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It can be seen that it is very difficult to kill the boss of the Summoner Association. At the beginning of the battle, the whole team was hit by the boss's debuff, which reduced their healing effect by 10. Ten seconds later, the boss made his first big move, and the shadow attack, which swept out like a long blade, cut off more than 3000 health points of all the people within 20 yards. Twenty seconds later, Qinshui Bloody, who had the highest hate value, was caught in a death coil and was directly knocked out of more than 8,000 points of life value. He was also bounced 5 yards away by this spell. He could not control himself and spun around there for several seconds, while the boss recovered more than 20,000 points of life value. Thirty seconds later, the boss made the second big move, the flame energy exploded, and all the people within 10 yards were again destroyed by more than 3000 health points. After 40 seconds, the boss uses the skill of fear howl, and all the people within 10 yards can't control themselves to turn around and run away. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. After 50 seconds, a shadow aura appears on the boss, dealing more than 2000 damage to everyone within 10 yards of him every 2 seconds. After 60 seconds, the boss randomly fires a flaming arrow that deals more than 5,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle,000 damage to the target and allies within 10 yards of the target. The boss's attack is generally a rule to follow, find out this rule, just know how to avoid. After such a round of fighting, the seven people in the team, of course, all found out the attack rules of the boss in front of them, so Jiuzhong Drunken Goose fought and retreated,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, dragged the demon guard to a place 30 yards away from the boss, and the long-range people continued to keep a distance of more than 20 yards from the boss, at the same time, their positions were scattered among each other, teammates and teammates. They also kept a distance of more than 10 yards, but the melee fighters could not retreat, they had to carry it to death. Qinshui blood color is better, he is mt blood thick defense high, cold light treatment and give timely, also carry, but the sonorous rose is not so he can carry, die for a while or finally retreated to the boss's group attack range, only in Qinshui blood color in the death coil or fear howl before going up to the small top for a while. To prevent the boss from transferring his hatred to those who are more vulnerable than her. Because the ferocity of the boss of the Summoner Association is not directly proportional to the health value, the challenge ended much faster than the previous two challenges, but the battle process was doubly fierce and difficult. If they hadn't been well prepared before the war and had all kinds of potions and scrolls, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, there would have been two rounds of clangorous roses that would have been judged out by the system. The next four challenges, one more difficult than the other, the more fatal thing is that when it comes to the end, they find that there is a hidden setting in the challenge task, that is, the person who lost in the challenge process can not participate in the next battle, they unconsciously, and was severely cheated by the game designer! Statistics are made according to the settings mentioned above. In the fourth challenge, they were lucky, and all the members of the team insisted on fighting to the end. In the fifth challenge, the sonorous rose and the nine-fold drunk goose were accidentally out. In the sixth challenge, Youmei Sakura was defeated. So in the seventh final battle, when challenging the boss of the Mage Association, there were only four people left to fight in the team of seven, and among the four people, cold light was healing, mana value should be kept to add blood, basically not involved in the attack, so the only real damage output ability was the night, Qinshui blood and light ink. They lost almost half of their DPS! Shallow ink is very anxious to this kind of situation, when intermission small voice way: "DPS difference so much, this we fight not to win?" "I'm sorry." The sonorous rose said apologetically, "It's all our fault that we didn't hold on, and now we're dragging you down." "I wish I had been a little more careful and not lost." Youmei Sakura was also very depressed and said, "Now it's the last game. If you lose at this time, what you won in front of you won't count. You have to start all over again. It's very internal injury to think about it.". ” Qin Shuixue heard their conversation and said with a smile, "Don't be so discouraged. How can you know you will lose before you play?"? Maybe we'll win in the end. ! Besides Even if you fail in this challenge, you will not drop the level. Even if you really lose, it doesn't matter. With the experience of this time, we will definitely win if we do it again. So you don't have to be entangled at all. Just take this last battle as the usual Daguai Lianji. Relax. "Yes, yes." After so many days of contact, Jiuzhong Drunken Goose now regards Qinshui Blood as the object of worship, so this time he also came over to echo: "Blood is right!"! Usually we get a new copy. If you want to get through from the beginning to the end, you have to hang up a few times. Now it's normal to push seven OSS and lose once or twice. He was expressing his opinion with great interest when a slightly heavy voice next to him came in with a lazy tone: "What if I say that this challenge can only be won, not lost?" As soon as Jiuzhong Drunken Goose looked back, he immediately saw the cold light squinting at him with a half-smile. Then he opened his mouth. After a moment of silence, he decisively decided to abandon his object of worship. He changed his words without moral integrity and said, "Well, of course you have the final say.." You can only win, you can't lose. Qinshui took a bloody look at Jiuzhong Drunken Goose. He smiled at the cold light without temper and said, "I'm afraid they're too nervous. I'll cheer them up." Han Guang nodded slightly and said, "But they should also be a little confident. If they want to fail before the battle starts, if the momentum is weak, they will really fail, not to mention like Drunken Goose, who has not fought yet,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, they will find the reason for failure first." The great God is the great God, and his mentality is better than that of the average player. Jiuzhong Drunken Goose and others were said to be secretly ashamed, but also had to admit that the cold light's words were very reasonable.

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