Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise

Psychic art is not the same as space movement, but in a sense it can achieve similar effects, the only problem is that the energy consumption caused by distance and moving mass is increased, and Xiao Lan uses it as a portal in Arthur's world because of the blessing of life will. But in this Middle-earth world, he could only bear the huge cost on his own-fortunately, he did not have to summon all the people, and let them move from the waterway early to shorten the distance of space jump. Thus, under the cover of the forest awakened by the tree whiskers, the necessary troops were successfully summoned in a thin layer of mist that could be perceived as well as the mist in the misty mountains. There was thunder and lightning. The wind and clouds are rolling. Silently, the troops of Isengard were trapped in the misty jungle of Helm's Deep, and the blessed army emerged from the hazy mist with lightning and sparks. The first to appear was Flora, who was held by Kira herself with an angry face, and along the way down the Anduin River, she clearly saw the devastation suffered by the villages of Rohan,manganese beneficiation plant, the burned villages, the trampled land, and the dead who had been eaten up as food. The atrocities committed by the orcs caused the elves, humans and dwarves to accumulate a lot of anger. Without saying a word, Flora,Carbon in Pulp, who was the first to come out, pulled out her sword and spread her wings. Under the cover of the mist that obscured her perception, she began to gather gas and announced her arrival with a blade of light that would destroy everything in the world. While she turned the anger and fighting spirit in her heart into a torrent of hot light, the other summoned people also came on stage with whirlwind and lightning in the dazzling light that was constantly overflowing! "Target White Palm, everyone." Charge! Xiao LAN loudly declared the only battle order, from his body emerged by a flying in midair looming in the mysterious charm of the magnificent halo, will be surrounded by nearly a kilometer of all people are enveloped in it. But he himself stood where he was and did not move, did not charge, did not take a step, and did not even draw his sword. Because that's necessary, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, and it's also not necessary. Having completed a large summon, he was almost exhausted, although not unable to participate in the battle, but now that the army had arrived, even without his sword, the end was doomed, after all, he summoned not only the Queen's Guard in the Alien Legion. Along with them came other people who were pulled by them through the vortex of time and space and down the river from Los Lorraine, some warriors who might be better at this kind of battlefield than Xiao Lan. "Anduril!" Aragorn shouted as the sword burst into white flames, "Anduril fights for the Dunedain!" "Do you want to compare?"? Who can kill more? Legolas drew the bow of gold. With Galadriel's gift in hand, he has become a messenger of death who has killed his enemies before they can react. I won't lose to the elf boy! Well, I won't lose to a bunch of little girls. Gimli clenched his battle axe as the only dwarf in the party. He was a little unable to accept the reality of being outdone by the Queen's Guard, who looked like a petite girl, and was eager to show himself through a battle that would allow him to let go. The trumpets of Gondor have sounded in Rohan. Man will not give up his allies. Boromir had a serious face. He just sounded the white horn he carried. The high and loud sound of the horn echoed the horn of Rohan in Helm's Deep. All the righteous people who heard the sound of the horn had a warm feeling in their hearts, while the evil creatures covered their ears with fear. Four members of the Fellowship of the Ring charged directly with their weapons, followed by a line of Royal Guards, who were equivalent to a mobile fortress, and led half of the rear to lay down their strong bows and lift their weapons into a long black front. All the people are shrouded in the halo of this force so with the strongest posture toward the same gun array and arrows rain offensive Uruk-hai with incomparable power straight away! It's not that they're not worried about the deadly arrows, but that there are more suitable candidates. Flora flew directly back to Aragorn after firing an oath, deliberately wary of being sniped by the tracker, she did not pull up the broken light again, but directly interwoven with the feathers of angel wings to form a rain of light that covered the front of the Uruk troops, while a whisper suddenly sounded behind the queue. It was as if the gentle wind in the distance brought ominous omens. The elves call for the ancient covenant, and Rothrolin comes to Rohan's aid! Halda of the Golden Forest was still very elegant, but he had pulled out his weapon and pointed it to the sky, and the neat elf warriors behind him walked from the forest to the front with neat steps, and when Halda drew his sword, he pulled his delicate longbow into a full moon. At this moment, the glow of the elves was poured into the same delicate arrows. When Halda seriously waved down the sword held high in his hand and drank out the attack instructions, hundreds of elves'archers in Roslin's hands, which were already full of arrows, suddenly left the strings, and a strange whistling sound resounded through the whole atmosphere at this moment.. It was the scream of hundreds of arrows tearing the air at the same time. Hundreds of long arrows with a huge sharp sound that tore the eardrums almost converged into a wall in the air,Portable gold trommel, without the slightest collision and overlap between the arrow feathers, each of which went to the death of the eyes, throats and chest of the Uruk-hai who were not protected by armor.

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