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For that person's words, Zhou Tian heart to not very care, compared to those messengers of other churches, Zhou Tian's age is really only a doll, now that person's words although rude, to also did not say anything wrong. However, now that the other side has specifically said that to him, even if Zhou Tian wants not to do some reaction. It's one thing that Zhou Tian doesn't care about that, but in the face of the other side's provocation, if Zhou Tian doesn't say anything, he will be despised by other churches immediately. Next, it is not known what kind of tactics the messengers of the church will use against him one after another. Do not want to retreat again and again, until later there is no way to retreat, then at this time of the week, it is necessary to make a counterattack. Chapter 163 the sudden arrival of the Demons. Chapter 163 the sudden arrival of the Demons. "Trouble!" With a sigh to himself, Zhou Tian, who originally didn't want to cause trouble, found himself in trouble. With a wry smile, he could only turn his head at that time and ask in the direction of the voice: "Who has a problem with me sitting in this seat? I wonder if you can come out and see me?" "I'll see you. Am I still afraid of you?" After listening to Zhou Tian's words, a short old man jumped down directly from a chair not far away from Zhou Tian and ran angrily to the opposite side of Zhou Tian, with the posture of fighting directly after a disagreement. . (. _ "") (, view "Dwarf?" "Yes, why, the emissary of the Church of Light will not look down on us dwarves!" "How?" After waving his hand carelessly, Zhou Tian exploded directly: "I am just a Warcraft. Compared with the dwarves, I have a lower status on the mainland. Even if other people look down on the dwarves, I can't have that idea." "You are Warcraft?" Zhou Tian suddenly said such a sentence,chrome washing machine, but it was a direct shock to many people around him. It's not that no one knows that Zhou Tian is Warcraft, but that most of the people who know about it have not passed it on. So it also makes, Zhou Tian is the matter of Warcraft, until this time, there is no real spread out. Some churches already know this information, so they will not be surprised even if they listen to Sunday's words. But more churches did not know about it at all, and suddenly heard Zhou Tian, the strongest alchemist in the continent, say that he was actually Warcraft, and the news was naturally quite explosive. In terms of strength, which race can compare with the overall strength of Warcraft, but why is the status of Warcraft so low? This is all because Warcraft's intelligence is so low that, except for a few special Warcraft, they don't even have their own civilization. Generally speaking, gold shaking table ,gold CIP machine, if anyone told those people that Warcraft knew alchemy, it was estimated that all the church messengers present would have to spray their faces. As far as Warcraft is concerned, they don't know what alchemy is at all. It's OK to use them as alchemy materials. If you want to say alchemists, you can't fall into Warcraft! But now Zhou Tian has broken this law, and has become the most powerful alchemist in the mainland as Warcraft. If it weren't for Zhou Tian's own initiative, I'm afraid those church messengers would not believe it! Most of the church messengers present expressed their admiration for Zhou Tian's ability to make such an achievement with the body of Warcraft. Especially the dwarf old man who was looking for trouble on Sunday, there was a friendly look on his face. However, no matter how good the impression of Zhou Tian is, what should be done is still to be done. The dwarf old man was surprised at the beginning, but after knowing the identity of Zhou Tian, he immediately answered: "I don't care whether you are a Warcraft or a human being. Now I ask you, why do you sit in this seat?" Although the dwarf old man's attitude is a little better, but even know that the other side is to find fault, Zhou Tian is naturally also impossible to be polite to the other side. Looked at the dwarf old man casually, Zhou Tian paused, looked at the convenience back: "I do not want to sit in this seat, is the host arranged me to sit in this seat.". However, I sat in this seat, so naturally I would not give up my seat easily. If you really want to ask me why I sit in this seat, then I can only say that I rely on my strength. "Strength?" After listening to Zhou Tian, he finally spat out what he wanted to hear. The old dwarf looked happy. Then he looked at Zhou Tian and said, "So what you mean is that as long as the person whose strength is above you, he will be able to take away your seat?" "That's natural." "Young man, you are so arrogant that you dare to say such a thing. Then let me try to see if you have the strength to sit in that seat." With that, the old dwarf man stepped forward, approached Zhou Tianhou, and reached out to catch him. Zhou Tian did not move, but sat quietly in place, letting the old dwarf man's hand fall on him. Seeing Zhou Tian's reaction, the old dwarf man could not help smiling on his face. When it comes to dwarves, although they are not tall, when it comes to strength, even orcs can't compare with them. Now with Zhou Tian on the old dwarf is not a simple character, not only powerful, its strength is great, it is also far more than the general level of professionals. The dwarf old man naturally did not think that Zhou Tian was more powerful than him, and now that Zhou Tian was so careless to let him catch him, the dwarf old man naturally thought that he could easily lift Zhou Tian from his chair. Only Did Zhou Tian really just let him catch him carelessly? Although Zhou Tianping never looked up to his opponent, it was rare for him to look down on his opponent. Although the dwarf old man looks a little unremarkable, but Zhou Tian is not a fool, naturally know that if the dwarf old man really does not have any strength, it is impossible to stand up and provoke him at this time. So, although Zhou Tian has been sitting there without moving, but in fact, Zhou Tian is ready early,mineral flotation, the dwarf old man wants to make a fool of Zhou Tian, but in the case of Zhou Tian's preparation, it is very difficult to have the possibility of success.

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