Sweeping the world

In the flat a captain department want to distinguish which group of people is very easy, from what kind of people do what work can be clearly distinguished, but the most clear is that the standing army will never do idle work, instruct people to work is generally county soldiers, work will be the servant army. People with almost no difference in skin color and appearance are distinguished by what they do. Persians, who are obviously inclined to the white system, are very similar to a San, who is a subspecies of black people, and the local aborigines. They can see where they come from at a glance from their skin color and appearance. The atmosphere before the war was always different from that during the peace period. Where Si Hongzhuang saw, there were all kinds of busy people everywhere. What he saw most was the loading of supplies. After the carriages were loaded, they drove to the place where they should go. In the most direct way, the Persians declared that they were fulfilling the responsibilities of their allies by taking three thousand Persians with them to participate in the defense of the Pingman Captain's Department. However, the Persians also know that the symbolic meaning is higher than the actual meaning, but there are nearly one hundred and fifty thousand Han army and the same number of servants, Gupta itself out one hundred thousand and pulled a small partner nearly eighty thousand from the land, the sea is not know how many troops Gupta will be out. If the Persians feel that three thousand men can be the backbone of such a large-scale war, they will not become the hegemony of Central Asia. Not only did the Persians come to join in the fun, but there were also five hundred Roman troops in the Pingman Captain's Department. The five hundred Romans were citizens, and citizens in Rome were soldiers. They just to flat a captain department is this month, with the reason is to meet the Han is about to be sent to Rome Han,S Adenosyl Methionine, actually know that the Gupta Dynasty is about to carry out the most fierce counterattack, come to earn the favor of Han. Liu Yan has appointed Wang Meng as an "angel" to Persia and Rome. Wang Meng is Winter Solstice after the start from the Guanzhong, spent nearly a month to return to Jiankang, and prepared for nearly a month before sailing, first to ZhuYa continent (Hainan), and face arrived at the county of JiaoZhi day than scene (north of Vietnam DongHai), after Malacca is not stay, is eight days ago arrived at flat a captain department. Unfortunately,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Wang Meng happened to meet the time when the Gupta Dynasty was going to launch an offensive, and the people they were going to send, including the fleet, could only stay in the Pingman Captain's Department temporarily. Wang Meng as a representative of the Chinese emperor's mission to a distant foreign country is not the first time in the history of the summer, hundreds of years ago Zhang Qian is the first in history, the problem is that the sea trip to a foreign country tens of thousands of miles away is really the first time in the civilization of the summer, even if Wang Meng did not do anything in the future, just this trip is enough for Wang Meng's name in history. The Persians and Romans for Liu Yan to send envoys, for a variety of reasons and reasons are extremely important, Wang Meng to flat a captain department. As soon as he saw Wang Meng, Egutai Bahram immediately said that the country would send people to greet him grandly. He also explained that because of the sea route, there was no way to greet him with tens of thousands of armor as in the Parthian Empire. Wang Meng must not feel despised. Marius Ugri, who had traveled thousands of miles to meet the captain of Pingman with his fleet, had seen Wang Meng and immediately said that all Roman citizens, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, including him, had become Wang Meng's guards and would always protect Wang Meng's safe arrival in Rome (city). Marius Ugri was the Tribune of a Roman province, and the Tribune was a very important official position in Rome, even though it was less important in the provincial Council, but it was very sincere for the divided Rome to be able to do so. That is, in such a year, not only Wang Meng did not feel anything about the arrangement of the Persians and Romans, but also the Han people who knew what had happened did not feel that it was a big deal. If it happened in modern times, such as the "My Qing Dynasty" period, the world's major powers had such courtesy to their diplomats, "My Qing Dynasty" did not know how many people would cry with joy. Even after the rise of the Celestial Empire, if there is such a specification, it must be blown again and again, and publicized to more than 7 billion people around the world. The problem is, now the Han Chinese just feel that the Persians and Romans are sensible, that such an approach is taken for granted, or to do so is not respect for the big fellow, and not respect the big fellow but to "although far will be over". Uh Wang Meng came to Pingman a captain department, although it is on behalf of Liu Yan, but because of the relationship between the character is not put on a show, did not do to let Huan Wen move to live in again, more did not do anything bossy. Send troops to participate in the big fellow's war? When Wang Meng first saw Marius Ugli, he thought he was talking about the details of the mission again, but he was a little stunned when he heard that the Romans wanted to participate in the war. After a period of chaos, the Han people felt that they were abandoned by God, including the gods, there is no shortage of people to fight, but the end is often very tragic, not recognized by the small court in the south, and even be recognized by the small court in the south will punish the people, can be self-confidence and self-esteem is repeatedly hit. Even when self-confidence and self-esteem were almost completely lost, Ran Min's voice "killing Hu" could also inspire the Han people to launch a Jedi counterattack, but a counterattack was like a brilliant fireworks after lighting, short and beautiful but not long, nearly three hundred years of enslavement began. But the history changed by Liu Yan is not like that, although the Han people also have the experience of wanton abuse by the conference semifinals, but they are using their courage to find self-confidence and self-esteem, also did not encounter a blow in the face again in history. The contemporary Han people once again participated in or witnessed the rise of the country, once abused their own Jie clan was slaughtered, Xianbei, Qiang, di and miscellaneous Hu were either destroyed or far away, the Han army to the remnants of the persistent pursuit. Today's Han people, they are because of the brilliant achievements of the army, and the country stands up again, there is a title of people who do not have a foreign servant,Quillaja Saponin, the use of foreign labor is also a very common phenomenon, who can know that they are superior to the alien, basically has a powerful state of mind.

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