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"Nonsense!"! The red hand gave the old demon a supercilious look: "Work hard for a while, but can't get paid, if it were you, would you like to?"? The old demon smiled and said, "What are you going to do?"? Inlay now, or go back to study slowly? "Inlay it now!"! The red hand pondered for a moment and said, "No matter how much it is, there is no way to study it again anyway!"! Hear him say so, the old demon also came to the interest, red hand this guy, also do not know when to come out, wait for oneself here how long, now oneself came out, he still wants to come to a scene to open a prize unexpectedly? This is also good, if the red hand inlays the twelve saint runes, gets the good attribute, then oneself also may carry on the inlay according to his order. After half a day's calculation, I didn't understand how many ways there are to tessellate and which one is good at math. Tell me, my high school group arrangement has long been returned to the teacher.. The mistake in the front, as expected, some friends saw it. Yes, it's the mistake of the shadow soul skill, but it's not easy to change it now. We regard the restriction on the use of the shadow soul skill in the back as the first layer of light seal that appeared after it was unlocked. Alas, it's really a code word. E You are reading Chapter 560 Lottery, if there is any mistake,Belt Filter Press, please contact us to correct it! Return: Online Games of the strongest landlord page, if you like this book, please collect! Mobile Internet recommends you to use QQ browser to update bookmarks. 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Total Statistics 199 Statistics Chapter 561 return to Hongye town. Because of the same main plot task, the twelve runes that the red hand got were exactly the same as those of the old demon. The twelve runes are: [Rune of the Twelve Saints, Rafal (War Breath)] is obtained from the first Shadow Angel Juno. [Yero of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the second layer of Shadow Angel Nadu. [Rune of the Twelve Saints Rokath] is obtained from the third shadow angel Leto. [Baron of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the fourth shadow angel Milo. [Bicester of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the fifth shadow angel Melon. [Dom of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the sixth shadow angel Seurat. [Ijima of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the seventh shadow angel Yanni. [Gram of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the eighth Shadow Angel Feller. [Justus of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the Ninth Shadow Angel Layton. [Sakache of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the tenth shadow angel Misu. [Lebugel of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the 11th Shadow Angel Caesar. [Raft of the Runes of the Twelve Saints] is obtained from the 12th Shadow Angel Loeb. When the twelve Saint runes are collected, there is an explanation behind the runes, but if you want to figure out how to combine the runes from these meanings, I'm afraid you have to let the designer do it. Originally the old demon at that time also thought, disc air diffuser ,lamella clarifer, take back to let Su Hui that wench study, after all, she is also a more advanced enchantment division, but when all the runes are finished, the old demon has no hope, Su Hui that wench even if the enchantment level is high, it is estimated that there is no way to see anything from these runes? While the old demon was thinking so, the red hand had already begun to inlay. To tell the truth, the main plot task, the Red Hand also suffered a lot, although his technology may be similar to the old demon, but compared with the old demon, he has one less death knight who can act as a meat shield, and because of their different equipment, tactics are naturally different, which leads to two people in the shadow temple of the battle situation is not the same. Old demon is also luck, with the death knight this meat shield, his preparation can be said to be quite adequate, so even if it is the first time to do the main task, or let him pass once, but the red hand has no way, this time, he has been the third time to challenge the main plot task, because of the number of times to do more, he is more familiar with the previous links. So the progress is naturally faster than the old demon, this time finally completed the main plot, got the twelve saints runes and mysterious weapon fragments, so for this weapon inlaid with runes can appear what kind of attributes, Red Hand also had to pay attention to it. This is the result of his hard work for a few days, he also (support the original, click on the starting point to subscribe or vote for the recommendation bar, do not want to let this hard-earned equipment to the end worthless. Every time the Red Hand inlays a rune on the weapon, the old demon asks him to send out a pictorial guide in the team channel. The purpose, of course, is to write down the order of the Red Hand's mosaic, and although the Red Hand knows the old demon's idea very well in his heart, he does not have any opinion, or sends it out to the old demon. This process of inlaying does not require any special operation, as long as you pick up the rune point to the shadow eye dagger, the system will naturally prompt the player whether to inlay, but as long as not all the runes are inlaid with soil, then the dagger's attributes can not be changed,disc air diffuser, only when all the runes are all in the groove of the dagger. The overall combination of the twelve runes can be effective. So, as the runes are inlaid one by one, the old demon and the red hand are somewhat perturbed in their hearts.

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