Return of the King of Rebirth

There were so many thoughts in my mind that I always felt that there was a clue that slipped quickly from my eyes, but I couldn't catch it. Breakfast is simple and sloppy, a person sitting in the study, holding a pen on the paper over and over again to demonstrate, but also fruitless. It was not until the doorbell rang that the gilded voice floated in from the yard: "The youngest!"! The youngest! The pie is falling from the sky! Yunxi was so noisy by her, just hard to sink the heart, immediately disappeared. With a funny look on his face, he galloped over and hugged him. What's going on? Make you so excited. "There's a big deal, and the big deal is coming to you!" Gold laughed, did not care to sit down, hurriedly explain the whole story: "Before, is not out of print sea cruise fashion show?"? After the global live broadcast, someone counted the number of online viewers, which simply exceeded the attention of Superbowl! Christian Louboutin's marketing director saw the brand effect and wanted to cooperate with us. He called us personally to seek cooperation. Unfortunately, CRIS has cooperated with other brands before, and the contract has been signed, so we can't promise them. I thought, since the clothes are not good, we still have jewelry. I just want to sell Gu Yuxuan. As a result, the other party checked and knew that we had merged the British jewelry company, and immediately had the intention to cooperate with us to design and develop the limited edition. ChristianLouboutin? Is that red to even LOGO do not need, as long as you see that touch of enchanting red, the world knows the king of high-heeled shoes? The favorite of European and American royal families, nobles and actresses? The so-called cooperation with her, that is, the red-soled shoes with jewelry embedded in the shoes? Just thinking about it, Yunxi felt that this was a huge gold mine. Expensive,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, for sure. The more extravagant, the more marketable. A platinum bag of hundreds of thousands of yuan still makes people flock to it, and they can't even buy it in line. Limited edition high set jewelry heels. It is estimated that as long as she is a woman, she wants to have it. Step on the royal brand on the soles of your feet, just think about it, Yunxi feels that there will be a lot of people crazy. This is not just a luxury, even if it is regarded as a collection, it is no exaggeration! Yunxi finally understood why the gilding was so exciting. In essence, Gu Yuxuan is engaged in the business of jade and jadeite, and most of his turnover is created in China. However, this time the cooperation is different. It can further open up the overseas market share. It's more than that. With such a strong brand cooperation, brand influence and appeal alone can make them advance by leaps and bounds! In China, if it has reached its peak, 30ml dropper bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, then this cooperation, if successful, they will be able to reach its peak! Anyone who has ambition and revenge for his career will tremble at such an opportunity! Yunxi is no exception. She quieted slightly. "Is it Christian Louboutin, the marketing director, who contacted you?"? Are you sure he can lead the direction of the whole brand? Chapter 365 Assault. Anyone who has ambition and revenge for his career will tremble at such an opportunity! Yunxi is no exception. She quieted slightly. "Is it Christian Louboutin, the marketing director, who contacted you?"? Are you sure he can lead the direction of the whole brand? "Don't worry, how can I tell you so early about something that has no bottom?" Jin Jin took a deep breath and drew the word "Fu" on his chest: "To tell you the truth, this time I have seen the public relations ability of POLA. It's so angry! "" Christian Louboutin, as the noblewoman of luxury high-heeled ladies, will not find her directly for no reason. At the beginning, as soon as the number of live shows was counted, Christian Louboutin's marketing director contacted CRIS directly, and CRIS pushed POLA out at the first time. In the circle of European and American luxury goods, everyone knows that POLA is the perfect promoter of CRIS brand. Both of them belong to the marketing promotion caliber. Counting up, in various fashion shows or shows, they are not just friends who have met many times. Therefore, under the strong lobbying of POLA, it contributed to the motivation of the other party to cooperate with Gu Yuxuan. That is to say, POLA is the matchmaker of this cooperation? Yunxi pondered, with a slight warmth in his heart. To tell you the truth, I just thought it was a short cooperation, but I didn't expect her to be so loyal. Yes. I called your home, and your family said you were on a business trip with your son, so I figured you were in England. As it happens, the Royal Jewelry Company we acquired is in the UK, so we don't have to beat around the Bush, just invite the other party to visit here! The gilded eyes were full of stars, and he grabbed Yunxi's hand excitedly. Yunxi thought of the first thing she said on the phone and asked her if she was in England. It turned out to be out of this consideration. However, the other side of the brand headquarters in France, they invite others to come over, not to say anything else, in the capacity of director level, afraid will not easily agree. If there is a commissioner who goes back and forth several times, it is not a complete decision, but a waste of time. Yunxi lowered her eyes, and the thoughtful expression on her face made her eager to try a little confused. The next moment, she suddenly took out her cell phone and dialed a phone. The phone rang a few times and was picked up. "WANG," a familiar name, a warm smile, POLA stood at the window of his yard, winking slightly at the sky: "I knew you would call me." "As the saying goes, don't work for two masters for a while.". There is a saying in China, 'Send Buddha to the West'. I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to Britain for a holiday? Yunxi smiled and patted the gilded shoulder,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, motioning her to calm down. "Oh, a busy man has time to spare for a holiday." POLA tilted her head in a funny way, and the Persian cat behind her also tilted her head and looked up at the sky.

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