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Yu Qiu accompanied people out of the ward and discussed with the women's captain: "Captain, please go back and see how many people in your brigade want to raise geese.". The government wants to try to raise geese in the sea. The first batch of young geese are free. Just get them in the past. The eggs laid by the geese on the way can be kept by themselves or sold to the government. At the end of the year, we'll decide whether to keep it next year. The women's team leader exulted and immediately clapped his hands and said, "Yes, I think I can raise it.". Some people in our brigade drove the ducks to the mangroves to raise them, and they lived well. Since the central government encouraged family farming and sideline production, almost every household has raised chickens and ducks. One is that the cost is small, but it is just hatching eggs. The other is that they are close to the mountains and the sea, and the chickens and ducks can find their own food. As long as we don't spoil the crops, everyone is fine with it. Yu Qiu's eyes brightened and he was quite surprised: "You have already started to raise sea ducks." The woman captain was a little embarrassed. "Just drive the ducks into the woods. At night, they will come out by themselves.". Save rations, or people will not have enough to eat. They don't raise much, and they certainly don't dig the corner of socialism. Yu Qiu repeatedly nodded his head and praised him, saying, "You wait. Maybe the government will give you a certificate of commendation to praise your creativity and development according to local conditions.". It's not that we don't dig the corner,[url=]Mechanical fine screen[/url], but if we raise too much, there won't be enough food in the woods, and then there will be contradictions. The captain of the women's team was excited. Now that the situation of the daughter-in-law in the team has improved, she will return to the production team on the same day. The next afternoon, she came back excitedly with a list of fingerprints. There were 27 families in their team who wanted to try raising geese. Everyone is concerned about one thing. After the geese are raised, can they be given some meat after they are killed? Now life is good,[url=]rotary vacuum disc filters[/url], the stomach is full, there are dishes on the table, we want to taste the taste of goose. Especially in their village, there is an educated youth who has been sent down for almost 10 years. He is good at making stewed geese. His craftsmanship may be fascinating. Yu Qiu laughed: "Then you talk to the leader.". Since you have a master who can cook stewed geese, it's not impossible to set up a special stewed vegetable shop if you raise too many geese. As soon as the women's team leader heard Yu Qiu's suggestion, she immediately took the list and Yu Qiukai's letter of introduction and went to find the cadres from the state. The nurse looked at the man and couldn't help laughing. "No wonder they say that our women hold up more than half the sky. They can almost hold up the whole sky." Yu Qiu also laughed: "I earn my own position, and it is impossible to expect others to give alms.". It is not a lie that the economic base determines the superstructure. If the women's team leader can lead the goose farm to their team, it will be a credit. Female comrades do more achievements, others naturally can not ignore, even if the heart is not happy, but also have to face up to their existence. Yu Qiu turned around and prepared to go to the obstetrics department again. If there are no special circumstances, [url=]disc air diffuser[/url] ,[url=]fine bubble diffuser[/url], she can go home from work. As a result, as soon as she reached the edge of the corridor, she met a patient who was shivering against the wall and looking breathless. See the person that wears white coat, the family member that accompanies a patient to come over to see a doctor greets immediately: "Doctor, you look quickly.". She coughed so hard that she couldn't breathe. As he spoke, the patient began to cough violently and spat out a mouthful of bloody sputum uncontrollably. Yu Qiu was startled. Her first reaction to the bloody sputum was tuberculosis. No way, although rust-colored sputum often suggests lobar pneumonia, brick-red jelly sputum is common in Klebsiella pneumoniae infection, and purulent and bloody sputum in Staphylococcus aureus. However, as a non-respiratory physician, she was more impressed by tuberculosis hemoptysis. Not daring to delay, Yu Qiu immediately helped the patient to sit down in the empty ward next to him, and then beckoned the nurse to come and measure his vital signs. The patient began to have a fever this morning. First he felt cold, then he began to have a high fever and coughed all the time. I thought I caught a cold last night when I slept with the window open, and my family didn't particularly care about it. Later, the patient coughed badly and began to vomit again. They were worried that it might be malaria. The militiamen patrolling outside said that the hospital here was free to treat malaria, so they rushed to send people over to ask the doctor for help.

Yu Qiu really can't rule out the possibility that the patient has malaria. First, the patient came from Cambodia, which is already a high incidence area of malaria. Secondly, his symptoms of chills and high fever are also consistent with the clinical manifestations of malaria. If there's one patient they're most comfortable with in this new hospital, it's malaria. First of all, Hainan itself is a high incidence area of malaria, and local medical staff are no strangers to malaria. Secondly, malaria is a high incidence disease among overseas Chinese, and at least half of the patients hospitalized in this hospital are malaria patients. Practice makes perfect, and without Yu Qiu's special doctor's advice, the nurse had already started the routine treatment step by step. Yu Qiu gave a doctor's advice and told him to draw blood and send it for examination. As long as malaria parasites were found, he would be treated according to malaria. The doctor who picked up the night shift had already arrived. He came over to see the situation and whispered to Yu Qiu secretly: "Is she also suffering from toxic shock syndrome?" Yu Qiu was stunned for a moment, although the diagnostic criteria for toxic shock syndrome must include diffuse erythematous rash and hypotension. But at the beginning of the disease, patients often only have fever or nausea and vomiting, and the course of the disease progresses to a certain extent before follow-up symptoms occur. How could she rule it out? All diseases in the world are either diagnosed by pathology or cured, otherwise no one can be sure that it must be a certain diagnosis. Yu Qiu gnashed his teeth: "Observe closely and send blood for culture." What else can we do? When the doctor's three axes is like this: one look at the clinical manifestations, two look at the physical examination, three is to rely on the auxiliary examination. The doctor on duty immediately felt like facing a formidable enemy and nodded earnestly and stressed: "I must keep a good eye on her." The voice fell, and the two men had already walked out of the ward door. Standing in the corridor,[url=]lamella tube[/url], a man in his 30s looked at them hesitantly and pursed his lips subconsciously. Yu Qiu asked directly, "What's the matter with you?"? Go ahead, please. 。 [url=][/url]

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