Two or three great gods

Laughing: "Wife, you do not feel embarrassed, rest assured, they are absolutely not resistance, as long as you enjoy the ravages on the oh." When Yue Ya saw Tan Xiao say this, she raised her eyebrows unconsciously. This man is really very, very, very what. When he is talking about others, it may be funny, but when he is talking about himself, it is a completely different feeling. Yue Ya took a deep breath to calm her mood a little, and then tilted her head and looked at Li Li next to her. She seemed to be better and sat there, not knowing what she was thinking. Yue Ya sighed and took out a bottle of peanut milk from the box next to her and handed it to her. Thank you Hearing what Li Li said, Yue Ya looked up at her. There was a faint smile on her face, as if the person who had just lost his temper was not her at all. It's okay. I'm just helping you get a drink. Besides, you bought the drink yourself. Yue Ya said, laughing. Li Li jumped up as soon as she heard Yue Ya say that the drink was bought by herself. How can you be like this? Don't you take things from yourself to comfort people? I'm really fed up with you. I want to PK with you. Seeing that Li Li seemed to be revitalized, Yue Ya didn't care what she said about PK. He immediately stood up, "Oh, PK, is it a game or a real person?" Li Li disdained to cast a glance at the game, "little girl, you do not know, I do not play games.". All right, don't stall for time,Oil Dropper Bottle, come and die. With these words, he rushed at Yue Ya. The two men lay on the ground after a fight. Yue Ya lay on the cold and hard ground and secretly made up her mind. Well, if you earn money by working, you must buy a carpet to spread in the dormitory. In this case, slapstick and so on, will not feel the cold floor and so on. Just as she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard Li Li talking to her. Well, thank you. "Well, you said that." Yue Ya said sullenly that she didn't like Li Li very much to say thank you to herself,Serum Bottle With Dropper, which seemed to be very unripe. I know, but I just want to say thank you. Well, it feels good to have you around. Li Li's voice was a little ethereal, but Yue Ya could still hear it clearly. But she doesn't seem to be as good as Li Li said. She was facing the computer when Li Li was most sad just now. Ok, I know you are very grateful to me, but can you take back the leg that presses my stomach? I want to stand up, the ground is really cold. Yue Ya finally couldn't help it. "Nah, you have to take back your leg first, or how can I take back mine?". Little girl, don't go too far. "Yo, how do you talk? You just thanked me." Yue Ya said, jerking Li Li's leg, then withdrawing her leg and sitting up. Li Li did not let her sit down, and soon pressed her on the floor: "That's two different things, OK? You just lie down with me for a while, can't you?" I don't know if it's an illusion, but Yue Ya always feels that there seems to be a touch of loneliness in her words. So she just sighed and rolled over and took her in her arms. Time seems to have stayed, but Yue Ya feels that her legs are so sore and her arms are so sore. But how tender the moment was, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, she had to hold back, well, hold back. As the saying goes, a knife on the head of the word "forbearance", then a little more, is not blood, is tears. (The latter half of the sentence was added by myself. Everyone has read it. Don't take it seriously.) Seemed to feel Yueya's arm trembling faintly, this time Li Li stood up first: "Well, I'm all right, but speaking of it, are you all right?" Looking at Li Li's smiling expression, Yue Ya stood up stiffly from the ground like a robot, enduring the feeling of acid and numbness. It's, uh, it's okay. But I'm relieved you're okay. After seeing the sweet smile on Li Li's face, Yue Ya added, "Well, for the sake of my hard work without credit, you will pay for my meals this week." Li Li is stupefied, laughing to say next: "Ok, bubble face does not add bowel, not expensive.". As he spoke, his eyes narrowed like a cat. Seeing that she could laugh and make trouble, Yue Ya knew that she was really all right. Then he went to the computer with his hands and feet, and sat down again. My legs and hands are really numb. I feel very uncomfortable and painful. She stepped gently on the ground and shook her arms from time to time. Talking and laughing: "You all scared my wife away. I tell you, if my wife runs away, you can do it as you see fit." Businessman matchless: "Irrespective, I compensate you 100." "Well, I'll give you a hundred, too. Of course, as long as you can marry them all." Laughing: "Ok, I think you have to have a thousand blind dates to have fun.". Uh-huh As soon as Yue Ya sat in front of the computer, she saw such a pleasant conversation, and when she felt that her hands could move freely, she sent a message. Lazy Crescent: "Ahem, sorry, I'm still here." "Well, I'm glad you're still here." White Pianpian: "Crescent Moon, I suddenly feel that you are so kind, so beautiful, you marry me." Businessman matchless: "Well, if you don't like the white dress, you can marry me. I tell you, the guy who talks and laughs is a wolf in sheep's clothing.". Wrong, it's a tiger in cat's skin. You must choose it well. "Uh-huh, are you getting bolder and bolder?" White Pian-pian: "Hum, I and matchless discussed, no matter which of us found a girlfriend, our family will not always stare at us.". Crescent is the best object, she knows our relationship, is our friend, will not easily betray us. Besides, with her, you can't just threaten us. Businessman matchless: "Yes, yes." The author has something to say: "Well,Amber Dropper Bottles, rice has the second watch, move tomorrow.". I was picked up by the book. Chapter 6 Well, what a big hole.

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