Bind the tiger's hand

"Humph!" "The disciple deserves to die." Sun Bochuan kowtowed and shouted in a panic. Each of them slapped his mouth ten times. "The disciple obeys." The three stooges answered in unison, slapping their mouths ten times, until their mouths were bleeding and their faces were red and swollen. The Eight Desolate Gods and Demons turned to Lingyun Yanfeng and said, "Miss Xiao, is she the one who is tracking you?" Ling Yunyan shook her head and said in a positive tone, "I've never seen this man before." "Master, there is a young man in the dungeon." Sun Bochuan called. Is it Gao Xiang? Ling Yunyan asked. He didn't ask for a statement. He just said he was your friend. "To bring it." Then he turned to Li Jinquan and said, "Send this girl to the secret room. I want to ask her well." As he spoke, he smiled lewdly and reached out to touch Little Green's pink cheeks. The little green suddenly kicked with flying feet, and with a sound of "poof", the old devil twisted his leg and kicked him on his right knee. "Ah.." The little green cried, only to feel the pain in the soles of his feet, like a kick on a steel wall. The Eight Wild Gods and Demons laughed and said, "What a shrewish wild cat! It's so exciting. It's wonderful. Take it away!" The figure on the side of the room shot and laughed wildly: "Ha ha ha ha!"! Don't go, everyone. Enemies are jealous when they meet. Won't you miss the opportunity to go? "Nanjing Gaoxiang!" Ling Yunyan exclaimed. Standing two feet away, Gao Xiang said to the old demon with a smile, "The Eight Wild Gods and Demons are you. Do you remember me?" The old demon Jie Jie smiled and said,Lamella Plate Settler, "Miss Xiao, how could you be chased by such a yellow-mouthed child in such a mess?"? Strange things. Junior, how can I remember you? Can it be said that you have ever been to the Valley of Gods and Demons here? "Eh!"! Didn't you show up in Nanjing? "See your big head ghost, I haven't left the Shenmo Valley here for ten years.". I have been traveling all over the world for more than forty years. In my old age, I was tired of traveling. I built Shenmo Valley in various places to enjoy happiness. I lived in Jiangxia Mountain for the longest time in the past ten years. I was very enjoyable. I never planned to build Shenmo Valley in Nanjing. "Oh!"! Have you ever worn a leopard skin? Damn it! The old man has always shown his true face. Sixty years like a day, he never changes his name, never changes his surname,Mechanical fine screen, and never hides his true face. "Isn't Ling Yunyan your henchmen?" "Ha ha!"! She is my husband's companion. Junior, you ask too many questions. Say! If you chase Miss Xiao into my Shenmo Valley, do you know the consequences? "Now that I dare to come, naturally I have no fear, and I don't mind the consequences.". I want to set up a friendship with you. Please give Ling Yunyan to me to take away. You are so crazy, why? With the courage of a common man who dares to break the taboo and enter the valley? It's the first time I've seen such an arrogant and ignorant person like you. Lin Kun, capture him and take his heart and liver to drink for the teacher. Lin Kun strode out and asked with a proud smile, "Junior, how old are you this year?" "Twenty years old, what do you think?" "How much better are you than Miss Xiao?" "I don't know, it's brilliant anyway." "I'll give you a chance because you are young." "What chance?" "It's very painful to commit suicide so as not to cut out the heart and liver alive." "Oh!"! Your Excellency's heart is not hard. If you want to gouge out your heart and liver, you can do it. "Of course." Lin Kun said proudly, multi disc screw press ,Wall Penstocks, taking great strides to deceive others, and arrogantly reaching out his hand to grasp them, using "the golden leopard's exposed claws." Gao Xiang stretched out his hand to make a gesture, luring the opponent to grab his arm, but attacked with the lower plate. Hurry up! It was so fast that people were dazzled, but when they saw the shadows, their hands and feet came out together. Lin Kun clasped his left forearm and caught him. However, his foot has been attacked, "flutter"! What a "Butterfly Double Flight." These two feet are a bit like Mandarin duck chain legs, even if they can avoid the first leg, they can not avoid the second foot which comes one after another. Ah Lin Kun screamed and fell on his back. But the hand that clasped Gao Xiang's left forearm could not be withdrawn. Instead, Gao Xiang clasped the pulse and fell down. Poof! There was a loud sound, and Gao Xiang slapped him on the shoulder. This palm is too heavy, how can Lin Kun stand? Immediately fell into a semi-comatose state. Gao Xiang stopped Lin Kun with one foot and said with a smile, "I've got a hostage. It's wonderful.". ” As soon as the two of them met, Lin Kun became a prisoner. It was so fast that people were dazzled. The ferocious and quick attack was completed in a flash of lightning. The old devil was startled and unconsciously shouted, "What's the matter?"? How can a man who has been trained for ten years be so pustular? Gao Xiang laughed and said, "Old devil, let's exchange hostages.." "Sun Bochuan, Li Jinquan, you two.." the Eight Wild Gods and Demons shouted angrily. Before he had finished speaking, Gao Xiang suddenly launched an attack. With a loud shout, he leapt up and pounced on Sun Bochuan. Sun Bochuan, who was much smarter than Lin Kun, pushed Xiao Lu into a girl's arms and drew his sword. Gao Xiang made a surprise attack without success. He turned halfway. With a long roar, he turned around and kicked back. Poof! One foot hit Li Jinquan, who was still drawing his sword, and hit him in the right chest. He was unprepared and succeeded. "Ah.." Li Jinquan screamed and fell on his back, "Wow!" He spurted a mouthful of blood and couldn't get up. At the same moment, Gao Xiang had already pulled out the wound and rushed to Sun Bochuan. Whew! Sun Bochuan shouted violently, and the sword came out of the "Plum Blossom Three Lanes" to attack bravely. This move should be in the middle of the first five swords, followed by ten swords. Any sword can be successful, extremely overbearing. But Gao Xiang was even more overbearing. With a sound of "Ga", he took the first sword and staggered it. He cut in and retaliated. He did not allow the opponent to have the chance to use the first sword at all. He cut in quickly, and there was no chance for the opponent to close the sword. Poof! He hit his opponent on the right elbow. Sun Bochuan's sword flew out of his hand and retreated in horror. Unable to retreat, Gao Xiang stretched out his foot and Sun Bochuan fell on his back. The tip of Gao Xiang's sword rested on Sun Bochuan's throat. "You've wasted ten years of your hard work, old demon," he said with a sneer to the startled Eight Wilderness Gods and Demons. He could not save the little green, and the little green had been taken behind the old devil by the girl. The Eight Wild Gods and Demons had a cold and fierce face,fine bubble diffuser, and their silver beards were shaking without wind. They pushed forward step by step and said in a harsh voice, "I'm going to skin you alive today.". It turns out that you really have some ways of death. No wonder you dare to defy the old man's ban on Shenmo Valley and enter the hall to provoke the old man. You deserve to die ten thousand times. Gao Xiang steeled himself in his heart and said, "Slow down!"! Let's exchange hostages first. 。

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