Fight against the sky

"What do you want, old monster?" The King of the Red Forest Beasts, who was about to attack, was shocked. He hurriedly stopped attacking the body of the Eight Gods and said in horror. I don't want to do anything, I just want to warn you that if you dare to take another step forward, your master will die immediately in front of you! Eight Gods Evil Zun Yin Yin laughed. Hearing the words of the Eight Gods, Zhanfeng was struck by lightning immediately. Why, why on earth? Why does Shizu want to hurt himself? At this moment, Zhanfeng finally understood that what Chilin Beast King said was true, but Zhanfeng could not understand why Shizu would harm himself. Why is this? At this time, the war peak wanted to struggle, but suddenly his whole body has been in the control of the eight gods, he has completely lost control of his body, pain, the war peak asked angrily. I don't know why. I only blame you for practicing the Nine Deaths Evil Skill. And the worst thing is that you have become the body of all evils. Only by devouring you, can I achieve the true body of Shura, thus breaking away from the three realms and becoming invincible in the world. Ha ha ha ha.. Seeing that Zhanfeng was completely under his control, the Eight Gods Evil Zun no longer had any scruples. You Zhan Feng did not expect that the Eight Gods Evil Zun had really admitted his sinister intentions, and he was so angry that Zhan Feng could not speak for a moment. Zhanfeng has remembered the words of the Creator. At this time, Zhanfeng almost regretted his intestines. If he had listened to the words of the Creator,Carbon in Pulp, he would have been on guard against the Eight Gods. Even if the Eight Gods were much stronger than himself, it would not be so easy to succeed. The war peak has already believed the words of the red Lin beast king, but what if I believe it now? I can't use a trace of Zhenyuan now. Everything is under the control of the Eight Gods. It's not easy to escape from the evil hands!!! The evil spirit bow of Zhanfeng body trembled lightly, and a green light suddenly came out of the evil spirit bow. Zhanfeng knew the green light, which was what the Creator had warned him, the green awn that could devour his vitality. Zhanfeng already understood that it was obvious that the green awn had been arranged by the Eight Gods. That is to say, when Zhanfeng first saw the Eight Gods Evil Zun,portable gold wash plant, the Eight Gods Evil Zun had already set a deep trap for Zhanfeng. Regret has no effect, the war peak at this time only hate, hate oneself is so confused, the creator repeatedly reminded himself, but he still believes in this human face beast heart of the master. The moment the green awn appeared, it quickly spread to the whole body of Zhanfeng. As the green awn gradually spread to the whole body, Zhanfeng's mind had begun to blur, and even his body was getting weaker and weaker. At this time, Zhanfeng was like a newborn baby, and even the strength to speak had not come out. Zhanfeng already felt that he began to fall into the endless darkness, sinking deeper and deeper, Zhanfeng tried to struggle desperately, but it was useless. In fact, at this time all this is the illusion caused by the green awn when devouring the spirit of the war peak, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, but it is really very dangerous, if once the spirit of the war peak is completely devoured, then the war peak will become a soulless walking corpse, and the eight gods can take the opportunity to seize the excellent body of the battle peak, with the good body of the battle peak. Coupled with the success of devouring the core of the war peak, then, I'm afraid the Eight Gods Evil Zun, who has become the true body of Shura, is really a rare opponent!!! The thirteenth volume is the twenty-eighth chapter of Shending Protector. Seeing that the God core of the war peak was about to be sucked out of the body by the eight gods, a green light suddenly shot out from the heart of the war peak, and suddenly turned into countless strands of silk thread extending to the God core of the battle peak, and at the same time wrapped it tightly, even the black Zhenyuan originally wrapped outside by the eight gods was firmly wrapped inside by the green silk thread. The green silk thread then trembled, emitting a more dazzling green light, like a big hand holding the divine core, the green silk thread wrapped around the divine core suddenly contracted, and immediately pulled the divine core back to the Dantian of Zhanfeng. Ah At the same time as the green silk thread pulled the divine nucleus back to its original position, the unexpected Eight Gods Evil Zun immediately spurted a big mouthful of blood, and his body almost fell down in a flash. At the moment when the green silk thread pulled the God core of Zhanfeng back to its original position, the black Zhenyuan, which had wrapped the Eight Gods Evil Zun outside the God core, also pulled back the Dantian of Zhanfeng, and at the same time cut off the connection between the Eight Gods Evil Zun and this Zhenyuan. Losing the control of the Eight Gods, the black Zhenyuan wrapped outside the God's core was immediately absorbed by the God's core of Zhanfeng and transformed into a purple and golden Zhenyuan. At this time, the eight gods never thought of such a strange thing, and did not understand where the green light came from. The only thing they knew was that in the moment just now, at least 20% of their true yuan was swallowed up by the God core of Zhanfeng. It is true that stealing chicken does not erode the rice, the eight gods have never encountered such a strange thing, the war peak has lost the ability to resist, why can it stop itself from absorbing the core of God? Looking at the green light in the body of the war peak, the eight gods are not reconciled, but also some are not convinced, hum! Isn't it just a little green light? It was my carelessness that you succeeded just now. I don't believe that I will lose to you with the skill I have practiced for tens of thousands of years! Quickly adjust the breath, the eight gods evil Zun livid face once again control the black true yuan to the war peak of the God core, this time the eight gods evil Zun has used all the true yuan of the body, it seems that the eight Gods evil Zun has and this silk green light called on the strength! Just as all the true elements of the eight evil gods poured into the body of the war peak, a dark shadow suddenly shot out from the body of the war peak like lightning, and when the shadow flew to the top of the battle peak, it immediately stopped in midair. The eight evil gods were startled by the sudden change, but when he saw that it was only a small and exquisite black tripod hanging over the top of the battle peak at the moment, he immediately showed a wry smile. Isn't it just a small tripod? What is there to be afraid of? When did you become so timid? Just as the Eight Gods were cursing secretly, the small black tripod on the top of Zhanfeng's head suddenly turned over in the air, forming a posture with the mouth of the tripod facing down. Then, in the surprised eyes of the Eight Gods,gold cil machine, the small black tripod radiated a dazzling red light. At the same time, the upside-down little black tripod was also growing rapidly. In an instant, the little black tripot had grown into a huge black tripot with a diameter of about three meters.

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