Seventy Buddha-like daughter-in-law

Sun Simiao nodded: "Angry!" She must be angry about it, and she's not without ideas. Then how can I calm down? This kind of dialogue without nutrition lasted for a long time, until Sun Simiao felt that he could not stand the stickiness on his body. Only then did the two men finish their boring conversation and go to wash. When the two men packed up and came out, the sky outside was dark. "Well, the day passed again, and nothing was done!" Sun Simiao sighed that it was really easy to lose control when he was angry. Think of it as a rest! He Yiting did not care to say. Cut! The two men sat down calmly and began to talk about yesterday. What's the matter with that cool ice? Sun Simiao is really curious, he Yiting would break the rules to find such a person to come over, she is not a person who does not speak the truth. Don't give people nicknames. Liang Bing was introduced by a professor who had a good relationship. He didn't sign a formal contract. He just came to help me first. He Yiting explained that Sun Simiao was still not used to it, how could it be like this? Intuition tells Sun Simiao that this woman is not simple. Then you should know what she thinks about you. Sun Simiao stared at He Yiting. He Yiting nodded, and he nodded. Sun Simiao is going to explode again. I know she has a little interest in me, but I think she has at least a sense of propriety! He Yiting hurriedly explained. Sun Simiao pointed to He Yiting as a puffer fish: How can you say such a thing? All your training in your previous life was in vain? A woman who has ideas about you, you can also put down your guard? He Yiting pulled the man over and pressed the hair. It's not good to fry the hair all the time. I know she has ideas, but I believe in myself more,wall penstocks, and she is really good in that field, I need her help! That's the key. Sun Simiao is still angry. I don't know what I'm angry about. Liang Bing this woman gives me a bad feeling, I do not want you to do things well, I do not trust her. This is like being jealous, but Sun Simiao believes that He Yiting understands. In fact,Rotating sludge scraper, he Yiting really understands. I know what you mean. How can I know what she wants to do if I don't put people around me? Sun Simiao snorted: "Then don't let me see it. It's uncomfortable to see it." All right, this problem is not clear, or as soon as possible to end. Anyway, people have been driven away by me, and they will not contact each other in the future. Can we not be angry? Will you pick up Dabao later? Let's go find our son. Sun Simiao shook his head. He Siwu must be very happy now. What did we do in the past? He didn't want to come back with us. Come on, what can two people do if they can't pick up the children? Turn on the TV to watch what? There is only news broadcast at this time. Fortunately, there are a lot of books at home. After watching the news broadcast, I went to bed with the books in my arms. I forgot to tell you something! Sun Simiao suddenly opened his mouth. He Yiting gave a hum and let her go on. I want to go to Taipei City. He Yiting looked up. Didn't he just go there for a short time? "What's the matter?" Speaking of this matter, Sun Simiao also felt very helpless. Unexpectedly, fine bubble diffuser ,lamella tube, this time it was not someone else, but Xia Yuhe, his aunt. What do you need to go back to do about your aunt? That's right. Why do you need her to go back? Sun Simiao is also curious. Little uncle did not elaborate, only said to let me go tomorrow, I think I am very idle recently anyway, it is good to go and see! He Yiting could not get away, and the laboratory side had to keep an eye on it. I know you're busy. I'll go by myself. He Yiting had to agree. When I finish what I'm doing, I'll go with you. This is a verbal check. OK If you have to travel the next day, you naturally have to go to bed early. As soon as Sun Simiao closed his eyes, he was attacked. After that, things are naturally unspeakable. If the alarm clock hadn't rung the next day, Sun Simiao wouldn't have remembered. He Yiting watched Sun Simiao leave with the driver before driving to work. I was shocked when I got to the office. Boss, did you come to work unexpectedly? He Yiting nodded. Yeah, it is. "You're free?"? What are you all doing here? Meng Xing shook the ticket in his hand: "Where shall we go for a meal in the evening?"? This is not young or old! Because no one guessed right, all the bets turned into campaign funds. Barbecue, of course! The money is enough for them to eat. While guessing how he Yiting got his daughter-in-law, he discussed where to eat barbecue. Sure enough, they are a group of carefree people. He Yiting put on his white coat and continued his research. As long as he entered the working state, he was like a new person. Sun Simiao continues to catch up on sleep in the car. The driver has been using it at home, so there is no need to worry about safety. Slept all the way to the North City, but the driver was shocked, how sleepy is this? To sleep that long? When I got to Taipei, the car went directly to my little uncle. In the Song family, Sun Simiao still likes his uncle and aunt best. Maybe it's because these two were brought together by themselves. To the little uncle's home, only Chen Qiaoqiao, the little uncle Song Qiulai is not at home, in the unit. Did Miaomiao come so soon? Wait a minute, your little uncle will go to the unit and come back soon! Chen Qiaoqiao has changed a lot in the past few years. She is no longer the shy and beautiful girl at the beginning, but a loving mother for the first time. Aunt, where is the little fellow? The little uncle and aunt gave birth to a daughter,rapid sand filters, but they didn't find anyone after looking around. The child is at her grandmother's house. We'll go to your aunt's house later. It's not convenient to take the child with us. Chapter 636 636. A pot of dog's blood Choke to death Sun Simiao was not polite to his aunt, but sat down and waited. The two women were also familiar with each other and chatted directly together. Aunt, what's going on? What happened to my aunt? Sun Simiao is really curious.

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