for the night? If it is someone else, it is also possible, Yin Hui, unlike, she will not be that kind of person! I'm home! You can go back! It's so late. You're not gonna spend the night with me, are you? Bai Yangbing said half jokingly, but also showed a bad smile,artificial plant wall panels, I hope Yin Hui this good girl, can quickly go home to rest, because it is not early now.

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