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Now, she can only understand the first kind of inheritance, using the virtual body for space. But now she can only control the five-grade lotus platform space at the same time, and the time is very short, Rao is so, it is no problem to use it to deal with a Shuide Xingjun. Seeing Shuide Xingjun screaming in the evil fire, she slowly put down the heart she had been mentioning. To be burned to ashes is to die without proof. Even if the immortal emperor comes, he can't find any "hair" disease. At that moment, the mutation suddenly occurred. Shuide Xingjun unexpectedly drilled out a golden dragon shadow between his eyebrows, which penetrated her space without any obstacles and rushed towards the lotus flower of her virtual body. Hualien moves very quickly, and in an instant all the virtual bodies are taken back, but the dragon shadow does not chase them, and the tail rolls up Shuide Xingjun and disappears into space. Although he escaped, the evil fire on his body had not yet been extinguished, and although he did not die, he was useless from then on. He was really no threat to himself, but he had escaped,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and if this was known, her situation would be extremely dangerous. Even if you don't go to Sendai, it's not much better. How is Shuide? In the palace of the Dragon Prince, the immortal king in the east asked with a calm face. Most of his spirit has been swallowed up, and he is useless. Sitting high in the hall, the Dragon Prince squinted,oil dropper bottle, and his men were so miserable that he was not angry, but he had a smile on his face. Just let it go? "Of course not. I'll see how she gets away this time." After waiting for less than three days, Yan Jiuyu broke into Baihuayuan with a law enforcement officer. Hualien was not surprised. If there was really no movement, it would really make her feel incredible. You're in big trouble this time. Yan Jiuyu has some helplessness, this busy he is completely unable to help. No one would have thought that Hualien would dare to kill Shuide Xingjun. How much courage does it take. He's been in the fairy world for so many years, but he's not as bold as Hualien. I know that there will be endless trouble if I let the tiger go back to the mountains. It's just that the skill is not as good as others. You shouldn't have done anything to him. That's Xingjun! Although the status of Xingjun is not high, there are only five Xingjun in the fairy world. She thought it was a Chinese cabbage and said she would kill one. I didn't kill him. "But he is dead." So that's the key. Someone behind him wants to trade his life for his life. "Exchange the life of a star for your life?" Yan Jiuyu obviously doesn't believe it. That man is not stupid. It's no surprise. After he ran away from me, he was no longer qualified to be a star king. It's better to kill him in exchange for my life than to be a waste. He really knows how to use waste. The Dragon Prince's means are really ruthless. His men will kill him if they say so. Will those immortals believe it? "Obviously not." Besides, it doesn't matter if they all believe it. She has now become a victim of the exchange of interests, even if not dead, it will not be too good. [Text 159 Exile to the Milky Way] (Please remember the website of Wuwei Character Novel (Please remember the website of Wuwei Character Novel 159 Exile to Tianhe The second time she walked into the prison, she felt like a lifetime ago. This time, Blue Bottle Serum ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, all five immortals arrived and sat high on it, looking down at her. Yan Jiuyu and his men stood by, glancing at Hualien from time to time with a bit of worry in their eyes. Hualien, you killed Shuide Xingjun and violated the law of heaven. Do you know the crime? Emperor Zhenwu asked in a cold voice. "Immortal Emperor, I admit that I fought with Shuide Xingjun, but he didn't die when I left the Hundred Gardens." Hualien stood below with an indifferent expression. Stubborn and dare to quibble! Qinglan Xiandi snorted coldly, but secretly sneered in his heart, "Hualien, Hualien, how can you turn over this time?" You said he wasn't dead, but did anyone testify? Emperor Zhenwu continued to ask. No "Well, I tell you, Donglin Xianjun testified that Shuide Xingjun was already dead when he was brought back from your hundred gardens.". Do you want to hear what he said? "If it's convenient to come to Xianjun in the east, there's no harm in listening." "Commander Yan, invite the immortal to the east." "Yes." Yan Jiuyu looked at Hualien again, and then took the man out. After a while, Donglin followed him in. Passing by Hualien, he smiled a sneer at the corners of his mouth, and then went up to salute the five immortals. Donglin has seen several immortal emperors. "Don't mention it, Donglin Xianjun. Please tell me what happened that day again." "Yes, the Dragon Prince sent Shuide Xingjun to visit Hualien, who had just lost his master. It was out of good intentions. After all, he was the one who went to propose marriage to Biliu Xianjun.". As a result, I don't know what the reason is, she actually killed Shuide Xingjun. Fortunately, the Dragon King had left a wisp of spirit in the body of Shuide Xingjun, and was able to preserve his body, otherwise I'm afraid he would have died without proof. When Shuide Xingjun's body was brought back that day, I happened to be beside him, and several of my men were also there. "Hualien, do you have anything else to say?" Emperor Zhenwu nodded to the east and then moved his eyes to Hualien. I've said all I need to say. Even the witnesses have been found, and it seems that they are really ready. No matter what she says, it's all in vain. Xianjun Hualien deliberately violated the law of heaven and attacked and killed Shuide Xingjun. The evidence is conclusive. He will be exiled to the other side of the Milky Way forever and will not be allowed to return to the fairy world. After Emperor Zhenwu pronounced the sentence, both Qinglan and Donglin had a satisfied smile on their faces. The Milky Way is full of weak water, immortals can't fly on it, and the other side of the Milky Way is a place where Reiki is scarce, and there is no human habitation at all, where she has no possibility of turning over. And her guilt is so clear that even if the killing Buddha wants to "get in", he won't have that chance. Zhenwu,glass cream jars, it seems. The sentence made Ziwei Fairy Emperor frown. He just wanted to open his mouth but was blocked by Qinglan. "Ziwei Fairy Emperor, I know Hualien is kind to you, but the crime she committed this time is not small. It's better to be exiled forever than to go to Sendai." Ziwei glanced at Hualien and said nothing more. Take her into custody for the time being and inform the fairy world at a later date. "Yes." Yan Jiuyu left with Hualien.

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